NYPD: Teen Found Dead In Chimney Of Junior High School In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say a 15-year-old boy was found dead at the bottom of a chimney at a junior high school in Brooklyn.

Police say the teen was found unconscious and unresponsive at Roy H. Mann Intermediate School just before 11 p.m. Tuesday. He was pronounced dead by EMS shortly after.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports: Tragedy In Brooklyn

The 15-year-old was among several teens who police say climbed onto the roof of the school. Officials say the boy somehow fell down the chimney.

The roof of the school has been under construction for the past year.

A medical examiner will determine an exact cause of death. The investigation is still ongoing.

“We weren’t even aware that students could get over the fence because it’s a high fence, you know a high fence and there’s netting there. It seems to be very secure,” said a teacher who only identified herself as “Bridget.” She told 1010 WINS she knew the boy and described him as “quiet and well-liked.”

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One Comment

  1. Anita says:

    may God grant you peace Nicholas and strength to your family who are no doubt in incredible pain..and to all the ignorant evil aholes on this site with not one shred of compassion or decency to joke or speak terribly of a 15 yr old who has lost his life and his grieving parents this way I say shame on you..I pray Karma comes your way..

  2. ICU says:

    Wrong! Santa Got Run Over by a Rheindeer….He’s in the ICU.

  3. Barry Levine says:

    Maybe if his mom beat his ass without the police interfering he would still be alive. I had to be in at eight o’lock every night untill I was seventeen and if I came in a minute later I would get my ass whipped and I was seventeen at the time. If his mom put a hand on him she would be arrested for who-knows-what on a minor and would have an arrest record, but, if she did give him a good beating he would still be alive to tell about how strict his mom is and tell his friends that his mom does not let him do the same things that other”teenagers” do.

    I guess these child protection laws are very helpfull, instead of getting a beating they are allowed to kill themselves….god idea!!!!

  4. Joanna says:

    First of all, no one deserves to die & second, maybe you think before posting a comment that not only lacks intelligence, but common sense. This was an accident. You dont blame the parents for anything, they are mourning the loss of a child, something I hope you never have to experience.

  5. Felicia Tricarico says:

    Okay first of all steal from a school? Really, are you kidding? You dont know the kid or his story. I knew this kid personally, hes an amazing kid. Stop assuming and get your heads out of your ass. & his friends did call the cops, how do you think he was found? You don’t know the impact this has on his friends and his family. We are all heart broken. And its sad that you guys are sitting here wishing bad things to him and his friends. You guys are a sad excuse for life, you try losing a 15 year old who loved life and everyone in it, who lived everyday like he wanted to. He shouldnt of died. Stop thinking you know everything just by these news reports. Rip Nick, we miss you and love you<3

  6. StupidPpl says:

    Probably won’t be doing this again!!

  7. the jerk theory says:

    and you sound like an idiot

  8. Paulo Coelho says:

    “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.”

  9. Flannigan says:

    He probably went there…to smoke!

    1. Smokers Know says:

      Smoke? Really? It’s illegal to sell cigarettes to a 15 yr old and smoking is not allowed on school property.

      1. Michael H. says:

        Not that kind of smoke…

      2. KrissKross says:

        And kids ALWAYS do what’s the law or what their told, huh? Crawl out from under your rock & join the human race you idiot!!

  10. Sean Patriot says:

    “somehow fell down the chimney”


    1. Doug says:

      That’s quite some insight you are revealing there Sean.

    2. Joe Barry says:

      Really? A curious 15 year old into mischief deserves to die? You wish them ALL dead?? Were you perfect at 15? Never tempted a little danger? I’m a conservative now too, but we all had our days. Maybe you forget what it’s like to be 15. What about the kid who smashes mail boxes with a bat while driving by? He also deserves to fall from his car and die? NO 15 year old kid deserves to die just because he made a mistake (stealing from the school or not) while having some “fun” with his friends. No, he wasn’t in the right. He WAS breaking the law. He does not deserve to die you idiot.

      1. Kharma says:

        A real tragedy occurs when death occurs to others because kids are entitled to have some ‘fun’. Like the elderly who die from heat exposure when their AC is stolen for a few dollars of copper. Or the motorist killed going through an intersection unaware cross traffic doesn’t know the stop sign has been stolen.

  11. paul scipio says:

    Quiet, well liked and pretty GD stupid, typical public school educated product.

    1. dennis says:

      I could not have said it better. Sad for his family though – mothers love even their dumbest ones.

  12. Jimbo Limbo says:

    A FENCE too high? What kind of view of reality comes up with THAT idea? As a child, a friend of mine climbed a light pole at the high school track, and re-oriented the lights. The pole was about 200ft high. Some kids are like monkeys when it comes to climbing.

    1. Joe Barry says:

      How high is our southern boarder fence? I think some Mexican drug lords are like monkeys too.

  13. Greg B says:

    Meanwhile, his mamma is watching TV, eating cheetos, and wondering if she’ll see ‘her man’ this week.
    The first comment was right, here come the lawyers. It’s YOUR fault, Brooklyn, that this kid fell into a chimney, so you get to pay his family for their negligence, raising a snot nosed kid who doesn’t respect any boundaries (like fences). On some planets, they believe in evolution, and would seek out anyone related to this kid and sterilize them. He was probably seeking a way in to commit crime. God knows, and so does little whats his name, may he find peace. Don’t pity fools, it only encourages foolishness.

