Sex Assault Pattern Continues In Brooklyn, Number Of Attacks Reaches 20

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Friday, the NYPD was canvassing Windsor Terrace, where another sex assault bumped the total to 20 in Brooklyn since March.

“I think it would have been less scary if it were one man, but since there are like six or eight or 10, it’s very like overwhelming because you don’t know who it is,” resident Karen Capistran told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

The latest attack happened Thursday night near a Windsor Terrace park, at 7th Avenue and 18th Street. Police said a young woman walking with a German Shepard was groped by a man who claimed he had a knife.

“I’m shocked that this man is bold enough to approach someone with an animal, with a pet, especially a pet that could attack him,” said Meagan Dwyer of Windsor Terrace.

“I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood anymore, and I don’t understand if they think it’s a joke or what,” said Stacey Sperling of Windsor Terrace.

When the woman screamed, the dog jumped on the man and he ran off.

“Very dangerous. We’re so scared,” said Rosie Velez of Kensington.

“I mean it’s the subway, it’s New York. There’s a lot of people here,” said an incredulous Brylee Plyshebsky of Kensington.

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Police have found similarities in a half dozen attacks that took place on the subway, the F line in particular, where women were attacked on the platform, walking up the stairs, or at the turnstiles.

“Outrageous. Makes me want to run,” said resident Gabriella Aguilera.

The sexual assaults began in March with the horrific screams of a woman fighting off her attacker, yet six months later only one suspect has been arrested,  26-year-old Adolfo Martinez, on charges of sex abuse in the 3rd degree for allegedly groping an 18-year-old woman in Sunset Park.

Police believe at least three more suspects are still out there.

“I’m worried. I’m definitely more aware when I walk home at night. It hasn’t particularly scared me that much,” said Katherine Young of Sunset Park.

The pattern of assaults led some women to change their habits so they don’t become the 21st victim.

“Not walking around later at night, you know, usually walking with someone else, carrying something that I could possible use as a weapon,” said Ellie Kirk of Sunset Park.

pic 1 Sex Assault Pattern Continues In Brooklyn, Number Of Attacks Reaches 20

(credit: NYPD)

Police are offering a reward of $12,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction of the suspect – or suspects involved in the attempted rapes and groping incidents. Police urge anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All calls are kept confidential, and tipsters can be kept anonymous and be paid by code number.

What can be done to stop the string of sex assaults? Sound off in our comments section.

suspected gropers.


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  1. Daniele serrano says:

    One thing that can be done is to learn how to defend yourself. Police can not be there to proctect you at all times. A non-profit organization called JANE DOE NO MORE in partnership with East Coast training Systems will be offering a 3 hour WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE COURSE on Nov5th at Sunset Park Martial Arts. A portion of all proceeds will go directly to JANE DOE NO MORE. The course includes hands on techniques that can save your life and also first hand accounts from survivors of sexual assaults. Please visit for more info and registration.

  2. Scott says:

    Looking at the pics, they all full lips, big ears, dark skins, a round face and short hair and it is doubtful that this many sick people can be out doing this at once time. It takes someone mentally ill to do that is being done. He will run into the wrong women one day (maybe even an under-cover cop) and he will be dropped like a bad habit. Take precautions in the meantime and make sure your kids know how serious this is.

  3. Jennifer Baratta says:

    Self defense classes offered take one I did

  4. Love NYC says:

    Situational awareness is crucial for prevention. I teach self-defense seminars with a focus on prevention and justifiable defense. If he is using a weapon, this is considered deadly physical force and can be defended with the same level of force if one cannot “retreat in COMPLETE safety.” Wouldn’t be long before he gets caught if he met up with someone that learned from me. But, most likely if they incorporated the principles I share, he will be wary and look for a easier target. Predators love the predictable, weak, and INATTENTIVE. People need to learn to detect pre-assault cues and listen to their gut!

    A sting operation might work. Hard to know when and where. Place some combat trained, armed, undercover officers that fit the profile of his victims and hope he takes the bait. Have plenty of back-up of course. Neighborhood watch groups are great for putting more eyes out there. Need more people willing to call 911 for help when they see or hear something. Need more officers patrolling high-risk subways and streets.

  5. As Usual says:

    Too many deSPICables in da hood.

  6. Sandy says:

    I know this being happening for awhile. My daughter and I were gropped years ago. On different occasions, we were walking home after coming out at the 45th train station in Sunset Park, It was a biker passing by and he was wearing a hoddie. These men just don’e respect women like they should do. They think they can grab anything that goes through their path. Neither my daughter nor me reported the incident. However, I am pretty sure there is more women like us out there.

  7. Elizabeth Rosen says:

    Ft. Hamilton train station is unsafe! On both sides (exits and entrances) and especially in the dark!
    A police officer should be walking back and forth checking both areas of exits and entrances. Every time I am on lower Broadway and Exchange Pl. I see a police car sitting continually – parked to close off the street. If money could be spent on that, we certainly could have an officer patrolling these dark, dangerous subway areas at night.
    Also, the design of these exits and entrances are particularly bad – they flood and are dangerous when there is snow and ice. We should get an architect or engineer to arrange things to make these areas safer!

  8. Liberals Are Evil says:

    Catch these disgusting maggots and castrate them!

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