Verizon Gets Injunction Against Striking Union Workers In New Jersey

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Verizon has been granted an injunction to limit picketing by striking union workers in New Jersey.

Company spokesman Rich Young said Verizon sought the injunction after incidents of sabotage, harassment and obstruction at its facilities.

The injunction now limits picketing by members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Verizon obtained similar injunctions in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Verizon also filed unfair labor practice charges Friday against the IBEW and the Communications Workers of America, claiming they haven’t bargained in good faith.

A spokeswoman for IBEW Local 827 in East Windsor declined comment. An after-hours message left for a CWA spokesman was not returned.

About 45,000 Verizon landline workers from Massachusetts to Virginia went on strike Sunday, protesting demands for contract givebacks.

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  1. Tommy C says:

    IT’S NOT COLLUDING ….ITS CALLED COLLECTIVE BARGAINING…Seriously people wake-up and smell the coffee . Pretty soon there will no longer be a MIDDLE-CLASS…………….You’ll have the RICH and POOR…………………………

  2. Tommy C says:


  3. Concern says:

    Unions, Charity Search Engines cents for Central Falls, RI

  4. Mike says:

    Verizon….you are a disgrace to your employees & customers.Shame on you for causing all of these problems to everyone! These workers helped build your multi billion dollar company & this is how you repay them? I hope you choke on all of your billions…The eyes of the world are looking down at you!

    1. unions be gone says:

      Mike the bottom line is they do not need all of them.Why do they think they deserve a raise and free health care in this economy.Verizon is a wireless service landline and fios is done .Unions have to get used to fact that this economy cant support them.Verizon has evry right to make a profit as any business.And trying to say workers built the business is a given any business is built by workers but owners get the profits as they should.

  5. Ahwatukee T says:

    Fire them all. It still amazes me how companies cannot collude to price fix their products, but it is somehow OK for unions to do the same thing with the cost of labor.

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    KPmc, again, you are missing the point that I am trying to make. It does not matter how much the boss makes. You are only entitled to what is fair and reasonable for a wage regardless of corporate profits. Does a janitor in Trump Plaza deserve a percentage of the Donald’s profit?

    So long as the boss needs to maintain separation from those who work for him, he will always need more as long as he pays higher wages. How come right to work states are in better financial shape than unionized states? No matter how much you think that you deserve for wages, the boss will always look for a less expensive way. When it becomes apparent that the boss cannot maintain his higher lifestyle, he will move on to another way of making more money.

    How many more jobs must be sent overseas before we realize that it is better to take 80% of the pie, than to have none. Union ‘workers’ mislead themselves into believing that their futures are safe. 401K’s, pensions, IRAs…are all going to crash, because the government is going to take it. We have built our futures on dreams and illogical hopes. It will stop. It’s just a matter of when, and how hard the fall will be.

    1. KPMc says:

      “No matter how much you think that you deserve for wages, the boss will always look for a less expensive way.”

      Which is why unions will never be totally useless.

      Human greed ensures we have to stay vigilant with those that control the wealth just as we must always be wary of those that run unions. GREED!

      But if you want to sign your life away to make a handful of billionaires richer while the middle class struggles to pay bills go right ahead.

  7. Wake Up says:

    Verizon is still a major monoply. Switch to a different telephone company and anytime there is a problem you still need to wait for Verizon to fix it since Verizon leases out all of their lines to these middle man telephone companies.
    As for the unions… whats fair is fair. If the rest of the working people in america have to take cuts and have less then union people should not be immune. Its time for Americans to take a stand for their rights.

    1. KPMc says:

      Americans should take a stand for their rights by letting billionaires lower the standard of living?

      What is wrong with you people?

  8. KPMc says:

    Verizon is a private company…

    Your bill is not going to go down, service is not going to improve if working class people are forced to pay for their legally-bargained for and well-earned health insurance benefits.

    I am at a loss to explain why working-middle class people think it is a good idea to lower the standard of living.

    You are mixed up with the issues of public unions… teachers, police, firefighters, civil servants. Their pay comes from us. I can understand the interest and desire to cut costs. Verizon is a multi-billion dollar private company that has been reaping public benefits (it was a legalized monopoly for about 100 years) and is doing very well.

