N.J. Teacher Under Fire For Alleged Anti-Gay Comments On Facebook

Adviser Viki Knox Under Investigation, Could Face Suspension, Termination

UNION TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The Union Township School District is investigating claims that a public school teacher posted comments on her Facebook page disparaging homosexuality.

School officials escorted Viki Knox, 49, off school property Thursday, citing an ongoing investigation.

The superintendent would not say if Knox was suspended but said she is under investigation and appropriate action has and will be taken, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported earlier Thursday.

Schools officials released a statement Thursday night saying: “This is an ongoing investigation. The school district is taking it very seriously, and is taking all appropriate action.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports Knox had nothing to say in her own defense

Over the weekend, Knox, in response to an exhibit at the school celebrating October as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history month, apparently wrote, “Homosexuality is a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation….”

The comment went on to say that homosexuality is a “sin” that “breeds like cancer.”

Knox apparently also wrote, “Union is not South Orange/Maplewood where one out of four families consist of two Mommies or daddies…  Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?  I/we do not have to accept anything, anyone, any behavior or any choices!  I do not have to tolerate anything others wish to do.”

The exhibit at the school honored famous LGBT Americans, including Harvey Milk, Chaz Bono and actor Neil Patrick Harris.

Former Union Township councilman John Paragano said he brought the alleged anti-gay comments, which have since been removed, to the attention of school officials and called for Knox’s dismissal.

“New Jersey has strongest anti-bullying laws in the United States currently and teachers are at the forefront of that. I question whether a teacher with these views would actually report bullying against a gay or lesbian student,” Paragano told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney: The Comments Have Since Been Deleted

The gay rights group Garden State Equality also said it wants Knox fired.

“It’s hard to believe that anyone would oppose an exhibit of photos of famous LGBT people in history,” Steven Goldstein, the Chair of Garden State Equality, said in a statement. “That’s tantamount to wanting to erase the very existence of LGBT people – an erasure with horrible overtones that would run counter to the diversity of our state and nation.”

“To spew such hatred and to do it publicly in front of your students, she’s not fit to teach. She needs to be removed, now,” Goldstein later told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

At school, students and parents were outraged.

“For somebody who is gay — I have a lot of gay friends — so its like offending to me, too,” sophomore Tahteria Woods told CBS 2’s Brown.

“I feel really disgusted about it,” added senior Andrew Caldas.

“If you have a personal opinion, keep it to yourself,” one parent said.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey released a statement defending Knox’s First Amendment right to express herself.

Knox is a faculty adviser to a prayer group at the school. She had no comment for reporters on Thursday, but told Dennis she has retained an attorney.

Knox’s Facebook page has been permanently deleted.

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One Comment

  1. white male says:

    IF IT WERE A WHITE MALE THE ACLU WOULD BE GOING AFTER HIM, INSTEAD OF DEFENDING HIM!!! Typical double standard garbage that white males must constantly deal with.

  2. Di Marco says:

    Why is it not bullying to force teachers and students to accept the homosexual agenda? This whole episode is tantamount to someone spitting in one’s food and that person throwing it back in the person’s face. The second action only occurred because of the first.

    The solution is not to punish the actions of the second party. The solution is to make sure the first party does not initiate the bullying.

  3. John L says:

    Religion mindf*cks everyone; from killing abortion doctors to flying planes into buiildings to having strings on lampposts to show where an eruv starts and stops to fasting because an elephnt with ma

    There is no god.

    1. John L says:

      ** because an elephant with many arms says to (Ganesh).

      There is no god.

  4. D W says:

    Only HYPOCRITES would try to fire someone, for having an “opinion”.
    Only HYPOCRITES would argue that, someone’s PRIVATE LIFE is THEIR BUSINESS!

    To those who believe in SELECTIVE Liberty… You do NOT really believe in Liberty!

    1. Justice says:

      “I agree she has the right to say and post whatever she wants. However, in this age of Facebook and Twitter, employers are taking strong stands against employees who write hateful or discriminatory remarks on social networking sites. As a teacher, a standard that is very important is objectivity in educating students. If she stands up there and only teaches from a religious, tunnel vision, one sided standpoint, she’s doing her students a huge injustice. She should be educating, presenting the information and sharing knowledge. At the same time, one of the best things a teacher can do is teach everyone to have mutual respect for everyone, regardless. Not one group, religious or otherwise should be presented in a superior mode. If children were educated and molded this way from a young age, things would be a lot better for everyone. So, while she does have a right to say it, there’s a consequence, too. “

    2. Annoyed Cracker says:

      I like how she’s against LGBT History Month and yet she’s not against Black History Month. Of course not, and what’s she doing teaching our kids anyway? And why do we have Black History Month or any others at our schools? I don’t want my kids wasting their time learning about some stupid slaves instead of focusing on real important studies. And religion should stay out of our government and schools, period. If you want to teach religion, do it at a Catholic or Christian school. Besides, if she wants to spew her vitriol, fine, but we should make it mandatory to have a KKK member sit in on her classes all day long, every day as a reminder.

  5. Paul N says:

    I love the way the righties (and the ACLU for that matter) frame this as a free speech issue. NO ONE is limiting her right to free speech. No one is arresting her or censoring her facebook page. The first admendment does not give you the right to be a teacher. Teachers are subject to codes of ethics which I am sure she violated with her bigoted rant. She should be dismissed.

  6. jim says:

    I hope she wins a 10 million lawsuit and further bankrupts the immoral society we have become.

    1. Peace and Justice--For ALL says:

      The sad thing is, jim, it won’t bankrupt the immoral society, it will drive the price of insurance costs higher for ALL schools, public, private, Christian, non-christian, parochial, and military schools as well, plus all colleges and universities. You’d best research your remarks/comments before you spew such stupidity!
      And winning ten million dollars will do more to corrupt already immoral people like Viki knox thany else could do. However….hmmmmmm!

  7. Justice says:

    What If I said that people should have the freedom of having slaves, women should subject to their husband, black people are inferior to whites, those are just my personal opinions, I should be able to have my 1st amendment rights, will you all be cool with it? I bet not! If you do not like your rights be taken away, do not take away someone else’s! Let God be the judge!

  8. wow says:

    This isn’t about gay rights, this is about freedom of speech. While I find her opinions disgusting, bigoted and close minded, I defend her right to speak on how she feels on her PERSONAL facebook page..

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

      While I also defend her right to say what she wants, it is her”stance and attitude” that affects her teacing abilities and her ability to treat all students the same. THAT should be the guiding point. If she is a teacher, she needs to be discreet in her judgements, no matter how she may seem to believe. This is the true crux of the matter. (But all people should be put on notice, if not already, that you are being watched and read (past and present tense)!

    2. CartonsAnIdiot says:

      She hahs a right to voice her opinons if she wishes, and the school has the right not to retain her for those comments if they wish

  9. James S. says:

    What is this.. Freakin RUSSIA in the 1970’s? The man can say ANYTHING he D*** well pleases.. Who cares if people dont LIKE it or Agree with it? That is NOT the litmus test for “Free Speech”. I dont like homosexuality either.. I dont care WHO I say it to.. Its an ABOMINATION against God. Dont like what I say? Then leave.

