Officers In Sean Bell Shooting Case Face Departmental Trial

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A long-delayed disciplinary trial of two officers involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed groom could got underway Monday.

Sean Bell, 23, was killed in a barrage of 50 bullets outside Club Kalua as he left his bachelor party in Queens on Nov. 25, 2006.

Officers fired into the car he was driving mistakenly believing Bell or one of his passengers had a gun and the men defied orders to halt and tried to drive away.

No weapon was recovered.

Detectives Gescard Isnora, Michael Oliver and Marc Cooper were acquitted of manslaughter and reckless endangerment.  Federal prosecutors declined to charge them with civil rights crimes.

The disciplinary hearing could cost Isnora and Officer Michael Carey, who was never charged with criminality, their jobs.

NYPD attorney Adam Sheldon said Carey fired three rounds without proper cause after Isnora’s “unjustified actions.” Sheldon said Carey never saw a threat coming from the car.

Isnora’s attorney, Philip Karasyk, said if Bell “had just put his foot on the brake instead of the accelerator, none of us would be here today.”

Bell’s mother, father and fiancée attended the proceedings which are open to the public.

Last year, the city paid a $7.2 million settlement in the Bell case. It was the city’s largest settlement ever in a fatal police shooting.

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  1. Bob McNeil says:

    The Blood on Blue

    You have the right to remain silent
    Until cruel cops harass you to speak.
    You are warned that anything you say
    Can and will be taken down and
    Used as evidence against you, but
    That excludes the Nazis in blue uniforms.

    Some damn cops should be dropped.
    Some damn cops should be dropped.

    Nazis in blue hunt people of color.
    Nazis in blue close doors to justice.
    Nazis in blue say we resist arrest.
    Nazis in blue think they’re thick whips
    And we’re naked backs waiting for pain.
    Their badges are for spilling our blood.
    Their uniforms are for filling our graves.

    Some damn cops should be dropped.
    Some damn cops should be dropped.

    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember Michael Stewart.
    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember Eleanor Bumpurs.
    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember Abner Louima.
    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember Amadou Diallo.
    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember Sean Bell.
    Nazis in blue, we won’t disremember the names
    Of those you wrongfully killed or maimed.

    Some damn cops should be dropped.
    Some damn cops should be dropped.

    Look at the blood on blue,
    Look at the blood on blue,
    Look at the blood on blue.

    Copyright 2011
    by Bob McNeil

  2. JoeMc says:

    These police officers acted in self defense. Sean Bell was not unarmed, he was in control of 3500 lb weapon, his automobile. He used that weapon to strike one of the officers, back up and attempt to strike him again. That constitutes deadly physical force by any standard. These officers had every right and duty respond with deadly force. The fact that they are being tried by the NYPD for doing their job is why PC Ray Kelly does not have the trust or respect of the men & women of the NYPD.

  3. archie says:

    thug or no thug this is a clear cut case of senseless killing. it should have been avoided, either way.

  4. newyorker says:

    If you are innocent why would you try to drive away when cops tells you to stop???? Something does not match up….

  5. ace11 says:

    The Cops did a GREAT job with this thug…

    they should be saluted and given medals

  6. Nocop says:

    7.2 Millions for a senseless shooting in NYC. Fire those rookie cops and take out the cop pensions to settle the case.

    1. thanks for doing your job says:

      Give the cops a medal and the promotion they deserve I agree Nocop these cops had every right to shoot those thugs.

  7. DanielBoone says:

    @John you need to be thrown under the bus.Why would the city pay out all that money in the shooting wasn’t unwarrented.?

    1. Surfin Bird says:

      DanielBoone they were warranted and Sean Bell and co,pany did not respect authority.

  8. JW says:

    This could have easily gone the other way, and we would have dead police officers. Cops are trained to react a certain way, that’s why when they tell you to “halt”, do it. They aren’t mind readers or able to see through cars. They did what they were supposed to do.

  9. Surfin Bird says:

    Why did the police settle for 7 million dollars when Sean Bell and company were up to good?

  10. John says:

    Classic NYC response….throwing the cops under the bus….Sean Bell wasn’t at his ‘bachelor ‘ party…it was him and two other guys hanging at a strip club frequented by hookers….he’s out at 4 in the morning the night before he’s getting married to Nicole Paultre….excuse me ….his “beloved’ Nicole Paultre…..Not only do these vultures get 7.2 million , he gets a street named after him , like he’s some kind of hero….only in NYC….unbelievable…

    1. Tommy says:

      The sad thing is…you actually believe every word that you just wrote.


      1. john says:

        and another one bites the dust……

    2. Mike says:

      You must be a cop or relative or using or something, so your saying you should get shot 51 times when trying to pic up a hooker.

    3. tard says:

      so people who go to strip clubs where hookers hang out deserve the death penalty without even a trial? glad you’re not in charge

  11. Bob says:

    Shjot first ask questions later. This is not the first shooting of unarmed people in New York City. They would seem to be a bit trigger happy. They should not be rehired. Dont deserve to “protect and serve”.

  12. Hiphop hamburger says:

    Really??? How are these hero cops not back on the street doing there job smh good luck guys!!!!!!

    1. Denise Bonilla says:

      Two of them should not be allowed to carry firearms, but should not lose their jobs. Remember that the third officer did not kill or wound anyone.

  13. tattoo says:

    Just cleaning up the neighborhood. Good job!

  14. Bigbxhec says:

    Without a doubt. They should not be allowed to carry another firearm as long as they live.

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