Enrollment Increases At Self Defense Classes Amid Continuing Brooklyn, Queens Sex Assaults

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have linked more than 20 sex assaults in Brooklyn since March, as well as six new attacks in Queens. With sexual predators still on the loose, women are increasingly turning to self defense classes.

Robin Aigner has had enough of the sex assaults that seem to be plaguing her Sunset Park neighborhood. Refusing to live scared, she and about 100 others spent Sunday learning how to fight back.

“Maybe be better prepared in a circumstance that threatens my life,” said Robin Aigner of Sunset Park.

“I felt very unsafe in my neighborhood,” said Joellyn Marlow of Park Slope. “I’ll have a lot more self confidence after this.”

Instructors taught there are ways to get away.

“Yell, not a high pitched scream but loud noise, yelling ‘9-1-1’, yelling ‘stop’, yelling ‘go away’,” instructor Brenda Jones told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano.

Women practiced just that. They also learned how to kick, block, and targets to strike.

“Aiming to the knees, throat, eyes, nose” Jones said. “As soon as you turn, you want to be able to do something to the attacker.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and other elected officials on hand had a strong message to the perpetrators.

“You are going all of you, you are going to be apprehended to the fullest extent of the law and you are going to go to jail,” Quinn said.

While police do their work, women are left with a plan.

“What I’m going to do is scream as loud as I can to protect myself,” Marlow said.

The Center for Anti-Violence education in Brooklyn says it has increased its class load and is offering free courses in self-defense.

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  1. Jane Alarme says:

    amazing the police can not apprehend these people
    i do not even see patrol cars on the streets and street lighting is at a bear

  2. Ace says:

    Try American Jiu Jitsu for the ultimate self-defense class. Visit http://www.nyjiujitsu.com

  3. labluegirl says:

    Those techniques won’t work on a tentacled hentai monster.

  4. FJR1300A says:

    These are good ideas but don’t go nearly far enough. A determined attacker can kill or injure you with or without a weapon in a matter of seconds. Between 800,000-2,000,000 times per year, a citizen uses a gun for self-defense. Most incidents don’t result in shootings obviously, but if things get out of control, the good guy has the option if necessary to save themselves from serious injury or death. Those are real, verifiable stats, not whatever lies gun control groups and politicians like your POS mayor tell you. The man who mounted illegal gun sting operations not only out of NYC where he has jurisdiction, but elsewhere in NY and even other states. One of which enacted laws to stop that, in fact he was told if he pulled that again, he’d be arrested, I believe it was VA but not sure. Yelling is better than nothing, if there are people around to immediately respond, but as I said, if you can’t adequately defend yourself in those first few seconds, the odds of you escaping harm or death get worse quickly. Get the anti-gun politicians out of office and enact laws to allow you to have whatever methods of self-defense you are comfortable with, up to and including firearms. Politicians and anti-gun groups that want to control you don’t want you to have those ways of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, so they restrict your rights to do so.

    1. safenotsorry says:

      I highly doubt FHR1300A’s so-called statistics. More people are injured or killed by *their own guns* than successfully use them in self defense. Sadly, many of those injuries and fatalities are suicides, domestic violence and accidents.

      Relatively few women are confronted with a gun. I myself (a 5 ft, 102 lb woman) have used these self defense techniques very successfully to scare off an attacker(s), including 3 attackers against myself and a female friend who were approached at night from behind. They never got close enough to touch us because I studied with the fine instructors from the Center for Anti-Violence Education, all of whom are women and understand what women actually face, in their homes, workplaces and on the streets.

      Also, having lived in NYC, Philadelphia and the Boston area, as well as gun-friendly western PA, I can tell you I feel safest in the Boston area, in a state with strong gun control laws and farther from southern states where it’s easy to get and transport guns. In this country, the places with the least guns, whether legal or illegal, generally make you the safest from gun violence.

  5. Joe Schmo says:

    Let’s not forget all of the illegal cochroach mehicanos!

    1. LG says:

      Yo momma

  6. Joe Schmo says:

    Women can just wear a mask of Brenda Jones. No man would want sex with her even if she tried to pay them.

  7. jimster says:

    I don’t live in NY here we point and shoot…works very well.

  8. even more says:


  9. truth says:

    so we’re spending millions of dollars patrolling those occupy idiots at wall street versus protecting women in brooklyn!!! we need to divert more resources to the brooklyn area to catch that creep!

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