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      “The man can say anything HE??? damn well pleases.”??? The teacher is a “she”… or can’t you tell the difference between the sexes?!?

    2. Gay John Wayne says:

      “The’ man'(?) can say ….” READ the story before you comment, or can’t you tell the difference between the sexes?!

    3. John L says:

      Hey James? YOU leave, you ignorant, narrow-minded fool.

      1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        John L… YOU behave, or it’s off to the woodshed with you!!! LOLOL. Loser!

        1. John L says:

          Right back atcha, slick!

          1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

            Biggggggg oops!!! I meant James S! Big apologies here!

  10. Guest says:

    If we don’t nip this kind of talk as soon as it raises its ugly head the next thing you know we’ll have people that show pride in being married to the opposite sex. And they might even try and kiss in public… and have babies… oh yuck. Whatever happened to natural love?

  11. DanTe says:

    And the Fascist F A G S are dictating again. Freedom of Speech only applies if you agree with them. Typical lib turd bull.

  12. LG says:

    Oh lawd…

  13. Revoltron says:

    Wow! that’s crazy. This is where Freedom of Speech has been seriously twisted. Advocates of gayness can teach my kids that its ok for a boy to f$@k another boy in his dirty, hairy, stinky butt, and a teacher who does not believe that it is right cannot even speak her mind without getting fired. If I am a gay teacher I can start a gay club for students without their parents even knowing and teach them all about being gay and how it is ok, but if I started a heterosexual club I would be fired. Or what if I said I that I was sexually attracted to underage kids. I can’t help it. I was born that way. You would say I was a pedophile or a pervert and that there was something wrong with me and I should be locked up. ‘Nuff said.

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      You’re foaming at the mouth again… see your local Vet immediately.

    2. KIKI says:

      You are not half wrong you know, Revoltron.

    3. J.ADEDEJI says:

      I meant to press reply and accidently reported your comment. OOPS! Anyways you are so right my teacher was telling us about that today and saying that there is a gay-straight alliance club meeting coming up.

  14. Sha Sene says:

    The school official that even considered investiagting this and “escorted” Ms Knox of the property should be immediately fired.

    Any possible civil action against the former council member who complained the they homosexual groups should be seen to.

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      LOLOL….”GOOD” English!!! LOLOL.

      1. bigsteve says:

        sure, ignore the message, focus on the misspellings. are you not intelligent enough to decipher the english words that were intended behind the misspellings? i’m so sorry for you. but now you know that’s your problem so please keep your comments to yourself in the future.

        1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

          Tain’t gonna happen, littlesteve, as long as we keep finding these small-minded teachers on any payroll regarding education! Just saying!

          1. bigsteve says:

            Until all classrooms are staffed with teachers who promote a certain sexual deviance you will not be able to read past a misspelling and find the meaning of someone’s sentence?

            1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

              Errrrrrrrrrrrr, yes… you’ve got it! Good for you! Smiles.

            2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

              Unnnnnnn… yes, exactly! You’re correct! Smiles!

  15. Sha Sene says:

    Homosexuality is symptom of a emotional/ mental disoder . And saying so is not hateful ,. People do not hate the troubled.

    There should be NO displays of homosexual in schools nor should there be any “anti bullying” laws that cover anything other than harassament towards a child
    And it is irrational to even suggest that “rights” are garnered from anyone’s sexual desires. . To claim such a thing is to reject the reason

    1. Anne Madaio says:

      So sad that the comments have degenerated but anger often gets the best of us. The concept of tolerance involves accepting diversity, not necessarily agreeing with the beliefs, feelings and practices of others. When extreme anger is present, beliefs are distorted and one cannot arise at a rational place. If we are comfortable with how we feel, strong emotion should not exist. Having said this, I feel I must counter several comments. It is one’s right to a belief but that belief should be based on truths, faith is not fact, it is faith. If speaking from faith then it must be understand that it is a personal truth not a scientific fact. With that…ALL major psychiatric organizations having denounced the notion that homosexuality is a deviation and derived from emotional or mental behavior. If that is being taught in any religious or secular classroom it is not only wrong but teaching hatred. Gay as well as bisexual acts can and do occur in the animal kingdom. Any animal that has hormones has this potential to behave in this way. I am fairly confident PHD would not wish to take on professional ethologists in the field on this matter. No employer is allowed to fire anyone based on sexual orientation unless the job entails restraining and/or not promoting from such activity such as that of a priest ( I am assuming Tilly is not a priest). In the case of priests, the Catholic church recognizes homosexuality but mandates restraint for 3 years to become a priest. See the EEOC for information. If Ms. Knox’s daughter is indeed gay ( this explains much) then I implore her to find a way to work through her emotions for the sake of her child by contacting noted organizations like PFLAG. In reference to Chaz Bono: When we are born we know very early on whether we are male or female. This derives from the brain long before our hormones kick on. Sometimes, based on the hormones in utero, the brain does not match up with the body. People like Chaz end up living their lives in the wrong body. Understanding how fetal development and hormones work may help those who don’t understand that this is not a choice anymore then being a woman, or black, or having green eyes. I don’t wish to change opinions, I only ask that we educate ourselves. This is what teachers do.

      1. justin says:

        …belief mus be based on truths… ok, the truth is and has been scientifically noted until pressure from factions in psychiatric community. Your assumption is the ‘new’ truth is the truth, and then you climb on that soap box, which you have’faith’ in and dismiss the argument surreptitiously. Faith. Homosexuality, is a psychological disorder.. Instances in the animal kingdom are traced to trauma and brain disorders in dissected animals. Now if you were a student of psychiatry, and you were aware the the individuals involved in changing the ICD, then you would know they were all hearty graduates of the Frankfurt School and their followers, and part of the Long Slow Walk.
        IF..IF IF, homosexuality were ‘naturally occurring’ and not nurtured, fostered, and created by those already afflicted with the disorder, there would be world wide parity, across the board, in a base level of the population. Say, for example, like the 0.08% of the population as found by the famous Canadian study. There is no parity even across Canada! The highest rate of homosexuality in the world… wait for it… I know you dont know it….cup of coffee says you dont….Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan,.(INSERT NAME OF ISLAMIC COUNTRY HERE)…why? Culture… Homosexuality is a sickness that is nurtured.

        1. Anne says:

          Hi Justin,
          My suggestion would be to research information from prominent institutions as opposed to only information proliferated by the National Socialists and make decisions on your own. I *try* ( operative word..try) to approach all discussions from an intellectual and scientific manner without regard to bias nor personal faith by reading and researching all sides. You seem an intelligent individual and I appreciate honest conversations. Oh…and I owe you a cup of coffee because I sure you would have said it was the Jews. 🙂

          1. Anne says:

            rather: ‘I was sure you would have said it was the Jews.’

      2. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

        Thank you, Anne Madaio!!! It is great to know that there are a majority of people out there that understand the true facts regrding homosexuality, quote the experts, and attempt, ATTEMPT, to set the record straight (no pun intended). The “It Gets Better” program is showing much success also as all types of professionals are seeing gay young people in an entirely new light. They are our future.
        Again, my thanks!!
        Blessings and peace,
        Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  16. RicardoCabeza says:

    this has to be about the most depressingly reatrded talk back I have ever read. Considering the article is from a New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area TV station that’s saying something becasue that area is per capita probably the dumbest area in the world.

