Nicole Ottaiano Of Oyster Bay Accused Of Suffocating Boyfriend’s Dog

FRANKLIN SQUARE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Police say 20-year-old Nicole Ottaiano of Oyster Bay is responsible for a shocking crime in Franklin Square.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall With The Story

They have charged her with suffocating her boyfriend’s dog.

Police say her boyfriend noticed her putting hair bands around the snout of  his Shepherd mix named Jackpot, and told her to stop.

He left her alone for 20 minutes. When he came back police say he found her sitting on top of a blanket. Underneath, he found his 11-year-old Staffordshire terrier Little, smothered, with hair bands tied around its snout. He tried to revive Little, but wasn’t successful.

The boyfriend called the cops.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported she was told by police that Ottaiano has a history of trying to hurt animals.

Ottaiano has pleaded not guilty to an aggravated cruelty to animals charge. Bail was set at $5,000.

Her attorney did not comment on her case.

If convicted, what do you think is the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

  • Vincent Godino

    in reading these comments I see we have a lot of highly intelligent people out there, kind of scarey, but I feel as though my question was finally answered. do highly intelligent people lack common sense?

    • terry

      I can say if it was my dog , female or not , she would be in the hostital

  • carmen rivera

    for most of us, our pets are part of the family, for some of us who can not have children, these become our children. if some one is cruel enough to take the life of our four legged children, they will do it to the two legged as well and the punishment should be the same. no one has the right to take the life of anything or anyone innocent, who can not defend themselves. judges who have dogs at home and children who love them should know that the pain of losing a child is as hard as losing a dog or cat, even a bird. make sentenses stiffer for criminals and the lives of these poor creatures wouldn’t be in vain

  • Paul J

    Let’s see what sentence ALF activist Walter Bond (who harmed nobody) gets. Then multiply it by, say ten times for this little charmer. I think that’d be about right.

  • Vincent Godino

    i’m just wondering if you were the boyfriend and your girlfriend tried to kill your dog would you keep your girlfriend and the dog together for 20 minutes while you went to do whatever or would you keep them apart and take the dog with you. if she abused animals before why wasn’t anything done then. not saying much for the system.

    • Vincent Godino

      not saying much for the boyfriend either, the situation could have been avoided by him.

    • Vincent Godino

      still say something smells fishy. its one persons word against another based on the boyfriend’s story to police he leaves a lot to be desired..

  • Boss Adam

    I say cut her head off.

    • NLP

      FOR REAL SON! Send her ass to Baghdad!

  • Cool Mona

    Her snout needs to be closed with hair bands. Disgusting!! And what’s wrong with the boyfriend? He KNEW she haf abused animals?? Sickening.

    • Vincent Godino

      comment makes sense but only starting from And what’s wrong with the boyfriend? those two sentences show open mindedness, kudos.

  • wally

    What no one is asking is this: What did the dog do to bring this on? What did that animal do to push this poor woman until she was no longer to take it?

    • NLP

      SHUT THE F UP TROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Wally … You are an IDIOT … No matter WHAT the dog did or did not do, you don’t kill it …. PERIOD … This demented woman should get a minimum of 15 yrs in prison and intense mental help.

      • jim

        Really!!!! 15yrs! As a tax payer, I think that has crossed the line to ridiculous. She should be given useful public service until her hand bleed.

    • ilikerabbitz

      Odd that you would immediately take the side of the dog killer without any evidence to support asking such a question. She already had a history of animal abuse, so either animals are out to get her or more likely she is just mentally ill.

  • Don

    Did he break up with her? Thats the question everybody wants to know.

  • seabird

    she shoulda murdered her uni-brow instead of that poor dog

    • jim

      Hilarious that she’s an out of work hairstylist.


    So horrible! So Cruel!
    I agree_ you hurt animals___ you will hurt humans too !!
    Geez___ people are sick !

  • Tia Voty

    send her to Riker’s and leave her in solitary confinement til she dies in there. There is no hope for her. She’s of no use in this society.

  • J.E.

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco U.S. Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    • George Lurye

      What were they stealing from you? Cocaine?

  • Me

    she is gay!

    • Manic Vice


    • NLP

      With a boyfriend?

  • Kenneth Braver

    she needs help shes is a lost soul abd her Mom doesnt have a clue, shes really a good person deep down inside just very very misinderstood , so sorry for your loss to her ex

    • Manic Vice

      Do you know this demented excuse for a human being?

      You say she’s a good person? A good person doesn’t wrap hair elastics around the snout of a dog and then suffocate it under the covers. No, she isn’t a good person, she’s insane.

      Drop her off in the middle of the pacific ocean and tell her to swim home, if she makes it, she can go free, if not…. who cares? One less piece of human garbage to deal with.

      • Boss Adam

        Again… just cut her head off. Done.