    Be careful what you wish for as the final result of continuing to lower the standard of living of the middle class is Socialism… the exact fear fat cats like to tout while robbing you blind.

    THINK people!

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      Do you think that these same people who are running Verizon, and reaping benefits, are going to continue to overpay for workers? How many companies must go out of country or out of business before enough is enough? The capitalist at the top will always rake in fortunes…that’s why they are at the top. The problem comes when people who do not belong at the top, want to live and show off as though they too are at the top.

      If I want healthcare, I can pay over $5000/year for worthless coverage for a family. These ‘workers’ are getting healthcare, paid for by the employer, that would easily cost $10,000/year for a family. On top of that, they are paid way above average wages. Exactly what do they do to merit being paid beyond their station? They joined a group who collectively can shake down an employer? Do you think that these workers will be willing to do 10% more work, rather than lose benefits?

      Everyone is hurting from the economic downturn. Are Verizon ‘workers’ exempt from this? I know many, who in order to keep their jobs, get 25% less pay, no vacations, and no healthcare. I’m supposed to agree with Verizon ‘workers’ that a small raise and keeping their benefits is right? The fact that Verizon is a private company in no way changes the fact that these union ‘workers’ are extortionists. A free market allows a company to make a profit. If they get too greedy, you find another place to spend your money, not you pay the ‘workers’ more than they deserve.

      As for the standards being lowered or the middle class…why were they allowed to reach levels that were once reserved for upper class? Middle class used to WORK 40 hours a week, come home to an apartment where they lived with their family, ate meals as a family, went to the beach a couple of times over the summer, and every couple of years went away to places like Disney. Middle class never had a 3000 sq ft home in the country, 3 cars in the garage, dining out 3 times a week, and vacationing to Boca every year. I know, I’ve been middle class forever.

      1. KPMc says:

        It’s not overpay if they are making millions in a free markewt system! You do well your employees benefit… except in your logic!

        You are just prescribing by the motto “Misery loves company”

        If you can’t have it no one else should.

        I don’t know which people you are talking about but they are not workiong for Verizon.

        You are actively seeking to downgrade your personal status. Unbelievable.

      2. KPMc says:


        Look it up… you are the epitome of it.

  9. Bob Fowler says:

    We need to change the way that we look at life in America. Everyone has been hit by the economic strife, but Verizon workers think that they should be immune? It is time for unions to go the way of the locomotive steam engine. They must evolve into something practical for today’s world..

    Fat cat union leaders, reaping from the rank and file must be a thing of the past, just as certainly as our government must lose the lifer politicians who serve lobbyists. Rather than limit what workers can do, they should be encouraged to do what they can. Can you imagine how many trillions of dollars have been shipped overseas because dealing with American workers is just not worth the expense? Like the Roman Empire, we have become a nation of entitled. We have lost our desire and ability to earn a days wage. We now expect it to be given to us.

    Ronald Reagan showed the air traffic controllers what the value of a strike was. Now, perhaps Verizon will have enough of a spine to show the IBEW their true value. I bet with 9% claimed unemployment (probably closer to 20% in reality), Verizon can find 45,000 people qualified or easily trainable to replace these people who feel that they don’t need to do their fair share.

    1. KPMc says:

      I really don’t understand why so many working-class people are willing to lower the standard of living while CEOs and corporations reap billions in profits.

      This isn’t a public company but rather a private company that has been reaping the benefits afforded a public utility. They have been getting breaks and special perks for years. They have billions and their insurance fund is flush.

      I am not denying owners and shareholders from making a profit but there was a time that when a business was doing well it shared the wealth with those that made it possible… it’s employees.

      Tines are tough but lowering the standard of living for working-class people while a chosen few make billions is a mistake. It is short-sighted thinking like that that WILL someday lead to a real push for Socialism. Is that really what working-class or billionaires want? I know I don’t… I cherish capitalism but capitalism is supposed to benefit everyone… not just a chosen few!

  10. Jack Thomas says:

    Unreal, I say FIRE THEM ALL! I am sure theere are many people willing to take their place and work!

    1. Jimmy L says:

      I am sure you would act the same if you had to pay into a medical plan that was previously paid for in full or had to take a pay cut. Union people run this country and politicians would be nowhere without contributors from Union people.

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