Jack The Cat Found In Customs Room At Kennedy Airport

Feline Suffering From Liver Problem, Will Be Monitored Closely For 3 Days

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After seven weeks, Jack the cat is no longer MIA.

On Aug. 25, Jack missed his flight to California after escaping from his kennel at the American Airlines baggage check area in Kennedy Airport.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with Karen Pascoe

Jack didn’t get very far. He was found in the customs room Tuesday by a U.S. Customs deputy inspector after falling through a ceiling tile, reports CBS 2’s Elise Finch.

“Instincts take over after a while I guess on any animal. They find a way to eat, stay alive, stay warm,” airport employee Angel Cruz told Finch

The airline said in a statement that “the vet has advised that Jack is doing well at present.”

However, CBS 2’s Finch has learned Jack is not doing all that well. Though the feline did survive his 61-day ordeal, he is in critical condition and he’s been given a 50-50 chance of surviving.

“He’s storing fat in his liver cells which is called hepatic lipidosis. That’s a pretty serious illness,” said Matthew Cooper of Blue Pearl Emergency Animal Hospital.

The diagnosis is the direct result of being malnourished for so long. Jack is on a feeding tube and being shielded from cameras, but supporters hope that after all he’s been through, this courageous cat has at least one more life left in him.

Veterinarians told Finch they’ll monitor Jack closely over the next three days. And they said if he responds well to treatment he will likely make a full recovery.

Owner Karen Pascoe was immediately informed that her pet was found. Pascoe will fly in from California for a reunion. The airline will pay for Jack’s flight home, 1010 WINS reports.

“It was two months to the day — it was like, ‘Wow, he’s been found,’” Pascoe told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

Before boarding her flight, Pascoe received a call from airline employees on Aug. 25 telling her that Jack was missing. She boarded a different flight with her other cat, “Barry,” after an hour-long search for Jack came up empty.

According to an incident report, Jack and Barry were traveling in separate kennels. Baggage handlers had apparently stacked them on top of each other when Jack’s kennel fell allowing him to escape.

A Facebook page dedicated to Jack has gained more than 16,000 followers since he disappeared two months ago. Supporters organized “Jack The Cat Awareness Day” on Oct. 22 to spread the word about Jack to airport employees and to look around for the wayward feline.

American Airlines made several efforts to find Jack including distributing posters throughout the airport, placing food and water throughout the terminal, setting up humane traps and issuing a pet AMBER alert.

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      Mememememe…you’ve posted this all over the internet… we don’tcare!!! 7 million OR 14 million… not a problem!

  2. Debbie Mcclendon says:

    As a FOJ from the start, AA has done very little to help. The employees were trying to help but AA corporate did not and does not care. They would NOT fly Karen from SF to JFK for free on their airline to look for him about 5 wks ago or so and it’s because of their carelessness that he was lost in the first place. They would delete your questions or comments about Jack if you wrote on their wall and banned you. I was banned about 5 1/2 wks ago for asking what they have been doing to find him.

    1. philjourdan says:

      Well, hell… there goes my faith in AA. What’s going on with these crazy airline companies?? Sue the bast*rds for damages and emotional stress!

  3. Kris says:

    We have had sick cats and we gave them Cat Sure with an eyedropper. They all seemed to respond positively.

    1. sonia says:

      Kris, I’ve a very sick cat right now, where can I buy Cat Sure (what is it for?) Pls hurry. thanks

      1. RS Mallory says:

        Sonia, please contact me immediately so that I can find out what is wrong with your dear cat and tell you how I can help! You can also contact me via facebook: http://BudUrl.com/MyFacebookNews

  4. Cindy says:

    You all realize that Jack is very sick right with liver disease that may not be reversible. Not a happy ending yet folks. He was right under AA’s noses and they were too stupid to find him.

    1. jtorres says:

      I do feel sorry for Jack and his owner. Hopefully it will work out. Although AA was irresponsible in losing Jack in the first place he wasn’t exactly “under their noses”. Cats are unbelievably adept at hiding and making themselves virtually undetectable. I’ve actually had trouble finding my own cat in my own home. If he doesn’t want t be found, he won’t. Jack had to be hungry but he was even more frightened. Had he not fallen through the ceiling tile in the presence of someone, God knows if he ever would have been found

  5. hit the road jack says:


  6. Cats Rock says:

    I am SO glad Jack was found. I too have been following this story from the beginning. I too think AA should do more than fly Jack home. They should pay for Karen’s round trip tickets, and hiopefully help pay for the vet expenses!

