Police Searching For 14-Year-Old Boy Missing From Queens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are looking for a 14-year-old boy from Queens who has been missing for three days.

Police say 14-year-old Mario Nacinovich was last seen Tuesday at his home on 9th Street in Queens.

Mario is 5’4″ weighing 130 pounds with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information on where he might be, call police or Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477) or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.


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  1. Mario's mom says:

    He does as does the whole family and the kind detective. I hope u never hmgo through the horror of seeing your own child’s face in a ” breaking news”report and the words missing for 3 days as an incidental finding.

  2. Mr and Mrs Nacinovich says:

    God knows who is telling the truth!

  3. sandy butkus says:

    And he does not have dirty blonde hair, it’s light brown, with magnificent blue eyes.


  4. Sandy Butkus says:

    Spoke with a very kind detective at the 114th tonight who assured me Mario was found safe. It only took 96 hours and 112 phone calls to find out. Thank you Lord.

    Mario’s mom

  5. Mr and Mrs Nacinovich says:

    These are Mario’s parents,
    Mario is home safe and getting the help he needs. As soon as he came home, we notified the crime stopper line but they couldn’t stop this from posting by then. We did not know this was still on.
    Ms. Butkus was notified of this the first time she called our house and her family was notified as well just to make sure she knew.
    Thank you.

    1. sandra butkus says:

      i have not yet heard froim my son. my family has not heard from my son. all the step mom told family is he isd sleeping and would not put him on the phone.I am Mario’s parent as is his father. All we ask is that we hear his voice to know he is ok. We are all very worried. Why his fsthert waited 3 days to report a 14 year old boy midding is incomprehensible.

      Sandy Butkus, Mario’s mother

      p.s. Please have my son call me 909-677-8260

    2. Sandy Butkus says:

      I am Mario’s parent as is his father. Neither I nor my family have heard from my son yet. I am worried sick he is still missing, hurt physically, I just need to hear his voice to know he is ok. The rest of the family has not heard from Mario either. When a family member called, the step mom would not put him on the phone saying he was sleeping. If a relative is calling very upset put the boy on the phone. Now she is sick with worry as well. This whoile thing is a nighmare for the entire family. Why his father waited 3 days to report a 14 year old is incomprehensible-this only makes us worry that something is really wrong. Anyone with ideas please call and for God sakes, if the step mom and his dad see this, please have Mario call me asap 909-677-8260 or his aunt and uncle, grandparents, cousins. I’ve already calloed CPS, the police, Bureau of Missing Persons, and they are on it. Don’t know what else to do. HELP!!!!

  6. sandy butkus says:

    somebody help me, this is my son. i live in southern California and my son Mario lives with his dad,Mario in Astoria. I was looking on the net to see if they had any storm damage in Astoria and up pops this story about my son being missing for 3 days. We have joint custody of my son and he just lives with his dad for the last few years. I called the house hysterical and the step mom hung up on me. I’ve called many times since and they won’t pick up. I can’t find out if my boy is ok, I called the 114th precinct and they told me “work it out with your ex.” I don’t know where to turn for help. They’ve never not have my son call me when I’ve asked them to. Now, all of a sudden, they won’t even let my son call just to let me know he’s ok. My ex and I have been divorced more than 10 years and my ex and his wife have never not let my son call me, makes me think somethng is terribly wrong. Please help.

    Sandy Butkus

  7. bill says:

    queens is a big place, no value in just saying queens if you want to inform the public

  8. bullett says:

    Does this involve some type of custody dispute that maybe the boy is hiding out at a friend’s house?

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