NYPD Inspector Violated Pepper Spray Guidelines, Review Finds

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An internal NYPD review finds a deputy inspector violated department guidelines when he used pepper spray on Occupy Wall Street protesters last month.

Officials say Anthony Bologna, who works in Manhattan North, will lose 10 vacation days for his actions on September 24. He used the spray on women who were penned-in by police.

The incident was posted on YouTube and spread quickly over the internet.

GRAPHIC CONTENT – Watch the video below:

The lawyer for one of the women, teacher’s aide Kaylee Dedrick, is urging prosecutors to bring criminal charges against Bologna.

Bologna may choose to appeal the decision. The union had said the officer’s actions were done out of a concern for the safety of officers and the of the public.

The NYPD had said the pepper spray was used properly against people trying to interfere with police attempting to disperse a crowd.

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  1. Steve M says:

    Most in the group did not seem prone to violence, and the political views of the participants may be too divergent to form a cohesive political party (I spoke with two people who were clearly pro-capitalism and who’s beef rested with the FED for its inflationary practices). So the likely outcome will be that the movement will disband.

    For up to date info and photos from somebody who works across the street. Please visit:


  2. SK says:

    When police officers assault innocent civilians, the consequences should be more stringent than they would be for anyone else. We trust them with guns; we trust them with our lives. They should be held to a higher standard. The DA should indict and prosecute Anthony Bologna for assault.

  3. bullett says:

    I think inspector Bologna should be knocked down to Sergeant.

    1. Bulletproof says:

      He deserves a promotion.

      1. Anon E. Muss says:

        Promoted for what? Breaking every rule in the book?

    2. gary says:

      the women should get to kick him in the balls and pepper spray him

  4. Gregory says:

    Hoh sad that the police can not adequately protect themselves, their officers or the by-standers from disorderly, aggressive and verbally abusive people. I susoect that NYC is the perfect place for these strange demonstrators ie: in the midst of bleeding heart, feel for the nutjobs quintessentially liberal environment. These wack-jobs should thank whatever they hold dear that they didn’t pick another location.

    1. Anon E. Muss says:

      Are you familiar with NYPD patrol guide section 212-95? Those are the rules governing the use of pepper spray. They may have been “verbally abusive.” However, verbal abuse and screaming are not listed in section 212-95 as conditions warranting pepper spray. The subject has to be violently resisting, which these women were not doing. That is why the committee rightly concluded that he violated NYPD rules.

      Besides, if you see the videos from multiple angles, you can see that the officers holding the orange net up were doing a perfectly good job getting the situation under control. There was no need for pepper spray.

  5. 5th Grade Teacher says:

    How can we teach our young children about anti bullying when those sworn to protect and uphold the law engages in bullying tactics?

    1. 6th Grade Teacher says:

      I agree these protesters are bullies amazing that these police cannot get the respect they deserve.Hard enough dealing with terroist now we have these bozos

  6. Robert says:

    If you or I pepper sprayed some one , we’d be locked up and charged with assault but since he’s a cop he only gets to lose 10 day of vacation – boo hoo. He should be charged like any one else

    1. support the police says:

      If you think you can do better join the police force and see the pressure of the job.The one thing about USA is we show no respect for our soldiers or police.Those idiots are protesting for nothing thats right nothing.

      1. Anon E. Muss says:

        We don’t need to join the police in order to criticize them. If the police break their own rules, and the laws that they are supposed to enforce, then they have to be held accountable. DI Bologna broke every rule in the book that day when he sprayed those women, and that is why he is being held accountable.

        1. support the police says:

          Wow anus you woke up on wrong side of bed .But sounds like the comment said if you do not like the way the police are doing things join them help change them.It is easy to say something when your not in there position those ladies were being careless rude and the spitting was just gross.

          1. Anon E. Muss says:

            Where is this spitting news coming from? I haven’t heard anything about spitting other than from blog comments. And given the flimsy excuses the NYPD gave before the investigation, those women probably weren’t spitting, because if they were spitting the police probably would have said that.

            But either way, if you think the pepper spray was justified, I must ask: are you familiar with NYPD patrol guide section 212-95? And if you are, what conditions did those women meet that warranted the use of pepper spray?

            The answer is nothing. There was nothing in any of the video footage (multiple videos from different angles) that was consistent with 212-95. That is why the committee ruled that Bologna violated department rules.

      2. Tommy says:

        That is because the police have no respect for the public and think that they are above the law. Perfect example – every damn cop parks his car on the sidewalk in front of the precinct. If I park on the sidewalk I get a $155 ticket. Maybe the cops should be setting an example for others to follow. There are probably a lot of good cops, unfortunately there are also a bunch of them who are thugs and punks and they ruin it for everyone. I am a law abiding citizen, never been arrested, own a business with 20 people working for me and I HATE THE NYPD. Every dealing I have had with them has left me aggravated and frustrated.

      3. Paul G. says:

        Why should we respect the police? They work for us, the taxpayer. I do not have to respect my employee, my employee must respect me. The problem is that because they have a badge they feel they are above everyone, because they have the power to arrest. They chose the job yet they act like they were forced into it. If you cant take the “pressure” change your field of employment. I own apartment buildings, which is also a “pressure” job. Tenants dont pay rent and the housing courts are on the Tenant’s side yet I do not break the law(illegal evictions, etc).

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