    1. Ricardo Is Funny says:

      It’s always funny when someone uses a derogatory word against a group of people…and spells the insult wrong. It’s especially funny when they’re trying to insult someone’s intelligence yet cannot seem to use proper grammar, punctuation or spelling to do so. Good work with your vague, meaningless and factually baseless points.

      1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        LOLOL… yes, and the fact that RC calls he calls this area of the country “the dumbest area in the world.” OBVIOUSLY, he’s been doing a LOT of traveling… in his wandering mind. These people amaze me… NOT!

  17. Eric Muller says:

    One must wonder where personal speech rights begin and end. Had she not written this on facebook, nobody would have known. One day, I worry personal dairies will be searched. personal is coming to have no meaning anymore. Who you are to the public has to be the same as who you are in private.

    On another note, I can understand her being fired, because this will most likely affect her ability to do her job. Unless she could prove she could separate her personal beliefs and her functioning as a teacher, I see no reason to keep her around.

  18. Bob says:

    As a resident of Union Township I am appalled that this bigoted woman has been teaching our children. Just as a racist teacher who publicly stated that “Negroes are perverted” and that they “breed like cancer” would be quickly fired, so this homophobic teacher needs to be fired. There is no place for hatred and bigotry in our classroom or in our community.

    1. J. Adedeji says:

      Who told you that she was teaching that in the classroom.

  19. Aquila729 says:

    Why is it that we now seem to have a SACRED section of people that no one can criticize or rail against? When did the First Amendment get repealed? If this citizen, Viki Knox, happens to be a teacher and performs her job in such a way as she treats all students alike, then where does it say she is less entitled to her right of free speech? She posted it on her Facebook. Either respond to it via the same venue, or move on to another item.

  20. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  21. j says:

    i believe anyone & everyone has the right to personal free speech. If i don’t like what howard stern says, i don’t turn on that radio station!!!! If you don’t like what someone else writes on their facebook page or in a forum, just don’t read that facebook page or the posts in that forum!!!

  22. J. ADEDEJI says:

    I am apart of the prayer group that Mrs. Knox oversees. The members of our Seekers Club do not believe in homosexuality as it is against the teachings of the Bible. It is not that we don’t like Gay people just that we don’t like the act of being gay. Just as God does not hate the sinner but hates the sin. It is not as if Mrs. Knox teared down the bulletin that displays the homosexuality pride month or whatever she just simply went on her PERSONAL facebook page and expressed her opinion, If that rubbed you the wrong way well WELCOME TO AMERICA FREEDOM OF SPEECH PEOPLE READ ABOUT IT

    1. H says:

      There are still bigots in America who firmly believe God purposely made blacks inferior to the white race. There are still bigots who identify with the KKK. Freedom of speech? Yes, they have the right to believe what they want, but if it became known, by a public posting on FB, would you want that person to be a teacher in your school, making judgments about students’ abilities, grades, and the way they were treated by others? Like it or not, Ms. Knox is a bigot and does not belong in teaching.

      1. Sha Sene says:

        It’s not bigotry to oppose homosexulity , It’s rational and logical. You do not need the Bible or any scriptures to see the obvious.

        The Holy Bible doesn’t mention race at all. for a reason. Thats why blacks have always embraced Christianity.
        The retarded agrument you have shows the perverted mind unapable of reason

        1. tim says:

          Sha shene. Your arguments lack reason, and editing. Hiding behind religion to utilize hatred towards a minority is akin to me dressing up in a white sheet and burning a cross on your front yard.

          It was not too long ago that it was considered “Christian” to own slaves.

          Stop hiding in religion in spite of truth; it’s the breeding ground of ignorant, weak minded, sub humans.

      2. justin says:

        Please leave the Democrats out of this discussion! Because we democrats support segregation, created the KKK, and believe it is our right to own black slaves does not mean we are bigots. If you rich republicans would have let us keep our slave labor, we would not have to enslave anew the blacks into servitude through our poverty level government housing, welfare, and government schools. Next you’ll be blaming us for the Civil Rights Act, when you know, you can look at the voting record and see it was the Republican Bastards who passed that vile crap.

    2. Sandeana says:

      Did it not occur to you that homosexuality is a part of nature, & exists in all living creatures? Would you judge a dog or cat that is gay? Because they do exist.

      1. JS Gregory, PhD says:

        Where does homosexualtiy truly occur in nature? Before you respond, might I suggest you truly know this topic and that you are not just regurgitating rhetoric you have heard from others- unsubstantiated. I have studied this topic for 30 years and I am quite prepared for your responses.

        1. interested in your comments JS says:

          Well said JS Gregory

        2. Michael H. says:

          Amazon and Bottlenose dolphins, American Bison, Bonobos, Elephants, Giraffes, Sheep, Hyenas….and those are just some of the mammals that have been observed, in the wild, to exhibit homosexual behavior.

          1. Terry says:

            …and WHICH one of those is considered an intelligent creature capable of making informed deciskions?

          2. bigsteve says:

            Really? You mean they hump each other like animals? Or do you mean that for some reason they didn’t know how to appropriately interact with others of their same gender and in their ignorance and hurt and emotionally wounded state they reached out to another dolphin in an inappropriate way? Do you think there’s a positive correlation between divorced dolphins and homosexual dolphin children? If there is, it’s probably because mommy and daddy dolphin were predisposed to divorce

  23. Emma Magbanua says:

    People are entitled to their own opinion.
    Viki Knox, unfortunately, displayed her opinion in a hateful way.
    Though I, personally, don’t believe in homosexuality, I do believe that all people deserve respect and the way Ms. Knox handled this wasn’t very kind.

    Just a thought:
    Would our reactions be different if her opinion was expressed in a kind way?
    People would still be offended. People would still try to defend themselves.
    Our society is screaming different views, but none of us take the time to close our mouths, use our ears, open our minds, and extend our hearts.

    & To whoever’s reading this, whether you wholeheartedly support Ms. Knox or vehemently disagree… start spreading love. This world has enough hate in it already.

    1. Emler Cril says:

      I was going to post something hateful, but this prevented me. Emma, you are right. Good for you looking into deeper meanings behind these things. All the hate back and forth does nothing. Love is the only answer for fixing what is already a world that few still believe can be good.

    2. Justice says:

      If I said that people should have the freedom of having slaves, women should subject to their husband, black people are inferior to whites, those are just my personal opinions, I should be able to have my 1st amendment rights, will you all be cool with it? I bet not!

  24. Kpow says:

    To all the homosexual haters, please educate yourself on the topic of religion (even though it’s been altered and re-written for many many years) but sit down and study it …CAREFULLY. And for the wonderful gay people, continue to live and have pride in yourself because you aren’t hurting anyone. People who are against homosexuals are seen harm others with different beliefs and live a life being nothing but ignorant. Yes religion may play a part in your opinion but God created us to be in peace with one another not harm each other. God bless you all and good night

    1. bigsteve says:

      Sorry dude, you don’t need to be religious to know that homosexuals are merely emotionally hurting people who simultaneously have a deficincy in their workings with others of the same gender. In other words, they’re like schizophrenics screaming and throwing tantrums until the rest of the world declares that schizophrenia is “a normal and healthy way of expressing one’s self.” Sorry, it’s simply not true, everyone (including the homosexuals who still feel that shame) knows it and no amount of yelling will make it so. You’re emotionally and genderly crazy and I don’t appreciate you flying off the handle when someone recognizes your problem for what it is. And guess what, I love a person with that weakness

      1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        Heh heh heh…AHA!!!