    1. the jerk theory says:

      but i do pity you for your ignorance

  14. Dale says:

    Let me take a guess at what happened. Since they found him at around 11pm in the evening, I would suggest that the boy may have been attempting to break into the school via the chimney but didnt know there was no exit at the bottom like in storys with Santa Claus. He felt he would go undetected without setting off any alarms by entering this way but as he climbed down the insdie of the chimney,he slipped and fell to the bottom and layed unconcious with no immediate help available. A broken neck would be among many likely causes of death.

    1. Anita says:

      I knew this kid, he went to school with my child, and while he should no have been up there he did not deserve to die nor be accused of stealing. They went up their foolishly as naive teenagers who do not realize the dangers of their choices, and for all these sick people on here saying terrible things about a dead boy and his grieving family without knowing them that is what is sick and foolish and evil..shame on you all..Pray karma don’t bite you back and find you in this same position one day..nobody said they are suing in this article and nobody said the kids were trying to rob the school..

  15. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Those limousines you see, now? It’s the parade of lawyers. They will sue the city for “the tragic loss of this wonderful young man’s life at the hands of an uncaring city bureaucracy.”

    From past experience, they expect the city to just pay them off. What goobers you have running things! Enjoy paying your city income tax? Why do you think there is such a thing?

    I got out of NYC decades ago and never once regretted it. As an occasional tourist, I get all the benefits and none of the headaches.

  16. GozieBoy says:

    NEVER assume that kids cannot climb a chain link fence. Talk about naive!

    1. Professional Climber says:

      My guess is that a 12 foot fence would take roughly twice as long to climb as a 6 foot fence.

      On the other hand an 18 foot fence would definitely have been unclimbable, the air getting so thin at that altitude and all.

  17. DISGUSTED says:


    1. gravity must be obeyed says:

      Sounds like advice better given to the teen.

      What facts were wrong? Did he fall up the chimney? Or was he performing some humanitarian work? Or was he moonlighting as a human chimney sweep?

      Yes it was a young age to die, but would it have been better for the delinquent to have been able to practice and develop his deviant behavior for another 10 or twenty years before getting his just rewards?

      1. huh? says:

        sounds like u must of had no friends growing up stop bashing a 15 yr old you know nothing about

  18. Richard says:

    All the jokes, but this was someones son, brother, nephew and friend. He probably was up to no good but his momma still has to bury her boy and never have all the answers. At the end of the day he is gone and with him all the memories a family has of him. I did stupid stuff when I was his age and even much older but grew up to be a decent guy. Show a little heart people!

    1. Michael H. says:

      Right here is the first decent comment on this story. Show some compassion, New York.

  19. veteran says:

    wonder if the other kids were able to steal enough copper or school supplies to make it worth this life.

  20. Patriotalpha says:

    Why do you think this tragedy happened? The little Ahole was doing something illegal, Trespassing!

  21. whosyourdaddy says:

    Just another dropout.

    1. Sparky McNugget says:

      In this case, he’d be a drop in!! 🙂

    2. KrissKross says:

      U mean drop-in, right? Haha

  22. J.J. says:

    Since when is school in session at 11:00 PM?

  23. Terry says:

    We all did silly stuff as kids, this boy paid with his life, as have many over the years.. Sad, but a fact of life.

  24. editor says:

    Do you think the dead kid learned his lesson?

  25. editor says:

    Evolution in action

  26. mtb says:

    The TEA PARTY did it….

  27. Red77 says:

    This is Bush’s fault. Obama inherited a school system with open chimneys.

    1. Bucksergeant says:

      No, the new template is blame Palin or Bachmann…….

      1. Joe Barry says:

        I still hear them crying Bush. Every arguement.

  28. Jsmith says:

    Another candidate for the Darnwin Awards. THis kid died of foolishness.

  29. nickinva says:

    The kid was probably stoned and thought it would be funny to play Santa Claus. We all do dumb things when we are young and unfortunately this kid paid for it with his life. Since this happened in NY, I wouldn’t be surprised if the family sues the school for not having a chimney guard.

    1. gloombergsuks says:

      ho-ho-ho…..oh, excuse me….HA-HA-HA!!!!!

  30. Willy says:

    Thinning the herd.

  31. Mark Sanford says:

    I’m sure his parents will find some way to try and sue the school over this.

  32. Chris says:

    Darwin Award

  33. DanTe says:

    Santa claus never fell down a chimney.

    1. Poser says:

      I’m sorry DanTe. But I can’t help it. I’m a pathetic loser that must imitate others’ names. It comes from being ef’d up the rear once too often by my uncles.

  34. CT Native says:

    A medical examiner will determine an exact cause of death. The investigation is still ongoing:

    It was obviously Stupidity and Gravity.

  35. Jimmney says:


  36. James Hodges says:

    Are you sure he wasn’t trying to smoke some pot?

  37. jtorres says:

    How sad. Young people think they’re invincible and immortal. They often take unecessary risks despite knowing the dangers. What were they doing on the roof in the first place? And you don’t just “fall down a chimney” He had to somehow climb in. If his friends saw it happen, why didn’ t they call for help? Because they knew they had no business being up there. This a tragedy and a hard lesson for his friends to learn but perhaps this is the only way they will see that anything can happen and not take risks with their own lives

    1. Barry Levine says:


      Read my comment, you have not said anything to help anyone.

  38. Concern says:

    Charity Search Engines Schools

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