Exclusive: NYPD Commissioner Kelly Wants More ‘Boots On The Ground’

Says Holiday Weekend Gun Violence Shows Obvious Need For Additional Cops

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It was a terrifying Labor Day weekend of violence as 67 people were shot in New York City. It came on the heels of the NYPD dealing with alarming spikes in murder, rapes and robberies in some neighborhoods.

It was no wonder then why Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer in an exclusive interview he needs more manpower.

“It’s less safe than usual. There should be more protection in this area, more police officers, should feel safer, you know, so people can feel safer,” said Raquel Carzenas of the Bronx.

“When I go out late at night to get something or get something at the supermarket I do feel a little scared, so I might be a little anxious maybe I might get shot,” added Michael Mayne of the Bronx.

“I think it’s unsafe because there are little kids here, so, yeah, we can’t expect no better,” added Kim Gabbidon.

People from the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx spent part of their Tuesday reflecting on crime and street safety after eight people were shot at a neighborhood party Sunday — eight of the more than five dozen people hit in an alarming spate of gunplay that began on Friday.

The incidents prompted Commissioner Kelly to wonder what life would be like with more cops.

Kramer: “Do you have a list?”

Kelly: “I’d like to have more cops. We’re down about 6,000 police officers from were we were in 2001.”

The police commissioner said he understands the Wall Street meltdown and the recession have made it hard to avoid budget cuts, but he told Kramer he hungers for a larger police force.

“There’s nothing like having the old boots on the ground as they say,” Kelly said.

The NYPD has made huge advances deploying all kids of modern technology, but the commissioner said, “Technology is good but cops are better. I’d like to get additional resources. It is unlikely given the state of the economy that that’s going to happen.”

Although crime is way down since he took over the Department, there has been a recent uptick in murders, rapes and robberies in some areas — like a 400 percent increase in murders in tony Williamsburg. So he is looking forward to the new 1,600-member cadet class hitting the streets in January.

“They’ll make a… make a difference,” Kelly said.

There has been a double-digit overall decline in crime since Kelly took over the NYPD in 2002, but recently the Department is also coping with crime spikes — like a 400 percent hike in rapes in Sheepshead Bay.

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  1. Kathleen3 says:

    When those we entrust most to uphold and enforce our laws are the same most guilty of violating our laws the anarchy and crime sprees we witness are the result.

    When a mayor and police chief blatantly declare de facto sanctuary status for illegal aliens and a mayor continuously announces no legal action will be taken against those who have violated our laws, why should we be surprised when those they serve engage in the same lawlessness?

  2. Ed says:

    Why doesn’t the city cancel the West Indian Day Parade? Every year people are getting hurt and killed. Come on NYC grow a pair…. Enough is enough already…

  3. JeanLuc says:

    The Commissioner is underplaying the number of missing cops since 9/11 – its more like 12,000. When NYPD had 41,000+ cops during the time of 9/11 – they had more flexibility to do more things. Now with 10-12,000 cops retired since 9/11 and another 12-15,000 cops up for retirement between now and 2013 that is a receipe for disaster. The government needs to find some $$ to hire more cops before this city burns to the ground, and the school system needs to teach people of all backgrounds manners and respect for other human life and property since it may or may not be taught at home.

  4. Feedup Wite says:

    I feel bad for you…whites are the animals savages who kill entire countries in the name of oil

  5. SNU Capt says:

    You need to take away the BS 2 year degree or 2 year military remove the age limit like city corrections…..and then you will get police officer who want to be cops ..not these loser rookies you have today ….When i join the dept in 1993 people who took the test WANTED to be a cop..These kids today what a stepping stone to the feds or anywhere else. They hire any out of shape punk some with records….NYPD has become a joke… Capt. Feed up

    1. Enough Bloomburg! says:

      I agree I wanted to come back after vesting out and moving out of state for 8 years. Problem! I’m aged out cause I’m older then 35! This was passed in 1999. It should be repealed and you’ll see the change!

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    nazis don’t represent whites, nazis are degenerates and already lost ww2, do you want to end up like your idol adolf hitler? if you are anti nubian then join some other group

  7. Meme Meyagi says:

    i am not sure if anyone is surprised by this. you wanted multiculturalism, so you got the mix of afrikan and mexicu.nt culture, enjoy

  8. p8nt says:

    Here’s a great idea.. MARTIAL LAW on troubled neighborhoods. Why waste time and money having cops standing around doing nothing, for show.

