Police Rescue Deer From Under Verrazano Bridge

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police rescued two deer Wednesday after they got stuck on the seawall under the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge.

Police say they found the deer on the rocks around 2:40 p.m. and said one was struggling in about eight feet of water.

When officers with the NYPD Harbor Launch were able to get one of the deer on board, the noticed that its rear legs had been bound by twine.

The second deer which was swimming around in the water was also caught and brought on to a SCUBA response boat.

The two were tranquilized and were taken to Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn.

The two deer, a male and a female, were even given names by their rescuers. Officers names the male Rudolph and the female Rudolph’s girlfriend.

  • KPMc

    What the…?

    There is a lot of wildlife returning to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn but deer? Something is not right.

    • KPMc

      We’ve got Opossums, rac00ns, birdlife… but deer?

      P.S. The fact that I have to spell that second animal’s name with zeros instead of with an O is absolutely ridiculous. PC run amok once again.

  • Gayle

    A good story. After reading about the Taxi driver incident this was a a relief.

  • bily320

    I hope they find the dirtbags that through them in the water

    • Amused but not misled

      You really think someone catured these deer and threw them in the water? WOW!

  • Linda

    We need more of the good feeling stories!

  • dp

    Great job…I saw the footage on TV…

  • EasterBunny

    Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the scombag MTA police arrested or ticketed them for trespassing.

    • Amused but not misled

      Or collected toll money from them if they tried to get back to SI again without paying

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