Occupy Wall Street Holds Marches To DA’s Office, Lincoln Center And Sotheby’s

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It was another busy day for Occupy Wall Street protesters who held three marches throughout the city on Tuesday.

Demonstrators started their day around 1:30 p.m. at Sotheby’s, joining a rally with union workers involved in a contract dispute with the auction house.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Speaks With Protesters

They moved to the Manhattan district attorney’s office Tuesday evening around 5 p.m. to call for an investigation into what they say was an “unprovoked assault” by a police officer last week.

The group says activist Felix Rivera-Pitre was seen on a video being punched by an officer when protesters hit the streets after winning the right to stay in Zuccotti Park on Friday.

According to the New York Times, Rivera-Pitre’s lawyer Ronald Kuby said that prosecutors are still investigating the incident.

Protesters then made their way to Lincoln Center to rally in support of the “Granny Peace Brigade.” That group held a silent vigil at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the fountain in Lincoln Center.

As demonstrators make their way around the city, a new poll finds that most New Yorkers are starting to agree with the Occupy Wall Street protest.

The protesters’ message against corporate greed is apparently resonating with some.

southebys protest Occupy Wall Street Holds Marches To DAs Office, Lincoln Center And Sothebys

Protesters at Southeby's on Tuesday. (credit: Al Jones, 1010 WINS)

Quinnipiac University poll found that 67 percent of New Yorkers surveyed agree with the protesters’ views, while only 23 percent disagree.

Next Saturday, the protesters have planned what they are calling a “National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.”

That protest will begin at 2 p.m. in Union Square.

Do you agree with the protesters? Sound off below in our comments section…


One Comment

  1. Dale Auburn says:

    The protesters’ compatriots in Baltimore have decreed that sexual assaults must NOT be reported to police. Will a similar order come down here??


  2. Wig Wam Willie says:

    Want to get rid of the protesters? Just tell them that the gathering is really a JOB FAIR.

  3. TheRichRule says:

    In 2008, a year that saw the collapse of stock market, the implosion of pension funds, 401(k)s, and college endowments, the destruction of millions of jobs, and the worst recession since the 1930s, the top 25 hedge fund managers received $11.6 billion in compensation. However, there are 94.6 million nonsupervisory workers today who earn less than the average work did in 1973. Unemployment for 19 to 29 year olds is reported at eighteen (18%) percent. I’m sure that’s much higher than that.

    It’s the fault of Congress to let Corporate America send jobs that were created here to foreign lands. Every time I call a service center (Citicorp, for example), I get someone on the other line from the Caribbean or India. And I’m not knocking either the Caribbean or India.

    Our laws “must” be changed. If a product is sold here, then some percentage (like 50%) should be made here. Corporate America must be given an ultimatum to bring our job back to the USA–or have their products/services banned. If that’s not a solution, then these companies should not be given any tax credits (or any other incentives) to send our jobs overseas.

    Congress should be made up of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Today, it’s a millionaire’s club. That’s got to change, or more of us will fall into poverty.

    Furthermore, off-shoring U.S. jobs onto foreign lands should be a National Security issue–too boot. Corporate America shipped millions of U.S. jobs outside of the U.S. over the past 30 years. That in itself weakens this country because tax receipts fall, and, in return, puts stress on our federal (and local) budgets. Think about it.

  4. Jerry Frey says:

    An unscripted reality show, Occupy America is a populist movement in the tradtion of the nineteenth century Cross of Gold. Speculation (George Soros; hedge funds), long or short, oil futures, de-regulation, neo-liberalism, benefits the 1 percent connected class with no social benefit. Banks once organized and allocated capital in order to produce wealth, economic expansion, that benefited the many rather than the few. Globalists know no national loyalty and are detached from their nations.

    Get the $oney out of politics. Campaign contributions are the nexus of corruption in the capitol. Reduce the amount of money involved in re-election, which really is the name of the game, by promulgating free air time during elections. Keep the current system for primaries.


    History repeats itself: no leadership, no vision, chickens have come home to roost.. Selfishness.

    NeilSalemMA Why does all this remind me of France in the 1780s and 1790s?

    Our system of free enterprise is a corrupt oligarchy of the wealthy that drives more and more middle class Americans into poverty, even while the very rich get much richer. As happened over 200 years ago in France, the people will eventually rise up.