  25. L Ellis says:

    I feel that miss.knoxs had every right to say what she did…just as we all do she also has a right to freedom of speech…Knoxs for change

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:


  26. poo says:

    nazi germany is alive and well in new jersey. freedom of speech is dead, all our other freedoms will soon follow. homosexuality is evil. if you preach it, you are evil. and i dont give a damn if you think any other way. you are wrong. always have been, always will be.

    1. Kpow says:

      Your username goes hand and hand with your statement just saying

      1. poo on you says:

        you probly know all about it, huh. but you should use paper instead of your hand.

        1. Kpow says:

          Nahh I use your face to wipe my ass cause all you speak of bullshyt

          1. Alex says:

            your just trollin

            1. Alex II says:

              Trolls need love too, Honey!

          2. Princess Corazon says:

            GET IT KPOW! 😀

    2. ChrisVogel says:

      We see here what “religious freedom” really means to religious people:
      1. freedom to tell everyone else what to do, smugly and sanctimoniously, and
      2. freedom to insist that the law impose their beliefs on everybody, and
      3. freedom to make up and spread around the ugliest things they can think about people they don’t like, and, best of all
      3. freedom from any criticism for any of it.

      1. gods duaghter says:

        that is not wat freedom of religion is viewed as. mrs knox was stating her personal beliefs. although i feel she culd have expressed herself in a less offensive way toward homosexuals. i personally know some they are truly nice people but on the other hand my religion states that it is a sin i do not hate them because it also states that we should not judge lest we be judged the same in the kingdom of heaven.

        1. There is no God says:

          your religion also says that i can own slaves, rape my wife, not eat shellfish or pork, and stone my wife to death if she isn’t a virgin. Great religion….

      2. J. Adedeji says:

        Excuse me but did you take a survey or something… Didn’t think so

      3. bigsteve says:

        Wait, really, isn’t that exactly what her OPPONENTS are doing?
        No hear me out:
        1. She doesn’t like what’s going on, but is she stopping anyone? No. Is the homosexual community stopping her and telling her what to do? Yes
        2. She is not making the law enforce her beliefs — it’s been a long time since sodomy laws were enforced. But is the homosexual community imposing their belief that they’re healthy and not sick onto her and making her lose her job? Yes
        3. Has she made up anything about the homosexuals or has she expressed her opinion that what they’re doing is wrong? Opinion based on their expressed behavior. Have they made up things saying she wants to kill all homosexuals and take away their right to live and have had a history? Yes they did.
        3b. Has she complained that others disagree with her statements? Nope. Has the homosexual community complained that she disagrees with their beliefs? Yes.

        Can’t see the forest for the trees there Chris? You have 100% described the homosexual community’s behavior toward this free American woman and her beliefs. The only ones advocating against PERSONAL freedom of expression is the homosexual community here.

  27. Kpow says:

    Jzurdit the artist is a lesbian in disguise yay!!!!

  28. Chris Vogel says:

    What strange ideas religious people have about education: if it is not recitation of a few familiar, approved texts, it is denounced as satanic! Either you do what they want, or else. What it really consists of–this “faith”–is conceit, malice, and wilful ignorance. Still, better than the old days. Modern secular governments do not permit their traditional response to difference: torture and mass murder.

  29. Cali says:

    she has a right to her own opinion- instead of demanding tolerance practice it yourself~!

    1. None Given says:

      Well, by that logic, we have a right to voice our opinions, just as she has her right, as you claim. So, if we have to hear her (and your) opinions, you should expect to have to be subjected to ours, as well, right? Logic…

      1. bigsteve says:

        Correct. Now what if I took away their jobs because of their beliefs? Oh, that wouldn’t be cool, now would it? I think that’s what Cali is getting at by saying she has that “right.” Cali is saying that part of what we mean by “right” is that one is free to do it on a personal level (such as one’s personal page) and not be harassed.
        Being capable of doing something is not the same as having a right to do something. The homosexual community is attempting to take away the right of free speech for this American woman.

  30. Aj Ajileye says:

    It is going down tommorow. We going all out just for Ms.Knox.

  31. stormin' Norman says:

    The teacher’s right to freedom of speech was violated. If people believe that something is wrong, they should express their view, they should not be bottled up.

    1. Kpow says:

      Religious followers flaunt their views why can’t we flaunt how proud we are to be who we are and not live a lie.

      1. Rhiannon says:

        Because those of us who are not gay and just happen to actively live and pray our religious heritage are so bloody tired of being told we are wrong and that , now, we are the ones who have to shut up. We will not be told to “shut up” any longer. The First Amendment applies to us all. Deal with it.

        1. Kpow says:

          So stop bashing us on how much homosexuality is a sin. Yes it’s first amendment but if you think about it America doesn’t acknowledge that either because people who protest against something are put to jail. If you speak against a judge or a president, you are penalized for it.

  32. Paul Adedeji says:

    I support her in all she says. She never said anything wrong about them except that people should be flaunting the fact that they are gay. You don’t see people flaunting the fact that they are straight or putting up posters and bulletins. SO leave her a lone.

    1. None Given says:

      Paul, with all due respect, heterosexuality is flaunted daily… in movies, on TV, in public, heterosexual couples kiss, grind, hold hands, embrace, and on and on… and they do it freely because they are safe, they have no fear of being bashed. Gays endure watching others make out all the time on TV. Daytime Soap Operas, movies, night time TV shows… Please… Do you REALLY think that it’s not thrown in their faces?

      1. Kpow says:

        @ none given god bless you lol you are amazing

        1. None Given says:

          Thank you much. 😀 God bless you, too. It helps that I have a degree in Theology… Heh… The people who haven’t even studied the bible or it’s origins make me laugh when they try to argue people down… Get educated, then have something to say, ya know?

          1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

            None Given, I have to agree with you… these armchair theologians who bray and rant regarding their great knowledge of the Bible probably don’t even know what reference books, Concordances, dictionaries, et al, exist. They haven’t had an original thought since mummy and daddy tucked them into bed many years ago. Fact: The first 500 years of history in the Bible were ORAL history, so I would seriously doubt what Leviticus writers say would hold water in ANY social setting today.
            Suffice it to say that the Bible thumpers today are about as useful to us as screendoors in a submarine.
            Blessings and peace,
            Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

            1. Mrs. Miyagi says:

              Theology degrees respectfully acknowledged, it is a fact that many theologians do not necessarily believe in God or the bible. The bible cannot be understood through the study of theology alone, but requires faith in an unseen God who has promised to reveal mysteries to those who trust and believe. The God of the bible gives us free will to choose what we will, however, it is His desire that we give over our will and live and be lead by the Holy Spirit which guides us into all truth. So in essence, everyone has whatever right they assign themselves, and while God will allow it, it is not His ultimate purpose or desire for us to live our lives according to our own finite understanding. But just as He is loving, gracious and merciful toward us in spite of ourselves, so are we to be toward one another. Love covers a multitude of sin and agape love is the only answer for the hatred displayed by intolerant christians and non-christians alike.

