West Babylon Residents Fed Up With Golf Balls Hitting Their Houses

WEST BABYLON, NY (WCBS 880) – Residents on Monsey Road in West Babylon have had enough with the golf course at the end of their block.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On Long Island

Joseph Romano said for the past five years, the Suffolk County-owned golf course has been nothing but trouble.

The windows of his home have been smashed and the siding ruined because of flying golf balls.

In one case, a neighbor was hit on the wrist.

“My daughter’s four now. She wants to run outside, and she wants to play in front of my house,” Romano said. “I can’t have her running around without a helmet and shoulder pads all the time because we’re worried that she’s going to get hit.”

Netting At The Golf Couse - West Babylon, NY (credit: Joseph Romano)

Netting At The Golf Couse - West Babylon, NY (credit: Joseph Romano)

The county says they put up additional netting around the course to prevent further damage to homes.

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One Comment

  1. JC says:

    Muncie Road?

  2. Jim P says:

    Like building your new house next to a pig farm or at the end of an airport runway… look before you build!

  3. Bob Fowler says:

    This is a public course, which I’m sure was there for longer than 5 years. The fact that they are trying to mitigate damages is a plus for them. I know that I have no problem avoiding the protective measures set in place on most courses, through my lack of skills.

    This is similar to the people in Wayne NJ who are annually flooded. This has gone on for years, yet they continue to live there, rebuild there, and still can’t figure out why nobody can stop the flooding. Sometimes that house is in the wrong place.

    Years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a house on a golf course. My brain allowed me to figure that the potential for damage far outweighed the status of being able to boast of living on a golf course. This is tantamount to living next to a garbage dump and complaining about flies.

  4. Rugbyball says:

    @Lawn Guy
    Not true. Even if course was there before they where the course owners have the right to not have there property damaged. It is up to the golf course owners to make sure of this.
    You can take a golf course to court, and many have, for damage from golf balls or injuries from golf balls. If the course owners didn’t why would they build higher netting or more netting?

  5. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Was the golf course there BEFORE they moved in? If so, they have only themselves to blame.

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