  5. Lord Anubis says:

    you want to clear out the protesters toss a few bricks of c4 into the crowd.that ought to clear up the trash these people are disrupting the backbone of an already failing american economy.a few c4s will do the trick

  6. sally says:

    I work a full-time job 40+ hours a week. I have an eduation (BA and working on MA). I’m lucky to have health benefits, as I have a chronic disease which may get worse with time. Even with benefits, my healthcare costs are close to $5,000 a year, out of pocket.

    I work hard. I’m educated. YET, I can BARELY keep my head above water. I am the 1%. All I want is to be able to pay my bills, meet my healthcare costs, and put a little away each week. I’m willing to live within my means. I don’t have a problem with that. The cost of living continues to rise, and the majority of salaries are not matching these increases.

    You are all one chronic disease or terminal illness away from poverty. I hope it never happens to you or someone you love.

    I feel for you if you think otherwise.

    1. sally says:

      I AM NOT THE 1% THAT IS! But, you probably figured that out.

  7. Natalie Lamb says:

    Go guys soon people that live in doorman buildings will be lynched anyone
    with mo’then what you have” to be desecrated sounds like a communist revolution .
    I am shocked at this system putting trillions of dollars into the Iraq GWBush excursions that keep money for we very much needed social needs of our
    citizens,but this OWS is just getting to be a group of mal contents with no
    solutions in sight but the lynchmob.

  8. Pat Johnson says:

    This was starting out well but now dissipating to attacking Art Auction houses
    Lincoln center which has little to do with Wall street but is part of our older arts
    and what will be next? anyone one cultured to be beheaded if it is not their
    culture,we are having the start of another Bastille day NYC style ,then in
    my opinion they will attack each other.
    Look at history of discontent without a leader with mob rule I guess Universities
    and TV stations are next for targeting,then Orthodontists? etc & etc.
    This is crazy now.d

    1. follow the money says:

      Um follow the money -Auction Houses have A LOT to do with it -ever look at the donators & benefactors or owners of some the Artworks & Museum shows…Ditto for Lincoln Ctr. -it was SUPPOSED to be a cultural center for THE PEOPLE -well who can afford some of the ticket prices for their families? OWS did not say it was fighting culture -they are chasing the thieves down who stole money -we bailed them out and now they have text book artists paintings in their homes and offices that’s the crime…

      1. can'twaitforsnow says:

        Who else will donate to these cultural arts centers. I KNOW it won’t you. You sound like a “taker”. How much have you donated lately? As someone who went through many different socioeconomic circles, the only people I ever saw help the underprivilage were the wealthy. Middle and lower class will NOT usually open their wallets- even for just a few dollars.

    2. Peter Newburger says:

      What about colon rectal surgeons?

  9. Frnak Hallock says:

    The authorities (the 1%) want one line of protest, one cause that they can battle. They want to excuse the fact that there are numerous problems which have been ignored by congress and the senate, republican and democrat. We need to cry in unison about the tragedy of living as slaves and paupers. In a wave of destruction as happens after Tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes we are left destitute, dying in the streets and under the ruble. Federal response to such issues is ssllloooww/ to non existent.

    The numerous protests across the world will not be ignored. Still, we have to hold hard rather than be placated with what this nation and the world needs, a second Bill of Rights. One that provides employment, with a living wage, freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, housing, medical care education and social security.

  10. Getajob says:

    thank god for all these people not looking for jobs and are protesting. Getting an interview is so easy these days.

  11. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Let’s call O.W.S. what it really is: the Organized Wanters Society.

    1. vv says:


      1. VV says:

        These people are a absolute disgrace. oh yes….they have real credibility with the like of that tax cheat Al Sharpton ( oh yes AL some of us remember the Tawana Brawley incident and that other tax cheat Charlie Rangal ( who is kidding who here.

      2. Jas says:

        Hmmm very proud I’m sure. And born into a life of privilege as well. It’s not quite as easy for everyone to find a job when they are not wealthy and well connected. These people want to work! Why else would they be asking for jobs? It’s a pity that we live in a world where people are persecuted for WANTING TO WORK HARD FOR THEIR MONEY! Being a member of the 1% should shame you as you are part of the problem. Everyone on this planet deserves to have food, shelter, and a method of providing that for themselves and their families, it should not only be available to a select few. I AM A PROUD SOCIALIST!!!