      2. Gay John Wayne says:

        Thank you, None Given. Well said. The faux christians posting on this site have to live with the fact that if they can’t change their attitudes by themselves, the laws will be enacted to see that they do. Then it will be out of their hands also. This is what they are angry about. Sad for them.

  33. JohnC. Freeport, NY says:

    Homosexuality is an abomination! Having said that, I reserve the right to say anything I want – Free Speech. If nobody likes what I say, deal with it. Nobody tells me what I can say, or when or where I can say it.

    1. Haha says:

      John re -write your statement there are a few grammatical errors
      Just saying

    2. None Given says:

      Try screaming “Fire” in a crowded movie theater, or talking back to a judge in a courtroom. See how much your “Nobody can tell me what i can say or where and when I can say it” gets you. 😀 God Bless.

      1. Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain says:

        I’ve seen more than a few fines levied against those silly people. They leave the Courtroom MUCH poorer than when they went in, lolol.

  34. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    For someone supposedly an educator to voice such an opinion.What were you thinking or were you thinking?What kind of an example are you setting for young students?”If you have nothing nice to say”;say nothing at all should be your philosophy.

    1. Cali says:

      why would her ‘young students’ be on her facebook?

      1. None Given says:

        She teaches at the high school… One would assume, that short of a genius child that skipped a grade or more, that the youngest student she might encounter would be… oh, 13? 14? and up to and including 18 year old students or maybe older if they stayed back, but I digress… How many 14 through 18 year olds do you know on Facebook? I can say that there are probably a million or more… Easily…

        1. Cali says:

          how do you know they’re on her facebook?
          every teacher i know keeps their students seperate from their personal life on facebook.

          1. None Given says:

            Do you know her? If not, I don’t think you can say she does… Just as I cannot say she doesn’t… However, I have read her entire wall thread regarding it, and she did NOT make it private. In fact, she BOASTS about making it public… So, she deserves what she gets. Even if she meant to put it private, the fact that she is too stupid to know how to navigate Facebook’s SIMPLE PRIVACY SETTINGS shows that she’s not the smartest bulb in the bunch…

          2. Kpow says:

            That’s not entirely true I have my teachers on Facebook even before I graduated and they are pretty open however they are aware on who they allow to see their profile

  35. Sandeana says:

    Is Chaz Bono REALLY a man? While I have always supported the gay community, it seems as if transsexuality is a complelety different matter. A gay man is still a man, & a lesbian is still a woman. But how can anyone who was born as one sex, just go, & have sugery, & change into the opposite sex? I still find it hard as not to think the individual undergoing a sex change operation is actually mutilating his/her own body.

    1. None Given says:

      Do you cut your hair? Pierce your ears? Do you condone such actions? That’s mutilating your body as well, and cutting your hair is actually against the teachings of the bible… Just a thought… 😉

      1. Sandeana says:

        I am quite confused, & have mixed feelings about the subject of sex change. Chastity Bono was born female, & was a female for the 1st 38 years or so of her life. What is she now? A woman? A man? Or somewhere in between? I went to school with a boy named Jimmy Levine. Over the years, he trasnsformed into Jenny Levine. But I find that hard to see. To me he will always be Jimmy. He/she had surgery, had his male parts removed, was given harmones, & grew a pair boobs. I keep asking, what is he? And what did he do to his body? And why did he change his name to a woman’s name? His father disowned him.The question here is, why? Wasn’t being gay okay for him? I would much rather see Jimmy as a gay male then this man become woman being.

    2. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

      Sandeana you’re on the right path. But it’s useless to try to make a valid point to loss minds!

      1. None Given says:

        I bet Jduzit Tha Artist cuts their hair, too… 😉

      2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        “loss minds”???? Unnnnnngh!!!

  36. Kpow says:

    This has nothing to do with religion just history alone . I am a gaycitizen and yes I do respect that fact she has the right to speak her own opinion however do not call homosexuality a cancer. The reason why people hate homosexuals is because they are too ignorant to educate themselves to understand that side of the community. For those “god following ” people you can go to hell because Jesus loves every one of us and you have no right to judge us homosexuals as being a sin. You guys are a sin because you judge others. Leave e judgment to Jesus Christ himself

    1. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

      Well you and your kind, believe what you want to believe and we’ll all find out at the end. But don’t come pushing into our once “MORAL” society with your twisted beliefs, pushing them on us and the innocent minds of kids and think we will just sit back quiet and accept it! Power to Ms. Knox! Don’t worry you CAN’T STOP THE RIGHTEOUS! She will get another job and be Blessed three times more for annoucing THE TRUTH!

      1. None Given says:

        You’re clearly mistaken, and taking something out of context. If you bothered to read her wall, you might have a leg to stand on, but you are clueless as to the context in which she stated it, just as you are to the true words of Jesus Christ. By the way, did you know that the KING JAMES version of the bible was (gasp) translated for a gay king? Yes… the very words that you are basing your bigotry on were fostered by a homosexual, and brought to bare because he understood that God is a God of Love and Inclusiveness, not hate. We’ll see who ends up in Hell. I might go there, but I bet you’ll have a seat warmed up right beside me long before I see it!

        1. Kpow says:

          Thank you @non given

        2. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

          @ None given & Kpow…you both are demonic in your own minds. But you can’r blaspheme and change up what I KNOW the TRUE BIBLE speaks of. So go ahead with ur foolish talk and idol stupidity! But you can’t change what the TRUE LIVING GOD has written and misguide a TRUE BELIEVER to search the RUBBISH u penetrate ur small minds with!

          1. None Given says:

            Erm, God didn’t write the bible, Man did… In fact, the only “Writings” of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, was deemed Heretical by the Catholic Church, and is not included in the bible… Just saying…

          2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

            Unh huh!!! “…idolstupidity.” “Idle,” firecracker….IDLE!!! Unnnnngh! And you call anyone stupid??? Double Unnnnnnngh!!!

          3. One Who Has Observed... says:

            Jduzit, as a retired teacher of 25 years, let me assure you that Msssss. Knox will not see the light of day as a teacher again, unless it is in a fundaMENTAList school or parochial school. I’ve seen many teachers go her path before.
            I really wouldn’t, as an Administrator, fire her for what she said where but if her writing and grammar ability aren’t any better than I’ve witnessed, she would be fired as incompetent; better yet, she never would have been hired in the first place. She has lost her opportunity from a to z.

        3. Justice says:

          Well said!

      2. Kpow says:

        Sir I believe that we didn’t push anything to this society. We are who we are. What you are doing is being judgmental and think that we have a twisted belief when really you are twisted fir believing as you as a god follower automatically makes you right to judge others and call us bad people. Yes she can voice her opinion but she could find another way to express rather then post it through Facebook don’t you think? Read the bible. There is one story in which a guy and another guy get involved. Did you miss that part sir? If you judge others for being themselves then do you agree with gay bullying ? Do you agree with one killing themselves because you and other homosexual haters push this idea that homosexuality is a sin when really it’s a lifestyle in which you were born into? You sir should look at yourself and see what’s wrong with you rather then what’s wrong with others.

