Labor Day Weekend Marked By 42 Shootings In New York City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) —The Labor Day weekend was particularly violent with 42 people shot in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stood together Monday to address the spree of separate shootings.

“I don’t think it’s back to the bad old days,” Bloomberg said. “It was a bad weekend, no question about that.”

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports: Violent Weekend In NYC

“We’re concerned about it but the numbers are still way down from where they were 10 years ago,” Kelly said.

Bloomberg wants more federal involvement in gun control enforcement and a loophole addressed involving gun shows.

“We’ve just got to do something about this, this just cannot go on,” Bloomberg said.

Kelly said he continues to try new tactics to address the problem by shifting resources and using Operation Impact to saturate high-crime areas with officers but said there are “still too many guns on the street.”

He acknowledged some of the shootings over the weekend were related to festivities stemming from the West Indian Day Parade. The parade itself has been the scene of fatal shootings in 2003 and 2005.  In addition, amid Monday’s parade festivities, police said that two men were shot around 2:30 p.m.  Both were taken to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.

Two men were killed and three others wounded in two separate shootings in Brooklyn over the weekend. Police responded to a 911 call of shots fired in East Flatbush at 12:45 a.m. Monday and found four gunshot victims.

Tyrief Gary, 18, was shot in the chest and was pronounced dead. Three other men were taken to Kings County Hospital. One was shot in the leg, one in the back and one in the arm. They were in stable condition.

At 10 p.m. Sunday, police responding to another 911 call in the East New York neighborhood found 24-year-old Donavan Dallison dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police have not made an arrest in either shooting.

Police are also questioning a 17-year-old boy in connection with the shooting of eight people at a backyard party in the Bronx Sunday. An 11-year-old boy and two teenage girls were among those hurt. A suspect identified as Oneil Dasilva, 17, is still on the loose.

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  • Frank Rizzo

    I live in Manhattan below 96th street, so don’t really care what happens in the ‘hood. Let them shoot it up as far as I care. Darwinism in action.

  • joe for mayor

    guns knives are the problem. 40000 cops and there is still alot of crime bloomberg. take away your body guards and walk around and then tell us it is safe. 2 cops in a car is too much let them walk around its summer. physical for cops every year. their too overweight mike said crime down for 10 years wake up.

    • dude

      yep I think all police officers should have to every year take a test that they can run 1 mile in 10 mintues or less and if you cant you are put on no pay suspension until you can run the mile in that time,we pay to be protected by these cops and majority of them are fat and out of shape,what a damn joke,peoples lives are lost because of there fatness,same thing goes with nyfd,I mean it makes sense.

  • SAM

    Isn’t Bloomberg the guy that said, “We need MORE immigrants in NYC?” Here is the problem kids…it is all well and good to help those that need help…but you must educated them on their own soil. Without an ETHCIAL education, you are only changing their address and bringing the crime HERE. How illogical are these politicians that would trade the safety of their OWN country and it’s citizens for a few lousy votes (Let us face it, most criminals do not bother to go to the polls.) WAKE UP…if you want a safer NYC/America, lower the quotas from impoverished countries adn take the money that you would have spent on welfare, medicaid, and housing and educate these people in their own countries. Let us try some COMMON SENSE for a change.

    • Sam

      And, I think Bloomberg needs a wake up call…I think he should have to spend TWO NIGHTS, without his body guards, walking the streets of Brooklyn (In the area known as East NY). Let us see then how many MORE immigrants he wants in his city. He would have a sore ass, no wallet, and a bloody body…welcome to the life of NYC citizens under HIS control. He doesnt live in the real world…but hard-working citizens do.. wake up Bloomberg…you belong with that ponzi guy.

  • taylor,sweet

    not sure what you mean by that.. but if IS what I think it IS.. go jump in a oven

  • taylor,sweet

    Get caught with a gun… 25 years to life..Kill some one.. Death penalty 24 hours.. the bleeding liberals to shut the hell up

    • Sam

      When guns are outlawed ONLY outlaws will have guns. NONE of these guns were registered. Criminals do NOT register their guns. If they didnt have guns, they would use knives, steel knuckles, or whatever. Do not disarm legal citizens. If you want some kind of gun control, let us try saying…if you are not born on U.S. soil, you cannot own a gun for 25 years. If you are caught, you give up your citizenship or green card. Again, let us use some common sense. A disarmed America means a vunerable nation.



  • Robert

    Of COURSE it’s the GUNS fault! And if they BANNED guns..all those MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns would dissapear like MAGIC…Gun control laws just make it harder for law-abiding citizens to legally own firearms…the bad guys just buy them on the street corner.

