Police Search For Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Of 16-Year-Old Kyanna Thomas

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Detectives in Brooklyn are working to identify a suspect in the death of a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed and left to die on the street.

Police said Kyanna Thomas managed to dial 911 on her cell phone after she was stabbed in the head around 3:12 a.m.  Sunday morning in Ocean Hill.

EMTs found Thomas at the corner of McDougal Street and Saratoga Avenue but they couldn’t save her.

Thomas was pronounced dead at Interfaith Hospital.

Her family said she was in Brooklyn visiting her aunt.

“It could have been your daughter, my daughter, was killed by whom, we don’t know. But somebody saw something. Somebody heard something. Somebody may have heard somebody brag about it,” activist Tony Herbert said.

Herbert is enlisting the support of community leaders and resident to comb the neighborhood to assist police in the investigation.


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  1. wow says:

    how dare yall say that who do yall to be judging somebody that could have been on of your kids lying on that street corner you would never know the hurt we endose behind this yall would never know how we feel unless one your kids get killed and left for dead like road kill

  2. anonymous says:

    or maybe she wasnt sneaking around, maybe their was a good reason on why she came out side. so think about that before you assume anything

    1. truth hurts says:

      yes sex or drugs what other reason

      1. Dianna Jordan says:

        Shame on you!!! A sixteen year old girl is murdered and you have negative comments rather than condolences???

  3. JohnRingaux says:

    This is fairly common among that demographic.

  4. M S a v a g e says:

    Definitely genetic.

  5. Marvin says:

    Pretty much all of Bklyn on that side of Flatbush Ave is the dregs of society. Why anyone would want to go outside there at 3am is beyond me. Even the police are afraid to do so.

  6. Guy who once saw Lyle A l z a d o at Newark Airport says:

    Decided on a bottle of water to go with the chicken strips.

  7. anonymous says:

    you people need to stop with these comments. no she did not go to a party or take a walk outside because she could not sleep. kyanna is not the type to do that. im assuming someone had to set her up. kyanna would never go outside alone until someone was with her. i have a feeling she was not alone

  8. Chuck Curry says:

    Why not just make a law that says all children out after curfew should be murdered. It sure sounds like some of you think murder is a just reward for being out late when you’re a kid. I wonder are you the same people who hold your hand over your heart when the national anthem is played? If you are, why not see if you can’t come up with a short essay on what freedom means? Or whether freedom should be confined only to certain people, and only between the hours of, say, 8 AM and 10 PM. A free people need no excuse to be out at 3AM or 3PM. What needs an excuse, is the idea that a murdered 16 year old “got what she deserved”. You sick f*cks!

  9. Jessa says:

    This CBS news story is very incomplete. Sorry to disappoint all the judgmental jerks here, but according to other news sources the girl snuck out of the house in the middle of the night, and her family didn’t know she was gone until the police called with the bad news. Now they are looking at her cell phone to see who she had been in touch with that evening.

  10. Linda says:

    Why she was out at 3:12 AM isn’t important unless it is the reason she was killed, maybe she was out walking because she couldn’t sleep. BUT, no one had the right to kill her for any reason. This mentality of “Lets kill this person just because they are “available” and we can”, needs to stop. Has everyone just given up on their neighborhoods and let the druggie thugs take over, is this how you really want to live ???

  11. sk says:

    so what if she went to a party at 3 a.m? maybe she wasn’t really visting her aunt. that doesn’t mean she should die for going to a party! what wrong with some poples’ comments? where is your HEART and BRAIN?

    1. should of been smarter says:

      Put yourself in bad situations bad things happen you cant teach a child to be smart dumb kids do dumb things.

      1. reginald says:

        Kyanna went to one of NYC’s specialized high schools for gifted/talented students. how DARE you call her dumb, you disgusting excuse for a human.

        also, it’s “should’ve” as in “should have” … not “should of”, which makes no grammatical sense at all. Maybe you should go back to school yourself, moron.

        1. reginald should of been smarter or are u special too says:

          reginald i am sorry did not know she was a gifted or special child .Why was noone watching her then if she was slow.And as many people know schools use gifted or talented for any kid who passes.Public schools in new york have like a 35 % graduation rate.And if she was so smart she should not be sneaking around doing something she was not supposed too.

    2. Monty B says:

      I’m just old school. I was 16 in 1980 and there is no way in God’s country that my parents would have allowed me to be on the street alone at 3am in the morning, let alone a party. Heck no. I that what people mean when they ask why was she out at 3am.

      My heart is with her family and may she rest in peace.

  12. Mishy says:

    Let’s us not be so heartless and remember this is a murder and a family has loss a love one. No she shouldn’t have sneaked out the house to attend a party, however, the person whom did the crime should do the time. I am praying for this family .

  13. lady g says:

    so tragic and so sad, and yet so close to my home which is a very quiet neighborhood. i really hope and pray that they catch the person who did this unthinkable crime. RIP …and like everyone else i’m also wondering what was she doing outside at 3 in the morning.

  14. chaRLIE okolonji says:

    visiting an aunt at what time of the day and at 16? if that was true, then the mother enabled her to live a street life that knows no fear. Now she is gone and I hope that other kids would learn.

    1. Jerome Hartzog says:

      10-4 that!

  15. On the grind says:

    Only girls out at 3am are hookers or people looking for drugs choose one.

    1. reginald says:

      or people who can’t sleep and need to take a walk. you are pathetic.

      1. asterr says:

        so reginald you would let your 16 year old daughter take a walk out at 3am in a crime infested neighborhood you must be a total moron

      2. 3am 16 year old sleepwalker lol says:

        reginald 16 year olds do not belong roaming streets at 3am.Who lets there children walk at 3am because they cant sleep wow your stupid as stupid is.Only people in that area that late are hookers and drug dealers it is true.Stop being blind.

  16. J.R.S says:

    She was a beautiful young lady who made a bad decision that cost her her life. She is not the first teenager to sneak out of the house. I just wish that party wasn’t so important to her…..She will be truly missed.

  17. Monty B says:

    How tragic. My question is, what is a 16 year old doing out at 3 am?

  18. Dare Taiwo says:

    16 yo girl visiting her aunt at 3:12am…………..but she was a good girl

    1. lady G says:

      she was not visitibg her aunt at 3:12 am DARE, she snuck out of the anut’s house that she was visiting unknowing to anyone.

      1. G is for GOTTA GET TO CLASS says:

        @lady G Does the word vocabulary mean anything to you ? Based on your comment and lack thereof I say you should be in school at this time of morning.
        STAY IN SCHOOL !

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