  7. Paulina says:

    Hurray for Jack!

  8. DM Jones says:

    Hundreds of “Lost” Animals are killed on the Airport grounds by the Port Auth workers – all were pets that were supposed to be transported by plane. On top of that, the Port Auth refused help from Pet Organizations!

  9. Marina Ios says:

    very good, happy ending
    as an animal lover, pets owner myself, i really enjoyed this news. good luck and stay safe-INSIDE your home, jack! i hope you had fun in my city.

  10. JoAnne says:

    Yay! happy for Jack hopefully she will use a different form of transportation if there is a next time.

  11. ALLFORJACK says:


  12. Sydelle Houston says:

    Glad they finally located him. Now they should fly him back no charge first class. After everything he went through he shouldn’t be placed in baggage and traumatized all over again.

  13. jack the dog says:

    mmmm so happy it got saved….i luhh me sum kitty c;

  14. kayjay says:

    I’ve been along for jacks journey since the beginning and it was the animals lovers NOT AmericanAirlines who got did all the work and who cared the most. It was just a big annoyance and customer relations nightmare for them. Typical. Lesson here???? DO NOT put your pets in baggage. Airlines don’t care about them. Do not care.

  15. Super Cat Person says:

    Cats are the dominant and most important species on this planet. Human beings only exist to open Cat’s cans of cat food [since cats can’t do this for themselves], maintain their litterbox, assist in their grooming as cats are very good at this themselves, provide trips to the vet, and occassionally offer them some amusement. I am often sad at others who fail to see that.

    1. val says:

      LOL! If they are the dominant species, then they should be able to open their own food, or else get it on their own, and would not allow themselves to be owned by humans! They are cute and smart and all that, but certainly not dominant. I’m glad Jack was found and is well.

      1. Marie Ebersole says:

        Cats are dominant. I know our calico has my husband well trained. Why should they open their own food when they have their human staff well trained. There is a favorite saying of mine, “Dogs have people, cats have staff.”

        On a side note, praying that Jack makes a full recovery. Praying for Karen too.

  16. NYGirl says:

    maybe that should happen to you instead

  17. Ugly Betty says:

    @p8nt – your an a-hole!!

    1. philjourdan says:

      Ugly Betty, pleas don’t denegrate a-holes… p*nt is much worse thaan that and a-holes have a purpose in life!

  18. Paris400 says:

    So AA will only pay for Jack’s flight home – wow. I agree with Laurie – fly both Jack and owner Karen first class!!! And give Karen extra miles that she can use on AA partner airlines as well.

  19. nycboy says:

    Just be happy.

  20. AnNYCat5 says:

    Cat! I’m a Kitty Cat and I dance dance dance!

    1. philjourdan says:

      ??? (Mothers, please do not leave your children unattended at any time).

  21. Diane says:

    I hope Karen does not fly back to CA with Jack unless he is allowed in the cabin with her. He’s been through more than enough. Its wonderful news that he was found.

    1. badman says:

      that is a good point! actually, you can take an animal into the cabin if it is in a kennel that fits under the seat. In jack’s case, he’d probably have to be sedated to stay in such a small kennel.

  22. Marc Candels says:

    There is a God

  23. Dakotahgeo says:

    OMGosh! What a beautiful cat, is right! American Airlines are the best! Delta Airlines can’t even keep track of their passengers’ luggage! Delta baggage handlers STOLE my possessions!

    1. Clark A. says:

      Then why did it take AA since August to locate Jack??????

      1. Dakotahgeo says:

        Hey, this is good news, … at least they found him! 🙂

        1. Katie Kate says:

          AA DID NOT find him he fell out of the ceiling and a customs officer grabbed him!!

      2. Dak! says:

        Oops!!! I hit the report button by mistake. Sorry!!! Dak!

  24. Laurie says:

    If I were Karen- I would Have AA fly her here 1st class- fly her home with JACK on Her LAP 1st Class- Do Not let that Cat Out of their SITE- Your SITE!! SO THRILLED as CAT S owner myself- Cat and All Animal Lover- To wake up this AM go to JCK CAT FBOOK PG and See the Great News- They never stopped BELIEVING- Searching- IF ONLY CATS COULD TALK- What a Tale JACK woule TELL!!

    1. val says:

      it’s “sight”, not site. Why can’t anyone spell anymore????

      1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        We have a real “well” education systm (sic)!

  25. CT Native says:

    Beautiful cat. All’s well that end’s well.

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