  • Street crime unit

    Bring back the street crime unit and let the police do their job. Oh wait….the people don’t want that, and oh yeah…the cops are fed up with the public and no longer care. Oh well, just sit back and pad those pensions boys, enjoy what you knew was coming.

  • Esty Romei

    Just a not for some who are leveling blame for all on black shooting black. Shooting a person is not about color. FYI it was not a black person who sparked the Columbine issue and not a black person who has unleashed all the mass shootings at schools in the past few years. Take a look back and see who these shooters are before leveling blame. While I don’t condone shooting people as if we lived in a lawless society, I feel it is only right to balance the scale and not make it appear as if only people of color are the ones with guns. Get it right before you write it here.


    “Youths” ” teens” with guns !!!!
    hey we have our first ” youth ” president !! INTERNET SITES FOR WHITES (western voices world news)

  • crypticguise

    Of course there is NO RELEVANCE to the shooters and shootees being black skinned is there? Is there something in the DNA or genetic makeup of black people which makes them susceptible to engaging in shooting other people? Ever notice how there are never any shootings in which white people are gngaged? Why is that? Perhaps our trained sociologists (witch doctors) can do a study on why blacks shoot each other.

  • Rodin

    All the more reason for everyone to work on LABOR Day and take the rest of the year off.

  • man from old school

    its time to stop these parades we dont not need west indian day parades

  • Debbie

    Resolution today is not how it was many years ago. If need be we fought with our mouths or fists. Today…to prove you’re tough or “a man” they use a gun. That’s cowardly, you have two options. Walk away or use your fists. Innocent people are killed by bullets intended for someone else, the sad thing is that the average young youth who uses agun has no job, no car no assets and no means of obtaining a gun the legal way. Someone has to be held accountable for the distribution of these weapons, they’re being sold, stolen or bought by the wrong people. Guns don’t kill people, its the person who pulled the trigger. Ship them off to Afghanistan and let them fight a real fight…THE WAR !

  • retrocon

    this isn’t about race, it’s about liberal policies creating urban decay and the crime that goes with it.

    Welfare, lax punishment, segregation, entitlement mentality, anti-self defense, anti-family, anti-success policies.

    it’s really pretty simple, progressives create these problems so that they can move along with their “real” policies… police-nanny states and dictatorial rule from the knowledgeable intellects of the ivy league.

  • Dom

    Well the good news for White people here is most of the gune crime today is people of color on people of color; whites and asians are not really affected. A gov’t study [Bloomberg can pay for it if he wants to] should be made that of all the various ethnic groups, why do people of color have the least sanctity and value of life for their own people? White people aren’t blowing away other white people in these numbers, same with asians, but blacks and people of color are going crazy for murdering their own kind. Why???????? When we understand, maybe we can turn this bleak picture around; as education, not more gun control is the answer.

    • hahaha

      why its be di whitemans fault

  • John

    Time for the schmuk to exercise the Giuliani method of crime prevention…….. Go after the usual “suspects” who, I might add, are color coded for a good reason, crease skulls and feed the crabs at Red Hook.

    It works.

  • Call

    NYC is the new Newark.

  • hillbilly biil

    Gun control?

    That has not stopped one of the suspects in one of these shootings, a seventeen year old with nine proir arrests for violent crimes.

    How about a little CRIMINAL CONTROL?

    Or we take all the guns away from the hilbillys in trailer parks. Ever notice how punks like this 17 yr old don’t commit crimes in trailer parks? They know they would leave the trailer park feet first.

  • Philip B Kirschner

    Is the mayor crazy? NYC is the most disarmed city ever. Facts and history show, when you disarm a law abiging public crime goes rampant. Not let alone corruption of cops.You have cops robbing drug dealers, which is of course par for the course. Serpico showed the truth about that.And now, we have Heroin being made in AFGHANISTAN, We are seeing the economy collapse before our eyes, and we are being disarmed. I urge all of you to keep an emergency food supply.

  • joe

    911 ASSHAT-sentials – get off our internet you neo-nazi defamer of America.

    • Mark

      for the nth time —- 9/11 was not an inside job. take your building 7 and other tin foil hat conspiracies elsewhere asshat.

      thanks for the reply Joe!

  • luckydog

    The wild west is now the wild east!

  • ACP45

    More gun control why? because these were legal guns in the hands of there rightful owners? Maybe illegal 3rd term mayor Mike Bloomberg should do more to protect the people of NYC and allow citizens their right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment of the United States. But no, you have to be famous to protect yourself in New York.

