One of our favorite sportscasters and one of Boomer’s “NFL Today on CBS” partners, James Brown, called into the hotline for a fun few minutes with Boomer and Craig.

Believe it or not, although the guys did talk some football, much of the conversation revolved around what goes on behind the scenes at “NFL Today.”

J.B. talks about what a savvy partner Boomer is on the set and why because of that it really isn’t necessary to have a replacement for Shannon Sharpe while he is out this weekend.

The guys also spend a few minutes covering the role of Twitter in the sports broadcasting realm.

When they did finally get into some football-related conversation, J.B. talked about what it was like getting to know Michael Vick as a human being as well as whether or not the way Kyle Orton is being treated in Denver is fair.

After that, the focus shifts to NFL stadium security, which will be heightened in the wake of the stun gun incident at MetLife Stadium this past Sunday.

LISTEN: Getting Down With ‘NFL Today’ Host James Brown

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