Police: 18-Year-Old Questioned In Connection With Upper East Side Gropings

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police were questioning a teenager Tuesday in connection with a series of gropings on the Upper East Side.

No arrest has been made. An 18-year-old was apparently brought in from Queens on Monday night after a building superintendent on the Upper East Side tipped off police.

The teen was captured in a surveillance picture that police circulated on a poster.  It appears to have yielded results. The owner of an Upper East Side Italian restaurant said the man in the picture had worked there as a dishwasher for six months up until two weeks ago.

While the owner thought the dishwasher resembled the suspect’s photo put out by police, he said he didn’t feel he had enough to call detectives.  But the tips from the superintendent allowed police to trace the teen to a residence in Queens.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Groper Pinched?

Police said the teen is suspected of assaulting a dozen women since January, according to police. All the women he approached were in their 20s and early 30s.

After word spread that someone had been taken into custody, women on the Upper East Side said they were relieved.

“Well, that’s a relief, given that I live in New York. I don’t want someone groping me,”  Lindsey Spoler told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

“I mean it’s terrifying.  It definitely makes me sacred, being on the subways and what not. So I guess I feel a lot better now that I hear they have somebody,”  Lish Davis said.

“That’s definitely more comfortable for women. I was just reading a poster and that’s just an awful thing,” Reeham Youssef said.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: A Tip Lead To The Arrest

The so-called groper would allegedly sneak up on women and grab them from behind, oftentimes lifting a skirt. The suspect also attacked women in subways, authorities said.

In the latest incident last Friday, a 28-year-old woman told police she was walking on a path in Central Park when she was approached by the suspect. Investigators said she fought back, kicking, punching and poking him in the eye.

Many media outlets have taken to calling the alleged groper the “pint-sized pervert” for his small stature. He has been described as being 4-foot-11 and 120 pounds.

If convicted of the groping spree, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

  • Adam Jean

    I went to BidsFirst.com and my computer got a V-I-R-U-S and when I looked closely at the iPad I paid only $22.87 for, I saw they spelled it iPadd with 2 “d”s!!





  • ProudLiberal

    Release him immediately!! He’s been through enough….

  • Rudy Giuliani 3rd

    Can any one tell me as he worked at a restaurant on East 80th street
    and took off the last week,why no one weeks ago from the Restaurant
    ratted him out? Could this Italian restaurant be hiding something?

  • Yuri B.

    In Russia he would have “Committed Suicide” in his jail cell by now..

  • thor's hammer

    thanks to those who woke up, smelled the coffee and FINALLY dropped a dime on the “petite pervert.” time to call the people’s court to order and let the victims decide on his punishments. adios punk. justice for the victims!

  • nathan

    Racist, you epitomize the word STUPID. You have a long touhg road ahead of you. You can always blame GOD for your troubles, obama does.

  • Peter

    deport him!!!!!!!!

  • groping must stop now

    Why is it that we’re NOT all that upset and boycotting the TSA airport security? They do the exact same thing, they grope everyone everyday. Have their techniques caught anyone or anything yet? NO and they won’t. Has there been incidents of major and minor breach of security even when all the groping is being done? YES bi times every where.

    • Bob Fowler

      I won’t protest because I like the groping.

    • D

      Hey genius…all you have to do is not fly. That is your protest right there.

    • NYC

      Give al Qaeda a call… They might be able o answer your questions.

  • LiberalsLoveIllegals

    So will he be deported?????? Liberals??? Want to continue to protect all these people who shouldn’t be here?

    • ham07

      I thought the conservative rich liked illegals because they were cheap help and widened their profit margins.

    • ConservativesCantRead

      Where in the story did it say he was illegal????? And you act like citizens of this country don’t commit crime.

      • Anthony

        May B, he was referring to fact that only American Indians are the true native americans; everyone else including you and me are immigrant descendants. Don’t pretend to be a smart as_ ss by saying that he implied that you are an immigrant. It’s hilarious that you wrote: “You are apprently not versed in the AMERICAN-ENGLISH language” and you cannot even spell the word ‘apparently’
        The only point the guy was trying to make is: “stop the fuc_king racist assumptions” and I agree that that suspected groper is most likely an illegal but we don’t know that yet, until then people should stick their assumptions to their non-immigrant as_ses

      • May B

        racist- you truly are a DUMMY!.We are not all immigrants. You are apprently not versed in the AMERICAN-ENGLISH language, else you would know the definition of the word immigrant.: one who immigrates from one location {country} to another.. Who besides you and all the other dummies considers native-born citizens to be immigrants? If you know where on earth is the genesis of life ioriginated, PLEASE tell us.

      • RACISTS

        Perhaps, we should ALL be deported since absolutely everyone is considered an immigrant. We are all from all over the globe. US brought blacks from Africa for slavery. US brought Mexicans for slave work in US farms. Why should they leave now? Where are you from? I am not defending illegals, I am up in arms about your discrimination and your assumption of this guy being illegal when we don’t know that yet.

  • mj

    wow !!! i’m surprized the police haven’t shot him yet .

    • Hank

      right on target mj. BRAVO!

      • mj


  • blahblahblah

    What a stupid little ____. He should have just applied for an Airport security job with the TSA and they would have paid him to grope people all day long.
    I think he’ll get a slap on the wrist if he’s legal
    Also, I don’t think he’s 18! A lot of little people lie and say they are younger

  • Hope they have him

    Remember women, this is “A PERSON OF INTEREST”. Until they confirm it was him be careful. Many latinos have this similar spiked hair and are not very tall.

  • luis monsanto

    Hope somebody beats his ass!!!!

    • Dolittle Now

      racist— if aperson is born in this country, where would you deport him to??? What a half-breed. No doubt you voted for obama, and the bs he sprayed you with, about your hopes and dreams.

  • brooklyn4ever

    Thank you from all the women of NYC. Job well done. Now may I suggest that we take his pint sized ass and deport him back to his “country”, say Mexico, Ecuador or Guatemala or wherever the hell he is from and let them do with him what they may? One less loser to have to take care of.

  • Lem

    It’s about time. Why it took so long to get this guy remains the mystery. He’s no doubt an illegal, so he can serve his time and be shipped out afterwards.

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