Son Of Barbara Sheehan, Woman Who Killed Husband, Says He Feared His Father

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of a Queens woman accused of killing her ex-cop husband.

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Raymond Sheehan, 21, says he went to school hours away because he needed to leave the tense home.

His mother Barbara Sheehan, is charged with murdering Raymond Sheehan, a former New York Police Department officer. Sheehan said he was an abusive, reckless, terrifying man.

Prosecutors say she shot her husband 11 times using two handguns that he kept loaded. She has pleaded not guilty and says the shooting was self-defense.

On Wednesday, he testified his father had always treated his mother badly and that he too lived in fear of his father’s rages.

When asked by prosecutors on Thursday why he went to college in Connecticut if he was so worried about his mother’s safety, the 21-year-old said it was because he felt he would kill himself if he lived at home.

He said guns were a constant presence in the house and that his father would take his Glock handgun into the bathroom with him, where Barbara Sheehan testified she killed her husband.

Raymond testified of a palpable tension in their home and broke down in tears as he described witnessing the abuse, from the time he was a child until shortly before his father’s death.

Once, he testified, he walked downstairs to see his mother covered in pasta sauce, her shirt off, sitting on the kitchen floor after she had argued with his father.

“She was always very nervous, very jumpy and jittery,” he said of his mother. “You never wanted to set him off. … Anything would set him off.”

Prosecutors sought to show that on the day of the shooting on Feb. 18, 2008, Sheehan was not fearful for her life. She proofed her son’s school paper, drank coffee and made travel arrangements for a trip to Florida.

She testified that she didn’t want to go with her husband on vacation but was pretending to out of fear because he had said he’d kill her if she didn’t come. The fight touched off the fatal argument.

He dragged her out of bed the morning of the shooting and threw her out of the house in her pajamas, saying she couldn’t come back until she agreed to go with him, she testified. She stood outside for nearly an hour in the winter cold before agreeing to come.

The retired officer kept his loaded service weapon, a Glock handgun, and an off-duty gun, the revolver. Often he kept one holstered to his side, the other on his ankle.

“Living with the man I lived with, I tried to survive the best I could,” she testified.

Prosecutors asked repeatedly whether Sheehan ever called 911 or a domestic violence hotline in the hours leading to the shooting. The answer was always no.

After her husband got into the shower, she left to go to a friend’s house, where she was frantic.

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

She went back home to get the $1,700 in cash she had stashed in her drawer and said she planned to tell her husband she was going to get dog food but never come back. She saw the revolver in the bedroom, took it and walked to the hall. Raymond Sheehan, 49, was in the bathroom, recently showered, the Glock by his side on the vanity.

That’s when the encounter occurred.

During testimony, Sheehan was barely understandable through tears, her head down, her face in her hands, shielding her eyes as she said he pointed the gun at her and she fired.

“I don’t know what I was thinking then; I was so scared,” she said. “I thought he’d come after me and kill me.”

Prosecutors sought to suggest he did not point the gun at her, and noted he never fired.

“I felt really, really bad,” she said. “I wanted to help him.”

Then she told the jury she saw his hand reaching for the Glock.

“You got the jump on him,” said the prosecutor.

“I fired it until I didn’t feel threatened anymore,” Sheehan answered.

But Sheehan would not answer specific questions, such as where she was standing when the shooting happened, how she ended up with both guns, and whether she pulled one from a holster.

Sheehan’s daughter Jennifer, 25, has also said their father was abusive.

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  1. Ralph Bencivenga says:

    I’ve known Barbara and her entire family for over 30 years. I believe she was at the end of her rope because he terrified her with his knowledge of ‘Police Work” and she felt that he was going to make true on his many threats to kill her entire family…I’ve met Raymon and asked his permission to have my son date his daughter. I remember him distinctly saying ” I always respect a man in uniform and yes he gave my son permission….His whole life was uniform and police work…so things tend to add up….My prayers to the family that I love and also pray for the forgiveness of Raymond which caused his untimely death….To jail Barbara would be the ultimate injustice to the victim….1 bullet 100 bullets when you feel threatened for you and your family there is not enough weapons that can stop you !!!

  2. Reverend Rev says:

    Her husband was a COP, so she had NO LEGAL RIGHT to shoot him, or to defend against him, or even to complain about him. As a cop, he was a Legally Designated Hero who, by definition, was due absolute respect and 100% obedience.

    The bottom line is that she shot a COP. Therefore, she should get an automatic death penalty with NO trial, NO jury, NO presumption of innocence.

    1. FreeThinker says:

      Reverend Rev, just because someone is designated by the law to do a job does not mean that they are right or good people. All people are capable of doing horrible things regardless of their status. No one deserves absolute respect or 100% obedience unless they have earned it. This man was abusing his wife for 20 years, what gives you the right to say that she should have been 100% obedient to him? What if that was your daughter, your niece, your sister or your mother? One of the great things about our country is that we have the right to question our leaders and make them accountable for their actions, without that right corruption occurs. A state where 100% obedience is instilled is a totalitarian state where people are murdered and raped at the hands of their leaders. I pray that you’ll see the value in people questioning their police officers, congress people, presidents ect and understand that people should be constantly thinking for themselves and following their intuitions.

      1. bananaslugs says:

        I think Rev was being sarcastic.

  3. Cold blooded killer says:

    She is a cold blooded killer. Look past the Mrs Cleaver look and think what kind of sick person can do that.But lets make her a Saint now she was abused she was a victim boo hoo report him have him arrested . What a double standard here.If he killed her and claimed she was abusing him he will be getting life in prison.

    1. FreeThinker says:

      What kind of sick person can do that? What kind of person can abuse their wife for over 20 years, threaten to kill his kids and say that he’ll get away with it. The really sick thing about the situation is that she could not report him. Our police officers protect each other, even when they are wrong and that demeans our entire sense of safety. If we can not rely on our police department to protect us as individuals (like Barbara Sheenah couldn’t) then how are we supposed to feel safe? You need to look more into the situation and do more research before you make grand proclamations. This woman was desperate, she did the only thing she could.

  4. Justice Served says:

    I’m gonna assume the she called the police at least once on this POS Girlie man but once they knew this trash was an ex-cop, nothing was done. Why NYS is wasting tax payer money on this case is beyond me. Do they think they are doing a service to the people of NY?

  5. ALINA says:

    Reading this article I am on woman’s side… She shoudl be found not guilty.. She and her kids lived in abusive household.. He abused her and hurt her all these years. The poor woman was scared.. In self defense she killed him protecting herself.. I am on her side.. I wish I was a juror on this case. My vote for her woudl be not guilty. She suffered enough, let her go and get some peace…..

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