Officers Indicted In Bronx Ticket-Fixing Scandal Expected To Surrender

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The results of the probe into the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal remain in a shroud of secrecy as the Bronx district attorney gets set to announce the results of a grand jury investigation.

Sources tell 1010 WINS the 17 police officers indicted last week could begin turning themselves in Monday.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports: Cops Under Fire

Published reports indicate that these officers are union delegates, sergeants, and possibly high-ranking officials.

More than 500 officers have been linked to the scandal. Those involved are accused of taking cash, alcohol and other gifts for fixing the tickets.

Those indicted were most likely snared on authorized wiretaps in which officers can reportedly be heard making racist and inflammatory remarks about the people they are paid to show courtesy, professionalism and respect.

The charges against the officers range from perjury and bribery to grand larceny and obstruction.

Many in the department who came under scrutiny were handled administratively and don’t face criminal charges.


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  1. Kwayme Aziz says:

    It’s one thing to make a ticket “disappear”… but some of these cops got rewards, aka bribes, for taking care of tickets. Other cops were recorded making some of the most racist comments you can imagine about the public people they are supposed to serve. I am glad they got caught and punished for their illegal actions.

  2. Vik says:

    Hmmm … here’s a question. If these cops are being hung — and I’m not particularly a fan of them — why shouldn’t the civilians be as well as. This sounds a little too hypocritical to me. and those grand jurors that were “astonished at the level of wrongdoing on the part of cops” — oh give me a break. If you were ever pulled over, I’m so sure they tried to get out of a ticket. and if they never were pulled over or ever got behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol – yes, I’m sure they have — I don’t think for a single second that the thought didn’t cross their minds that gee, I wonder if I get pulled over, how can I get out of the ticket? Be very careful of opening up this can of worms. If you’re going to indict the cops, indict E V E R Y O N E.

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