  9. I think Valerie is 100% correct says:

    she is repugnant to no one, Just TV watching boobs who think that
    mud people are like the Cosby;s
    It’s true that Lincoln’s intention was to return Negroes to Africa.

    To quote Mighty Whitey:
    Close your eyes for just a moment.
    Imagine the USA with no blacks. None . Zero. Feel it?
    Isn’t it wonderful?
    Keep your eyes closed, bit longer,
    embrace the feeling.
    So good civility.
    aaaaahh that was great.

  10. Kelly ruined NYPD! says:

    Boots on the ground? What a joke! It is under Kelly that the NYPD has lost huge staffing numbers and allowed miscreants into the Police Department disguised as affirmative Action. What Kelly needs is a Boot in the Azz!!

  11. bob says:

    bring back the stop and frisk in forest hills and we will get illegal guns of the streets. than continue to harass the police in there arrest and summons activitys with loss vacation time to improve there desires to serve.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      if you like to be stopped and frisked then move back to whatever shi.thole country you came from. amerika is supposed to be a free country with everyone carrying guns.

  12. Wilson says:

    Instead of the lazy firefighters sitting in there club house. Send them out to patrol the neighborhoods they work in. If they see a crime call the cops.

  13. Creative Solutions To Problems says:

    Never mind more boots. Guns aren’t the issue either. Bullets are! Regulate the bullet industry Mr. Mayor and Mr. Kelly.

  14. When does quantity over quality ever work?


    1. INJUN93 says:

      THAT ALSO.

  15. INJUN93 says:


    1. Rudy says:

      Not for nothing, but that is 100% TRUE!!!! He knew how to fight crime!!

  16. J.E. says:

    The D.O.J use torture to help fabricate evidence.

    The Department of Justice use torture to make suspects look unstable and therefor play into hands of jurors and conjured witnesses. Humiliation, drugging, sleep deprivation, stress positions, threats of physical violence, harassing relatives, etc… are commonly used.

  17. marty griffin says:

    That’s what happens when you free the the slaves from the plantations. Where’s Jefferson Davis when you need him?

  18. The Facts says:

    The city fathers need to bring the police force back up to peak strength. They could fund this by getting rid of the dead wood taking up space in the so-called service agencies and do nothing bureaucracies which will never be missed.

  19. Rex Bick says:

    NYPD already has 3X the amount of cops than LAPD. Yet LA has 10 times the geographic area of NYC with almost the same Metro population. Kelly needs to make better use of the ‘boots’ he has.
    After the Crown Heights shooting last last night there were over 100 cops millling around doing nothing but gabbing with each another. NYPD has one of the lowest productivity levels (as well as the highest overweight force) than any major city in the US. His ‘boots’ need a kick in the ass.

    1. Keep getting paid fellas says:

      Better get used to seeing “cops milling around” , that’s what lack of appreciation gets you!

      1. Cate says:

        NYC has no respect for their police force……I’ve never seen more people degrade and deride their law enforcement members. It absolutely disgusts me. Yeah, you know, there are bad eggs, no denying it….and they’re all you hear about in the media……but do you think that the media would actually take the time to report on the good stuff? The lives that the NYPD save? And the ones that they take off the street? The car thieves, the rapists, the murderers, the driver who was DUI driving the wrong way and speeding down the city streets or driving on the sidewalks? Not only do they have to put up with the “bad” side of humanity, but then they have to put up with the scorn of the citizens that they swear to protect.

      2. steve says:

        Cate is 120% right. Just look at the incident involving the two city officials during the Parade.Without hearing the police side of the story, the cops are wrong, of course. its a Black thing right?This is the kind of SH..T the cops have to deal with day in and day out.

      3. Meme Meyagi says:

        cate and steve, i hope that nypd will serve you on the street one of these days, then you can finally stfu

    2. steve says:

      Cops hands are tied. Liberals are destroying the city. Its only going to get worse. Cops are getting punish and sue for doing there job. Why the hell would they want save this rat infested city for a lousy pay check.

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