        1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

          Nobody is “persecuting” anybody for wanting to work hard for their money. We are ridiculing them for NOT wanting to work. They prefer to protest in a park. They look down on anybody with a real job. They demand that everything be handed to them at everybody else’s expense. They see the “American Dream” as an ENTITLEMENT.

    2. jb says:

      Or maybe even the Organized Whiners Society

  12. DavidD says:

    That is what these anarchists do best, get in cops face. Right out of the handbook for anarchy. Unfortuneatly 60% of the rest of the country doesn’t agree with them. Oahole is an enabler with Soros backing

  13. JERRY V says:

    Didn’t Obama in 2008 Pres campaign got about $500 million $$ donated by corporations and Wall street crooks?

  14. nick says:

    Take away their iPhones and their will go home to their wealthy parents who paid for their school with $$ invested by Wall Street

  15. JACK says:

    If things are so bad in this country and you don’t like the way it is run then vote in an election and respect the winner of it. Otherwise just pack up your belongings and move out ! Im tired of having to pay for all this police overtime because knuckleheads like you block traffic and delay the thousands of hardworking New Yorkers trying to commute around the city. Get a job already !

    1. whiteeagle says:

      They did that.

      They got Obama.

      Didn’t work out so well, and they’re not sure where to turn.

  16. Don says:

    These protestors havve zero credibility when Ron Kuby represents them.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Does that mean the Tea Party has less credibility because Michelle Bachmann speaks for them?

      1. Don says:

        There is a hugh diference between Bachman and Kuby!

        1. Its me says:


    2. harriet says:

      did you read the article or are you interpeting it wrong on purpose, Ron Kuby is representing one protester, no the whole lot of them,

      1. Phyllis says:

        Kuby is representing a female complainant as well – I’m sure he’ll be happy to take on however many more want to cry on his shoulder.

        1. harriet says:

          ok so two out of what , several hundred, several thousand, doesn’t change things, the post was still written by a troll who simply intended to flame

  17. barry says:


    1. Rocketman says:

      barry–i’d like to make a point. learn to spell. THEIR point, bonehead.

  18. mooooveover says:

    I want to start a protest against this group’s ability to hold our city hostage. All we need is an empty private lot and we can take it from there, right? Isn’t this how it works now? No permits. Plenty of tarps. Restaurants with bathrooms in the area. Some drums. Voila, A Protest!

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      There is now hope and change coming. It’s what President Wall Street promised and failed to deliver. no better then bush and worse in many regards.

    2. harriet says:

      just for the record, not that facts seen to get in your way, Zucoitti Park was not an empty private lot, it was a privately owned public plaza which the owners of 1 Liberty Plaza are required to keep open to the public 24/7 as part of an agreement with the City in exchange for allowing them to violate the zone regulations. You don’t need a permit to gather in public place in NYC if you are not blocking a sidewalk.

      1. mooooveover says:

        I never said Zuccotti Park (please note the spelling) was a private empty lot. I said that is all that is needed. And yes, while that park is to be opened 24 hours I don’t believe that is was intended for an encampment. As for permits, yes, you are supposed to get them for demonstrations and marches but since OWS has forced the city to back down from these requirements, I don’t see why it would be a problem if any group decided to this elsewhere in the city. Fair is fair.

        1. harriet says:

          oh no 1) you clearly inferred that Liberty Plaza was an “empty private lot” and 2) you do not need a permit, I know that because of my elitist legal education (and because I know how to use the internets), but common sense will tell ya that you don’t need a permit because #OWS doesn’t get them and the protesters are not being arrested for lack of a permit, if they needed a permit, the cops would have a hey day. #OWS doesn’t have magical powers to force the city to back down on anything. The plaza is a special place because of an easement. However, camping in a public park, the sidewalk, or regular private property can get you arrested for trespass or loitering.

          1. mooooveover says:

            I did not infer that Zuccotti Park was an empty private lot. I said that was all that is needed. And that is the truth, correct? If the owner of the lot agrees that I can set up an encampment there, then I shoudld be able to do so without interference from the cops and the neighbors. Isn’t that what is happening in Zuccotti Park (I refuse to use the name Liberty Plaza) And If you read my post, I said nothing about having a permit to be in Zuccotti Park (even though you guys are blantantly breaking the owner’s rules). I was referring to permits required to march and hold demonstrations in areas around the city. OWS ignores those requirements and the city allows it. Why should anybody else now need a permit to hold a demonstration if you don’t have to? And by the way, OWS did crow about the city backing down. And I quote from an official OWS news release on the website: “After triumphing in a standoff with the city over the continued protest of Wall Street at Liberty Square in Manhattan’s financial district, …’

  19. mak says:

    CBS/1010, you should have a link to that poll. The questions are worded so that it skews the results. Every poll’s outcome can be changed depending on how the question is framed. New Yorkers may agree with some of OWS is protesting (I mean, really … who doesn’t?) but that doesn’t mean that they agree with their methods.