      3. Administrative Justice says:

        We no longer have to “come pushing,” Jduzit…that’s what really upsets your kind of folks… you can’t do anything about it! Knox may well get another job, but experience as an observer of Administrative activities, this ghost is going to haunt her for the rest of her educational career and she will be… jobless. That’s a fact!

  37. TStewart says:

    Chalk me up as one who agrees with both her comments and her right to say them!

  38. Stubby says:

    Why is a public school idolizing these perverts? Why do we have to put up with this in-your-face GLBT agenda in our schools? The folks have just about had it. It is wrong to teach this stuff as acceptable. That is in the realm of parenting.

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

      If it is in the realm of “parenting,” the Parents have done hell of a poor job! The rightwing Fundamentalists have done more to promote homosexulity than any other venue operating today! Study the “dark horse” theory. Haven’t you noticed that the harder you yowl and complain (over the last 20+ years), the more rights have been accorded to the GLBT community, either through aseccestion or laws passed? Why are you people not catching on??!!??

  39. Matthew says:

    I do not agree with her comments but we are in america, and she is entitled to how she believes. I fees we Americans are free to the 1st amendment and this is what separates us from other countries. Just like this teacher she may not like what gays/lesbians do or say, and Gays and Lesbians don’t agree with what she has to say, but both sides are entitled to their own belief and to say what or how they feel.
    Again we are in America is this is the land of the free. I live by one saying “silence is golden”. If you have no positive direction in saying what you want to say in a public forum then saying nothing about any situation is the best result.

  40. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

    We’re getting closer and closer to dictatorship in the U.S of freaking A! So we don’t have a freedom of speech anymore? This teacher has a right to say what ever she wants on her own private time and personal FB page! Even though in my opinion…that was her only fault. When your career is one of a certain sensitive or public role in life like a teacher or celebrity…you have to watch how you handle yourself, even behind the curtains. So if I was her, I wouldn’t have posted it on FB of all sites! However, I agree with her. People act like gay people are the only ones with rights! Are GOD following straight people even recognized anymore in this nation of sin? It doesn’t surprise me….it’s written that this is how it would be. I’m a member of the GOD people…not the LGBT people! So I’m on her side! I feel her pain and she’s right to feel concern about an evil system that now doesn’t give the youth an option. You are forced to accept gay people now as a normal people…which they are not! But in her position, her hands are tied behind her back. She should have left that up to each parent to pull their kid out or complain about the garbage being taught. LGBT people….lmfao! What next….will they have their own state? smfh!

    1. None Given says:

      I am exceedingly sad to see that you are not enjoying your freedoms here in the USA. Please, allow me to recommend Communist China, or perhaps Iran would suit your liking better?

      1. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

        I recommend hell for you because you just might find your way there!

        1. None Given says:

          The founding fathers worked very hard to ensure that everybody has religious freedoms, including the right to not believe in any religious affiliation at all. If you truly believe that you should have a mandated religion, than move to another country. People have the right to NOT have religion shoved down their throats, just as you desire the right not to have a “gay agenda” shoved down yours. My God and my religion teach love, but hey, I”m just a Christian, not a bigot like you. I will assume you didn’t read her wall, which I did, and had she not brought a picture from her school into play, posting the pic on her wall, she would have had the right to say what she wanted. Once she affiliated her school by posting the pic, and speaking also about a group in the school that she heads up, she then lost the ability to have a separation between public and private. There was no programs regarding LGBT people, it was simply a display highlighting the contributions to society that certain members of the LGBT community had made, the same way that there are displays of black Americans during February. One could argue that, as a public school, which is funded by public taxes, tolerance must be observed. Had she taught at a private school, one that is Christian based, I wouldn’t think twice about her teaching, but she is sadly not thinking rationally about attacking a glassed in bulletin board devoted to LGBT contributions to society. If you don’t think people should have the right to have those contributions highlighted, then should white students be forced to be subjected to black history month? If you’re a bigot to one, you must be a bigot to both, as equality is non compromising, right? Or are you just a hypocrite?

      2. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

        I recommend hell for you! Because you just might find your way there all by your stupid self!

        1. None Given says:

          Well, that comment is contradictory… I wouldn’t be alone in hell, were I to go there… Hell has the Devil as well, correct? Therefore, I wouldn’t be alone… and I have a feeling that I would have company… Bigots such as yourself, for instance. 😀 God Bless you!

          1. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

            Don’t count on it fool!

            1. None Given says:

              Really? Seriously? That’s the best you’ve got? How sad… God Bless you anyway. 😀

            2. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

              Jduzit, I would tend to agree that you would have a “special” seat in Hell… right next to the furnace! Be careful of what you predict for others!!!

            3. WizeOldOwl says:

              Psssst!!! PSSSTTT?!! Jduzit… you’re making a fool of yourself! Quit now! before people start laughing out loud instead of under their breath! (You’re being silly, Silly!)

        2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

          Spoken like a true “Christian,” Jduzit. SFBs!!!

  41. Belle says:

    I hate ignorant religious people and she is indeed ignorant and religious. So I say yay!

    1. Cali says:

      because her opinion differs from yours you ‘hate’ her…?
      you expect tolerance but practice none yourself?
      …thanks for the laugh loser!!

  42. Morton Quackenbush says:

    The liberal leftist agenda is out to make all sorts of freak behavior now be acceptable. It is a disgrace that those with dissenting opinions cannot voice them because of political correctness. The liberals are all for freedom of speech, as long as it conforms to their standards (most of which go against thousands of years of religious teachings and beliefs). And of course liberals are all for diversity, as long as it is not diverse from their sick agenda.

    1. Cali says:

      they also demand tolerance but practice none themselves.
      they’re the most bitter/hateful people i’ve ever known.

    2. Turrble says:

      Your “dissenting opinion” causes harm to other human beings. Mine accepts their differences, as your beloved Jesus would have wanted.

      My standard for freedom of speech may, indeed, go against “thousands of years of religious teachings and beliefs”. I can’t deny that. Granted, those “thousands of years of religious teachings and beliefs” also think slavery is OK, that women don’t deserve equal rights, and that stoning and death is the answer to most problems.

      And yes, I do believe in diversity of gender, race, sexual orientation and religion. Not sure how that’s to be considered “sick”, but that’s your opinion. And I (drumroll…) can tolerate that.

      Oh, and I don’t have an agenda, though your conservative buddies at Faux News can’t seem to get enough of their own.

    3. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      And don’t YOU forget it, Heretic!

  43. aj ajileye says:

    I have mrs.knox as a teacher .she like my mommif she not in my life everyday it like loseing a limb . It was on facebook freedom of speach.also if she was bulling it would be to a certen person. It was not .why can’t all gay people just forget about it she has her own thought and u have yours.

    1. xxxxxxx says:

      She should be fired because of your writing ability.

      1. ryan says:


        1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

          DOUBLE agreed! This example is atrocious!!!

    2. One Appalled Teacher says:

      Good Lord!!! You have Msssss. Knox as a teacher??? Reading your comments, I have absolutely no doubt of THAT! I don’t care what she says on facebook! Just this example of your English should be a firing offense! Holy Smokes! America really IS dumbing down!

