Occupy Wall Street Protesters Face New Legal Challenge From Unexpected Corner

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Occupy Wall Street protesters, who have repeatedly asserted their rights to free speech and lawful assembly, are being put on legal notice themselves.

“I understand the right of lawful assembly… we all understand it,” said Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins. “I just hope that the protesters understand that police officers don’t go to work to be punching bags, and if that does occur, we’re going to hold people accountable.”

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Ed Mullins

Assaulting an officer is a felony, but Mullins says he’s telling union attorneys to pursue monetary damages as well if they are attacked.

Mullins is concerned protesters may be emboldened by the recent rash of violence against officers. He says 20 officers have been injured in New York City in Occupy Wall Street-related incidents.

Mullins told 1010 WINS that while neither the police nor protests encourage or want violence, not everyone’s actions can be controlled.

“Organizers of the protesters they sit down and they explain their point — that’s done everyday, that’s great, but they won’t be able to control 1,000 people, just like the NYPD with all its rules and governance can’t control the act of one individual either,” Mullins told 1010 WINS.

The move comes the day after protesters swarmed the streets near City Hall as a show of solidarity for their counterparts in California Wednesday night.

Oakland, Calif., demonstrator Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran, says he was hit in the head by a tear gas canister thrown by police. Officers say they were trying to clear the plaza because of sanitary concerns when protesters assaulted responding officers.

The demonstrators marched around the gates of City Hall chanting slogans like “March with Oakland,” before returning to Zuccotti Park.

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One Comment

  1. Steve O says:

    Mullins commented,”police officers do not go to work to be punching bags” How many officers were attacked? We all know what they carry those flashlights for. Protect and Serve my azz. Hey Ed! How many heads have you smashed in your career? Thugs.

  2. Cab says:

    Protest the MTA,Long Island Bus next year the change will come voice your opinion Today in Mineola Long Island or you will pay more and cut services and workers. That will get their attention.

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      So Nassau County fired the MTA and hired somebody else to run the buses. What’s that got to do with O.W.S.?

      1. Hallie Sellassie will condemn OWS. says:

        No one is really sure what OWs is protesting, the multitude of causes are creating a Protest Fog. So why not add in the LI Bus takeover by a profiteer?

        1. Joe Wolf says:

          They are protesting the system that is at the core of all the many complaints. The primary issue is that the voice of the people no longer has an influence on the direction this country is going, that influence has all gone to the people who have very large sums of money, and the corporations who are owned by these people with said large sums of money. Furthermore this movement doesn’t really conform well to any other protest, because (and it does depend how it plays out) I think that OWS is trying to become the institution that will bring about this change in our way of governance.

  3. mj says:

    cops are such cowards… unless of course there are 100 of them and they are armed

  4. montinskij says:

    Stupid idiots. They have no idea what socialism really is. I lived for 30 years in Soviet Union during socialism and I don’t want to live it again. If you need work so badly go drive a cab or do something. Easiest way to do is to protest against something because you’re lazy enough to support yourself

  5. Bradley says:

    I don’t aprove the the “Haves” not caring about the “Have Nots.” the Rich getting richer as the poor get poorer. The “Occupy Wallstreet” situation is a Light one. Let these politicians keep playing their games; let honest people who, actually want a job, to take care of their families, and share just a SMALL part of the american dream, keep getting pushed down in the ocean of despair. Then you’ll really see the proverbial S…. hit the fan. Nobody cares whether or not the wealthy have their Mercedes Benz, their large homes and their expensive toys. Just let the little man have his chevy, his bungalow, and be able to give his /her famlies a decent life.

    1. edrews says:

      Bradley, so how do you see the problem getting resolved? Should the rich people give you money so you can have what you want? Assuming the rich people would be willing to do so (give you money), would you be willing to do the same if you were in their position? The rich people have what they have because they took risks, worked hard, used their education, or got more eductation, scrimped and saved as necessary, among many other things. Like me, they didn’t get there in a day, a week, a month or a year, either. It likely took a LOT of years. Are you putting in at least that much effort to try to better your lot in life. An article on CNN today (10.27) had story about some people whio weren’t doing well in life, so they took a (fairly large) risk and went to the North Dakota oil fields to try to find better paying jiobs. In at least some of the examples, they doubled and tripled their income from their previous jobs. While most of them appear to be working their tails off, they seem happy they took the risk. From my perspective, that beats the heck out of sitting in Zuccotti Park complaining and hoping someone else will give you something to make your situation better. It sounds to me like you and some of your fellow protesters need to step up and do something by yourselves, for yourselves, instead of looking for some other entity to bail you out.

