Crews Testing 9/11 Memorial Waterfalls Ahead Of Site’s Official Opening

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — With the 9/11 memorial opening a month from Thursday, testing is taking place on one of its signature features.

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The waterfalls at the 9/11 memorial are the two largest man-made waterfalls in the country, but memorial president Joe Daniels says it’s not the size of the waterfalls, it’s the sound.

“That white noise separation that the waterfall creates I think is a signifier that you’re in a very special place,” said Daniels.

Crews have been testing the waterfalls in preparation for the memorial’s official opening on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

“To get it right, to make sure it works, to make sure they can be turned on and off,” said Daniels. “That of course, there’s no leaks which fortunately there are no leaks at all.”

The waterfalls are located in the voids marking the footprints of the Twin Towers.

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One Comment

  1. William Waterway says:

    911 Memorial Waterfalls with Love
    by: William Waterway

    Water – the fluid of our birth
    gives rise to us and life on Earth
    gives us blue sky, oceans, and rainbow beams
    gives rise to our thoughts, emotions, dreams
    gives us oceans, rivers, lakes, and food
    some say – even effects our tidal mood

    where two storied towers once proudly stood
    a community reaching tall to touch the sky
    one north, the other south, pointing to heaven
    they defined New York’s skyline for years 28
    even had their own special zip code – 10048
    like two fingers spread apart in a peace sign
    iconic symbols of human efforts divine

    today, in their place, we find two waterfall pools
    largest we have ever created with engineer tools
    surrounded by green canopy of a grove of oak trees
    shading visitors with our memorial’s soughing leaves

    how beautiful to see our
    at Ground Zero
    flowing and gurgling
    with voices of loved ones
    enshrined in etched bronze
    2,983 names of those who left us
    with their indelible fate filled words
    as they called out to loved ones
    to say
    “I love you”

  2. John reece says:

    I’m still taking it all in…….God Bless
    All involved in creatinng a lasting memorial

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