  20. Frustrated says:

    These protesters don’t know what they want. They are showing the goverment what’s what??? Really?? Well then I guess the next time I want to protest the Catholic Church I’ll sit outside a Carvel Ice Cream Store. Because that makes sense.

    These protesters are only showing their envy towards successful individuals…Wall St, the government…yet they embrace Kanye West who is part of the 1%. Where has intelligence gone?

  21. Robert says:

    What a bunch of fools!

    1. Todd & Meagan says:

      We know you are, but what are we?

      1. Phyllis says:

        OWS = Only Wasting Space. Pls go home and let the good people of the city get back to work.

        1. Todd & Meagan says:

          Feel free to sniff our pits.

          1. Its me says:

            You must be two of the 12 year olds that mommy and daddy take out of school to attend the protests.

  22. JoeZ says:

    His lawyer, Ron Kuby? OK that just loses all credibility. Liberal left wing-nut.

  23. Bill Bagon says:

    We should all take the chance to go down and be part of the protest. They are forcing our government to look at these deep running social issues.

    1. Robert says:


      1. harriet says:

        Wow, is that you are paid by the post instead of by the word? or are you just trolling mid-day for the fun of it?

    2. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      I walked over there during my lunch break (from my REAL JOB). It looks like a third-world refugee camp. They may try to keep the park clean, but some of them need to clean themselves as well.

  24. Rich says:

    Thank god these protesters are doing what they are. I live in Atlanta and its nice they are representing people like me who had enough of this bull honky. I’ll be up in NY next month to see the family for Thanksgiving, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be at Zucotti park to help out my protester friends.
    Keep it up we wear those crooks out.

    1. tomahawk collapse says:

      it’s okay. stay in atlanta.

    2. Robert says:

      Another ASSHOLE!

      1. Ted says:

        Robert- stooping to the level of these people doesn’t help. Clean it up a bit, you are discrediting yourself every time you post profanity.

        1. Robert says:

          Ted – you are right…guess I’m letting this get the best of me. Tell you what – I’ll sleep on the wet spot tonight.

          1. Ted says:

            That’s downright neighborly of you Robert. And there I was thinking you were something less then a gentlemen and scholar.

    3. wearethe51percent says:

      Stay in Atlanta. We don;t need your kind in NYC. If you want to ‘wear the crooks out,’ go to Washington, which is the font of all evil.

      1. harriet says:

        Funny, i doubt you are a ny’er, problaby just another troll, since 1) ny’ers support the protesters and 2) ny’ers are generally smart enough not to refer to any group of people as “your kind”, at least not since Archie Bunker retired to AZ

        1. Phyllis says:

          I’m a NYer born and bred and I DO NOT support the protestors on any level. Pls don’t speak for all NYers.

        2. mak says:

          Get your head out of the sand. Most NYers don’t support you. They may agree with what you are saying (who wouldn’t?) but the methods are starting to really p–s people off. Not a good way to make friends and influence enemies.

        3. me says:

          I’m also a NY-er, I live in the Financial District. I am not a CEO. I am not a Wall Street banker. I am one of the many, many, MANY college students who live there and no. I do NOT support the protesters. Yes, I agree with their overall theme of economic inequality, but by no means do I agree with how they are going about, nor do I enjoy seeing ANY of these ignorant morons around the corner from where I live. They are streaming onto the sidewalks, they are stinking up the place, making SO much noise, and frankly, everyday I leave the 4-5 subway exit, I hope that they are gone, but unfortunately, there they are, sitting there as I’m going straight from class to work. You know how I got a job? By looking and now here I am.

        4. Dominique Morisco-Boscia says:

          really? New Yorkers Support the protest? I have not spoken to one person who supports this protest. I must only know the 1%

    4. Amused but not misled says:

      “Wear” them out? Are you serious. You’ve been smoking what they are. LOL

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