    3. A "fine" writing example! says:

      YOU…are an example of Msssssss. Knox’s teaching ability??? Fire her NOW before she does any more damage!

  44. SJ says:

    It makes me nauseous that this is coming from my high school – a school with a strong LGBT faction. Yes, you are allowed to state your opinions in public forum (yes, facebook is a public forum – hence, why your photos can be taken and used by foreign websites for advertising, regardless of your privacy settings) and in private settings, but by posting her opinion IN RESPONSE to an activity at the school, she is basically bashing any student or faculty that happens to be a part of this group and ignorantly spreading her opinion to those who aren’t educated in either opinion. Despite my disagreement with her opinion, she is more than welcome to have whatever ignorant opinion she chooses but as a person in a position of authority, she is supposed to remain completely neutral to any belief. And to mention two towns that do not have an exceptionally large group of lesbian or gay couples in comparison to Union, just goes to prove how ignorant she truly is. Money can buy education but it can’t by intelligence.

    1. Jduzit Tha Artist says:

      You’re actually the ignorant one! Get wise and find GOD!

      1. Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!!! says:

        Honeychil’ …if YOU are a shining example of God’s handiwork.. NO THANKS!! I can find hypocrites in any church I walk into. Now, having a personal… PERSONAL relationship with Jesus Christ?? Yep! THAT… I can handle!

    2. xsunshinex says:

      despite your disagreeing with her opinion ‘she’s more than welcome to have whatever ignorant opinion she chooses’…?


  45. KWrong says:

    Thats Crazy her daughter is gay. and a close friend of mine

  46. Vfrom vauxhall says:

    just plain sickening teaching kids gay history… makes me wanna throw up… sorry you had to lose your job cause of our conforming society. but, im also happy you expressed your 1st amendment right and told these nasty people about themselves!!!

    1. Tilly Webster says:

      Eleanor Roosevelt.

  47. Ken mcdonald says:

    So that is what buying a President will get you. The complete disregard shown to the American peoples’ constitutional amendment. D.O.M.A. She believes as do the MAJORITY of the American populace. KEEP IT INSIDE the closet! You want history? Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. Chrissie Noriega says:

      A majority of the American populace believes that DOMA should be overturned and that homosexuals should be allowed all the same rights and privileges are straight couples. Sorry.

      Also, if you expect that people keep their life styles in the closet then would it be fair of me to expect that you never speak of your religion in public either? I think it would be.

    2. Tyler says:

      Omg. Go suck a bible.
      First of all, Sodom and Gomorrah isn’t “history.” It’s a /story/ written by man. And if you’re going to use the bible to justify your hate against homosexuals, why not use it to justify hate against the 1 in 2 marriages that end in divorce? There are 5 to 6 vague scriptures on homosexuality in the entire bible, and more than 40 scriptures on divorce alone (old testament and new testament). Jesus himself mentions the sins of divorce.
      Second, this is a secular country, where many religions (and lack there of) are present. So quite frankly, your bigoted opinion of homosexuality doesn’t hold much weight in this country. If you want it supported, move to the Middle East.
      Finally, DOMA isn’t supported by most of America. Most American’s support gay marriage. The only problem is that you crazy bible humpers keep thrusting your evil views over every sane person on the planet.

      1. TStewart says:

        Sorry Tyler. You are wrong. It is history. Go talk to some archeologists!

      2. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

        Tyler, blessings on you! You are exactly on target. Sodom was not destroyed because of homoseuality, but of Sodom’s and Gomorrah’s lack of hospitality toward strangers. Read the the section of Leviticus and you will see that the cities were destroyed because of their greed and inhospitality.
        Remember that the new American christian Taliban are alive and rather sick, but very small in number. They are either woefully behind the times or haven’t a clue what the Bible reallys says. Sad for them!
        Blessings and Peace!
        Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  48. Anne Madaio says:

    As a teacher, past supporter and volunteer for Garden State Equality, advocate of the ACLU and one who supports the rights of religious belief, I find myself sadly supporting the right of this teacher to hold and express her views on her own personal FB page. If we start to monitor what can be said, it sets a dangerous precedent. While her comments were offensive and completely ignorant, they are hers to have. While I do worry about her ability to teach in a secular environment ( the comments were so disturbing and strong, I wonder how well she teaches without bias to subject matter ), if we start to question the personal views of educators, we may end up being quite disappointed. A reminder, however, that there exists a difference between beliefs and the promotion of hate. Quite frankly I find difficulty in understanding how anyone with a higher education ( particularly in science) would have trouble with an understanding between inherent qualities and choice regardless of what their faith teaches, but this is my own humble opinion. Having said this though…a caveat exists in that would a student be held accountable for hateful posts due to NJ’s new anti-bullying law? As well…how is a teacher of the school in the position to teach at a prayer group regardless of whether the group is affiliated with the school or not. Is this not a conflict of interest? Is hate taught in THAT classroom?

    1. Chrissie Noriega says:

      Posting something publicly on Facebook is akin to screaming it in the middle of the village square these days. Had this been something that she’d emailed, privately, to a fellow homophobe and then the email had been hacked and released then I would agree with you. However, she decided to make her hateful opinion public and as such she has to deal with the consequences of her opinion.

      As a teacher, especially under the new anti-bullying laws, she is responsible for creating a safe space for her students. She’s failed in that, why should she be allowed to continue teaching? What kind of example would that set for students? I applaud both the councilman John Paragano and the school board.

      1. First Amendment rules says:

        “Posting something publicly on Facebook is akin to screaming it in the middle of the village square these days.”

        Um, NO. Not even close. Have you ever used Facebook? Especially the part where you have to APPROVE all your Friends, and setup specific Privacy Options to determine who can see what part of your content? Obviously, one of her so-called Friends (depending on her FB settings) disagreed with her beliefs and decided to punish her for having beliefs which differ from theirs.

        Heaven forbid anyone should ever have, much less express, a belief which runs contrary to the Liberal/Marxist/Collectivist Hive-Mind.

        While all you group-thinkers are congratulating yourselves on labeling this woman’s 1st Amendment Rights as “Hate Speech”, ponder this: Where was your supposed outrage during all those years when Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd was busy becoming the longest serving Senator in the history of the United States?

        1. Turrble says:

          “Where was your supposed outrage during all those years when Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd was busy becoming the longest serving Senator in the history of the United States?”

          Um, not alive, not eligible to vote, and/or not a resident of West Virginia.

          So, yeah. Blame the hill-folk, not Union County, NJ.

          “Obviously, one of her so-called Friends (depending on her FB settings) disagreed with her beliefs and decided to punish her for having beliefs which differ from theirs.”

          Key difference: she expressed those beliefs, with very strong language. I can tolerate a devout Christian, for instance, but not one that insists on making their beliefs heard. They may have a right to speech, but not the right to have me listen.

          Further, while I can personally tolerate having someone of such beliefs exist in the world, I cannot speak for those who work with or are taught by such a person daily. Intolerance and hatred is learned, not pre-determined: we demand our teachers have an open mind and not perpetuate a sense of prejudiced hatred for any group of people, even in the slightest sense, to their students.