    • nrichard

      Very misunderstood? I think she made herself clear! She’s a menace to society and her next step would be to have a child and suffocate it too! Not only should she be put UNDER the jail, she should be sterilized! Anyone who does something like this to an animal is clearly disturbed yes, but also needs to be put away from the rest of society – these people do not change – they can not be rehabilitated! Their minds do not function properly and they are NOT MISUNDERSTOOD!

      • Julian


      • Julian

        I agree. She committed an act of stunning cruelty and callousness and was not deterred by the desperate reaction of the dog’s suffering.This is a very clear sign of a psychopath. And to the person who said we “don’t know her”… Are you kidding me?!? She is a sadist who kidded a defenseless creature… yeah, she’s a real peach.

      • .

        your an idiot you do not know her

    • baby steph

      do you have a thing for little girls?

  • TB

    And her rations while imprisoned…Alpo, and nothing but.

  • Jesse Balk


  • Christine

    Put her on a animal molester list and notify all animals where she lives at all times in her life.

  • Jerryj

    Too bad she can’t play football, maybe the Philadelpia Eagles would be interested in her?

  • Sarah Helen

    nicole is seriously deranged and usually has no idea what shes doin , this is horrible thing shes done ive known her since highschool.

    • Manic Vice

      And if she is in fact deranged like you say, then she doesn’t belong amongst people.. OR animals.

      Like I said before, drop her off in the middle of the ocean and have her swim home, maybe that will cure her of being deranged. We can all hope!

  • lazarus

    surely you hypocrites have no problem with the meat you shove down your pie-holes. don’t see you exactly going after jim purdue for how he murders millions of chickens annually.

    • workerdrone

      why would you pick a brainless food animal anyway? your argument would be a lot more valid if you chose cow or something a bit more dog like. in any case humans have spent THOUSANDS OF YEARS DETERMINING WHICH ONES ARE THE FOOD AND WHICH ONES ARE THE PETS. you think a couple of years of your armchair philosophy is going to change that? what a tool.

    • Manic Vice

      Animals in the food industry are put down HUMANELY. What this “person” did was pure evil and cruelty. Has NOTHING to do with the food industry, and YOU are an idiot for even comparing the two. You clearly haven’t the foggiest.
      Go crawl back under your rock, you don’t belong here.

    • AMK

      “lazarus”, there’s a real problem with that piehole of yours. Just shut it.

    • Methusela

      You should have not been raised from the dead



  • 2gruesome2b

    my suggestion to his imperial mayorship is to save the central park zoo a few tax dollars by using her in the carnivore section (lions, tigers, etc.) to satisfy their craving for red meat.

  • chris

    i would also say dont pay the bail money

  • chris

    she killed a animal so the punishment should be the same as killing a human the punishment should be the death penalty and ban the rest of her family from owning animals job done

  • Omar

    These white on dog crimes have got to stop!!! If the boyfriend had a concealed carry permit I’m sure this would never have happened!!!

  • linda

    Tie her to a pole in an enclosed area – then allow vicious animals to provide justice.

    • The one and only Moe

      Lol These girls are lost man… i feel bad. Her and her sister are straight losers. they both do nasty things like this all the time. i went to high school with then. they need to GROW UP!

      • Moe

        I dont know what you do nor do i care, i dont think anyone here cares what you do.. This is about your sister not you , you need to stop always wanting the spot light on you. A animal was just killed and im sure the owner as well as the people want justice. Im not saying lock her away for the rest of her life or do what most of these people said but she need to seek proffesional medical attention ASAP.{i think the mug shot says enough} And im not the only one who feels this way, there are at least 40 comments on here by 40 diffrent people who feel the same way i do , 40 diffrent people who are just as aggrivated. Im sure your mother isnt to happy with this.. And im not on here to conversate , im here to speak my mind like everyone else. Grow up. SMH!<–i didnt know that was the new thing.

      • Morgan

        y r u adding me into this? u dont know me or have no idea what i do.

      • Morgan


      • Moe


      • Sarah Helen

        moe as in moe sis ex?

  • Vic

    Were any doggy paws found in her freezer?

    • Jeff

      Your demented reference to murdered Jewish child, Leibi Kletzky shows your true colors! In addition to Nicole Ottaiano you probably also hold Tom Otterness who made a film in 1977 called “Shot Dog Film” in high regard as does the NYC Community Board 1 which in April 2011 approved a $750,000 installation at a public library in lower Manhattan made by Otterness.
      All is now forgiven because he is now an artist & that film was made when he was 25, 34 years ago
      You should think before you write. Your lame comment will live forever on the internet. Send a card of apology to the Kletzky family now and seek forgiveness for your callousness. You are not at all humorous but definitely sick.

    • Frank

      Why are so many guys with the name of “Vic” so twisted in the head??? You neeed help my friend……come to think of it, go take a vacation in Dante’s Inferno!!!!!!!!

    • Cara Duro Quinones

      Yeah, seriously, Vic, you’re a moron.