  • Daniel Montgomery

    This is what happens where citizens don’t have guns. Where I live, EVERYONE has dozens of guns and there has been one murder in 30 years, which was tried as manslaughter since the victim had a gun out as well. It might not be NYC populated here, but it’s populated to the point where you would think more crime would exist. But no, we have nice open carry laws where you can walk into the store with a gun and nobody looks twice unless they are shoplifting or holding drugs or such.

    • Philip B Kirschner

      Exactly Daniel. We need to legalize firearm ownership in NYC, not diarm a law abiding public.

    • Dr Dan

      The problem is not the guns. It’s the hot-headed people. People like that may not care if everyone else has a gun. Theirs is an act of passion. In that case, the reasoning center of the brain is not used. Result: More shootings.

      • cmac

        who cares if hot-headed murderers with a history of violent crimes don’t care about everyone having a gun – actually it will save a lot of law abiding tax payers dollars – 1 hothead murderer + several armed law abiding citizens = 1 dead hotheaded murderer with a history of violent crimes. or more likely the hotheads wouldn’t have the opportunities to accrue a “history”.

  • TheEye

    This is the way socialists celebrate their holidays. What would you expect?

    • luckydog


    • Philip B Kirschner

      Why are you calling people NAZI? Just because they think 911 may have been an inside job? Ever hear of gulf of TONKIN incident?

  • Rebel Rouser

    The mayor could not care less a about the people whom were killed. He cares how it might impact the Chicago land economics. He cares about this being a “crisis” that should not be wasted. Use the crisis to enact his real agenda of more gun control. The problem is not guns….never has been. The problem is the thugs that want to use them against law abiding citizens who can’t defend themselves. I say let the thugs kill each other (regardless their race). It will be one less thug I have to be on the watch for.

  • Ryan Mouk

    I love listening to the racists bigots that attempt to judge others while sitting in their tailors with a life-size rebel flag on their wall and their AC/DC mirror they won at the local fair. Put down your beer, shave your mullet, and turn the channel away from your soaps and try to realize what is coming out of that blow-hole you call a mouth.

    Despite the color of these cowards if caught they all deserve the death penalty without remorse. If you think your “man” enough to shot someone you should be “man” enough to endure a painful and humiliating death. I cant wait for the “gang-banger” hunting season to finally be passed by congress.

    • Philip B Kirschner

      Gang banger hunting season? What more we can think off. That is just as crazy as hiring KBR.

  • Alan Hinman

    You can ban all gun sales and the bad guys are still going to have the guns Mayor Dummy Bloomburg. Stick with banning salt

    • Philip B Kirschner

      Alan, how can you tell mayor shmuckberg to ban salt. I am sick and tired of the nanni state.

  • Vic

    Message to our Brothers of Color: Put down the 9mm and pick up a rose….
    Put down the .44 and release a dove. Put down the Uzi and give they brother a hug. You don’t need guns to solve your problems………

  • The Facts

    Criminals do not obtain their weapons at gun shows. The mayor’s comments are misleading to say the least.



      • john

        He lives in a dream world, get areal job, donate your money to the federal govt that you love, and join the real working class American

  • James

    Such racist and bigoted commentary. There are ignorant people of all race. Creeds or color. Trailer parks are exemplary of this since it not just black people.

    • Very conservative

      Of course “not just”, but still mainly. Go Google some crime demographics when you are not too busy preaching liberalism you as shole.

    • Paco

      Blah blah blah blah…wake up dumbo.

    • Danbury

      Yeah, and Pit Bulls are just dogs, who occasionally eat a kid or kill an adult.

  • Very conservative

    Nothing new here. This is how these people prepare for the parade.

    • Dom

      How? By drinking their moonshine, raping their sisters, and shooting off their guns? Are they human beings? Because we got a civilization already going on here. They’re welcome to join it anytime they want to.

  • bloombergisafascist

    we dont need gun control in this city



      • Philip B Kirschner

        ADOLPH. excuse me. But, the minute they do that, its over for our government. No relgious system we hold wil alow that.

  • tr

    at least they got a breeze in the area yesterday with all the bullets flying by.

  • Jo Dent

    No doubt, its become quite the “Jungle” out there if you know what I mean.


      @ DentHEAD, No we don’t know what you mean. But what we do know is that apparently, Jo IS one of the animals running around un-tamed in the “Jungle”.

      • Very conservative

        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • life sentence

    Should make it a automatic life sentence if caught with gone no excuses.

    • IgnoranteElephante

      A “gone”? Should be a life sentence to sit on your self righteous perch and attempt to utter a liberal talking point and get use the wrong word.

    • bill burns

      Another liberal pot smoker.

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