          So, does she have the right to hold a belief? Yes.
          Does she have the right to express that belief? Yes.

          Does she have the right to that job after making those beliefs known? That is up to her employer. And if her employer feels they can’t trust her not to pass her hatred on to her students, they have every right to pull her from the classroom.

          Ponder this: Would you want a teacher who is homosexual AND who openly hates heterosexuals teaching your child? Could you tolerate their existence in the classroom, even if you were assured they were never to speak about it? Do you fear that such a teacher might treat your child differently than others based solely on the child’s or your personal beliefs? Do you fear they might inadvertently teach your child something you don’t want them to believe?

          1. Turrble says:

            are* learned.

      2. Melissa says:

        As many teachers and doctors know you have to watch what you post online. If this teacher was smart she would have used a different name for her facebook page. Many use either their first name and their middle name as their last name, they will use a nickname, or a different family last name (ex: your grandmother’s birth name). If you want to go into certain fields you have to realize that you are going to be held to a higher standard.
        So not only is she a homophobe she lacks the brains to protect herself in online forums. I mean she had her full name listed and where she worked, hell at that point why don’t you just post your address and SS number? She deserves whatever action the school takes, which hopefully means she will lose her job.

    2. Tilly Webster says:

      I agree with you, unfortunately. She does have the right to say what she wants. The true measure of freedom is defending someone’s right to scream views at the top of their lungs that we would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of ours. That said, free speech has consequences if we choose to use it unwisely. For instance, if I choose to be out-and-proud, which I am, then under the current laws of the US, my boss as the right to fire me because of my choice to say, “I am gay.” In this case, the same applies. She has the right to say her views on homosexuality, and the school board has the right to fire her for it.

      1. jtorres says:

        Despite totally disagreeing with her opinion, I also agree that she has freedom of speech. As a teacher though, she has authority and influence over a large group of minors. She can say whatever she wants but not in the context of her job. Technology and cyberspace has made this tricky. is Facebook private or public?

        1. Turrble says:

          Unless you have only 1 “Friend” on Facebook, it’s public. Posting to Facebook makes your views available to a large group of people, who may, in turn, make those views known to their own groups of “Friends”, many of whom are not directly connected to the original poster. In this way, anything and everything spreads virally, until ALL are infected by the hatred and prejudice of one person.

          Even if you do consider it private, who are her “Friends”? Fellow teachers, working alongside her every day? Family members, living near or far? Perhaps even a student was a “Friend”, saw the speech, and felt personally offended that their own teacher could have such thoughts?

          Think of it this way: assuming you have a Facebook account, imagine taking every single “Friend” of yours into an auditorium and presenting Ms. Knox’s words as a speech. Would you consider that a private affair, or public knowledge?

          1. RicardoCabeza says:

            OH WHHAAAAAAAA somebody might be personally offended oh can’t have that you loser. I get all sorts of crap from other people on my page and don’t go all fetal and girly you mother loving wimp I just move on. Instead of running around being offended all the time why don’t you man up for once in your miserable pathetic life and pull the full tampon out, you’ll chafe less Mary. Please DO NOT contaminate the gene pool with your weak pathetic genes you sissy.

            1. Mr.Incredible In Jesus' Name says:

              You’re busy today, Sophia… or whatever other name you use to post drivel. Now go clean up your room… it’s almost time for your milk and cookies.

    3. Tilly Webster says:

      I can only say that I hope you are NOT a teacher lol. Nobody is trying to indoctrinate anyone, for crying out loud. Gay people do not “recruit” anyone, nor will teaching our youth that it is okay to be gay going to “turn” anyone into a homosexual. However, letting kids know that it is okay to be gay, and that they aren’t some defective piece of equipment that the judeo-christian god someone messed up CAN save lives.

    4. Judith K. Bogdanove says:

      Is a prayer group even LEGAL in a public school? RE: dangerous precedent…if Ms. Knox said the same thing about Jews, Blacks, Asians, or any other minority, would it still be considered free speech and appropriate for a teacher? I agree that the needs of free speech are near-inviolable, but this public post could be considered inciting to violence, and, in fact, similar hate speech has often been the trigger for bullying and worse against LGBT kids. If she is not fired, then at the very least, she should be warned and asked to take sensitivity training.

    5. Equine Mama says:

      Why is it such a horrible thing for this woman, a teacher of small children to be so concerned and want to express her thoughts on HER Facebook page? What ever happened to freedom of speech in this country? Just because she is a teacher doesn’t mean we have the right to control her thoughts and feelings about life. SHE is right for being outraged at what the school posted in an elementary school. If it was my young son going there, and it was posted I would have him out of that place in a heartbeat, that IS NOT something that needs to be brought up in an elementary school. Shame shame shame on the school board and the rest of you for giving that woman such a hard time. She has an opinion and is entitled to it just like anyone else. Leave her alone, give her back her job and get a grip!!!!!!!

  49. Lucy Kaufman says:

    Just because a religion teaches people to be a bigot does not mean that one has to accept that. That is a choice that one makes. Being gay is not a choice. Religion used to also teach that slavery was a good thing, that women were property to be owned, it supported polygamy, and killing people with stones. A religion teaching you to be a bigot does not make it ok to be one no more than it is ok to tell women that they are property.

    With so many young children killing themselves over bullying from other students we don’t need teachers that will bully these children as well.

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pstor/Chaplain says:

      Thank you, Lucy! Most of these faux christians posting onlly use the Bible as a WMD: weapon of mass destruction, against God’s children or anyone who disagrees with the new American christian Taliban! Ignore them at all costs! (But they are sort of funny when you think about it… good comedic relief!)

  50. John Sobieski says:

    I support Viki Knox. The poor woman said nothing that can’t be heard in any traditional church, synagogue, or mosque. Stop the homo-fascists.

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

      Then KEEP IT INSIDE the traditional church, synagogue, or mosque! This has everything to with history, NOT religion!! And quite frankly, she is a homosexual hater who has no business in either religion OR history! Sue the broad and make sure she never enters a public forum again!

      Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

      1. Sophia says:

        You are a fraud. She is allowed to say whatever she wants to say who are you to judge her?

        1. Turrble says:

          Allowed to say whatever she wants? What about “FIRE!” in a crowded theater? Or what if this hate speech crosses over from Facebook to her interactions with other people’s children in the classroom? If she learns that a child in her class either is gay or is being raised by a gay couple, will she treat that child differently?

          Who are you people to allow intolerance of other human beings to be spread to your children?

          1. RicardoCabeza says:

            Turrble she isn’t yelling fire in a crowded theater you idiot she posted an opinion on her face book page nothing more. Your lame attempt at a straw man argument proves you are a paste eating mongoloid.

        2. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

          Then KEEP IT INSIDE the traditional church, synagogue, or mosque! This has everything to with history, NOT religion!!
          My statement stands!

      2. James S. says:

        For a “Man of God” you sure don’t DO and SAY what GOD told you to do there Rev…. and by the way.. I too have a Bible College Degree and am ORDAINED.. Either you stand up for what God says.. or get OUT of the ministry.. Got it?

        1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

          Awwwwwwwwwwww…. what Christianity really needs, a “Battle of the Ministers”!!! Thanks, but no thanks!!!

Comments are closed.

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