    • MAX


  • Donna P.

    This girl needs help….She has “dead eye”…her eyes are lifeless, and she abuses animals…A sure sign that this is a future serial killer….GET HER SOME HELP QUICK, and while you are at it Throw Away The Key, cuz rest assured, this is NOT the first time she has done it, as she seems to have committed such an offense with ease. Be Skeered, Be Very Skeered. Hopefully, she has been caught before she did anything else, or who knows what she has done in her 20 years. The boyfriend better thank his lucky stars it wasn’t him.

    • Lee

      Hey. Anyone else thinks she kind of looks like a female David Berkowitz?

      • carmen rivera

        i agree with you Lee, she looks sick and her look is cold and empty, i have four little dogs and one is totally blind, she adjusted to her blindness a lot faster than i did and today, she walks around the apartment and finds her water, wee wee pad and her bed. i could never see myself hurting her in any way

    • Mat

      She never did anything like this before? She did it twenty minutes before she killed
      Little, to Jackpot… Then she thought sitting on him would hide what she’d done. She’s appears mentally unstable, and lacking a basic sense of right from wrong. While I like the idea of giving her up to a feral pack of dogs so she could see what’s it’s like to be helpless in another’s hands (paws), she should be institutionalized, pending sterilization, and possible termination if she seems unrepentant.

    • NLP

      She did do something like this that is why she was arrested.

  • KY Belly

    The Casey Anthony of the Dawg world.

  • Harry Matthers

    Hmm, it would appear that she does not like dogs no?

  • Peter

    Put a noose around her neck allready!!!!

  • Anthony Flynn

    As a life long dog owner, I find this repulsive.
    Disturbed individuals such as this one need to be kept away from small animals, and from children for that matter. The current law prohibiting animal cruelty should be enforced, along with some court mandated psychological treatment.

  • alexis

    That’s so Freakinqq Crazy !

  • db

    string the ugly b@#$% up from a tree

  • Kaycee

    Her boyfriend shares responsibility for this crime. Why would he leave her alone after what he observed? My next two suggestions are merely wishes since they do not conform to our system of justice, but they would prevent further tragedies. Either 1. sterilize her so she cannot produce a child who would surely suffer at her hands, or 2. put her to “sleep”, humanely or otherwise.

    • .

      FI_I CK you think about what you are saying a$$hole

      • Mari Novo

        hey .
        slick reply, did it take you all day to figure out how you can curse on here?

    • Shar

      In total agreement with Kaycee. Her boyfriend shares responsibility for this crime. Why would he leave her alone after what he observed?

    • TCC

      well said – I only wish could destroy element like this. The world would be a kinder and safer place

  • Panda

    People who abuse animals will eventually wind up abusing people. Anyone who could literally squeeze the life out of something so helpless needs to be put away the way any murder would. Today it was a terrier… tomorrow it’s someone’s 4 year old child.

    • sonia

      I agree 100% with the above comment…try her for murder cause that’s exactly what it is!!!!

    • akgadm

      I agree!!! How many times do you hear about serial killers and other random murders who started by torturing animals? The slap on the wrist this woman is going to get will do nothing to deter her from escalating.

    • Kerrin Winter-Churchill

      I agree.. animal cruelty is a “gate way crime” it leads to child abuse. Spay the B**ch!

    • Jim Duffy

      Absolutely correct. Overwhelming evidence consistently shows a link between cruelty to animals and tendency to toward murder, even serial killing. This girl needs lots of immediate psychiatric help and should be monitored closely to prevent escalation of her obvious problem(s).

    • lisa

      I do agree. That is the beginning sign of a psycho path. If she has a history of hurting animals she can hurt people too. She needs medical help. People like her has no boundaries and guilt in them. They don’t believe in GOD. If hurting animals to them is a game I can’t imagine what kind of person she is.

  • Julie

    Sick b**ch! Lock her up and throw away the key.

  • Mark Kramer

    Give her 5yrs. In prison.

  • Pat Hacker

    She deserves at least 5 yrs in prison, followed by probation with a lifetime ban on ever owning a pet or having a child. She’s obviously a very sick, cruel, poor excuse of a human being. Look in her eyes their dead.

  • Avril

    The owner told her to “remove them” then she left. Personally, I would have stayed just to watch her remove them and then I would have asked her to leave and the poor dog would still be alive right now. The owner was in my opinion, negligent.

    • NLP

      I agree! why would he leave her alone with the dogs if she was putting hair ties on his snout?

    • iluvgoggies

      he certainly was. but she’s the one who killed the dog.

    • doc in NJ

      absolutely…. that behavior is alarming enough to justify disallowing the friend from being alone with a pet for any amount of time.

      Something fishy here…

  • barbara

    Life without the possibility of parole.

  • Bridget

    Lock this woman up in a sanitarium now and throw away the key before she graduates to human beings. This a$$ hole is really sick.

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