      1. jenice says:

        Well put !!!! Applause applause…For too long now, those that are lucky enough to have squirreled away, done decent things to better their lot and position in life with education and hard work with many many hours, are being shunned and protested by idiots, who more than likely have never held anyy job other than sweeping floors at McDonalds. Well you know what, even members of the board at McDonalds started out in the very same way, and didn;t complain and think they were entitled to more and better just because. But these slobs, and their whacked out clothinga and hairy styles etc., don;t stnad a chance of being hired by anyone, strictly based on appearance. First impressions are lasting and can not be taken back. If anything like that looked like half of these idiots walked in to my company, they would be spun around and escorted out by security. Instead of spending mommy and daddy’s money on lattes that you sit and sip for hours at Starbucks while texting each other, get haircuts, have your teeth cleaned and fixed and take a freakin bath…You might actually help yourself then……..

        1. calum says:

          you are both wrong. this is not about expecting something from others. quite the contrary. this is about doing things for ourselves. you have both completely missed the point. good job. maybe you should just stick to working your day jobs and leave the bigger issues to people who have deeper critical thinking skills. it’s not your fault you are who you are. but it is your fault for posting idiotic statements about something you know nothing about. ra ra. you should attend one of our meetings about privilege. you would learn much if you would open your minds to new information. or, you can just keep living exactly how you are now, and I guess we’ll just see whether apathy and complacency will be replaced by integrity and compassion and justice and honor. we’ll just see.

          1. calum says:

            i’m sorry, i was angered by the impressive display of ignorance on this article. you did not make idiotic statements, but you did entirely miss the point. i did not mean to belittle working…although i would not subject my worst enemy to a 9-5. regardless, we will see whether this world will change for the better. maybe you should all reconsider your harsh words. all it does it rile people like me up. it does not in any way affect my conviction. perhaps you would save yourself the potential for heart disease if you ignored this movement as much as possible, as you clearly do not wish to understand it (or are under the false pretense that you already do understand it). again, apologies for my inconsiderate words.

      2. Steve O says:

        Think much? It is about money and politics, corporate and Wall Street greed, Tax dollars used to bail them out, a rigged two party political system, etc. It is not about a person’s wealth. Doctor’s and Professionals are marching. Ignorance is bliss.

  6. hammer says:

    i am praying for prolonged rain and maybe some sleet or snow. watch the rats scurrying around to try to stay dry. nothing wrong with protesting but when it impedes the normal citizen and businesses from their everyday life then it becomes a problem…send those flea bags packing bloomy!!

    1. Rebecca says:

      The purpose of protest is to make things uncomfortable for others so that the voiceless have a voice. Protest is an assertion of our rights as americans.

      1. liz says:

        Ms Rebecca, and I have the right to protest also! The people that pay rent down in the Wall Street area, have rights also. We’re entitled to live, work, walk, shop, etc in the area. We pay taxes, we pay rent, and we have rights also. You are in the WRONG place at the Wrong time. Go to Washington DC and do everything in your power so that Obama does not get re elected. Pitching tents, clogging up the area with FILTH, NOISE, is a complete waste of time and taxpayers dollars. WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME!

        1. calum says:

          you have rights, yes. and we are not infringing on them. there is no better place than here, and no better time than now. your shopping and walking can suffer and I will not lose a wink of sleep. what I will not abide is the normalized violence and oppression of our state. perhaps it is you who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          1. liz says:


            1. calum says:

              congratulations on your degrading and clearly infuriating job (or was it me who angered you?). congratulations on your meager excuses for freedom and societal participation. when you finally decide you long for something more, something vastly different, give us a ring. your pride, by the way, is uninformed and shallow. what does it mean to be an American? I think perhaps you would be very surprised to hear what most of the world and many Americans themselves think about what being an American means. You in fact are violent as you participate in and support (both actively and passively) a system of oppression, severe and incredible violence, inhumanity, exploitation and extortion. Plus, you type in all caps and use lots of exclamation marks. Michael Moore and Al Sharpton have almost nothing to do with this movement. They are glorified celebrities. I’m sorry you are angry and upset. If you want to talk about it with someone who actually cares, I suggest wandering on down to Liberty Park and seeking out somebody who is participating in this movement.

              1. calum says:

                ..Or speak to me, I care.

      2. The Realist says:

        No, the purpose of the protests is to (1) demand free handouts for slackers and (2) generate lots of unaudited profits for O.W.S.’s top executives.

        1. calum says:

          you know nothing of the purposes. you know nothing of the methods and principles. if you care to know, just ask.

  7. Liberals Are Evil says:

    When is all of this manure going to be cleaned up?

    1. calum says:

      when you stop thinking of people as bovine fecal matter. when might we expect that to be?

  8. Gonna get bad Downtown!! says:

    Every so often the OWS Demonstrators show their true stripes. Anarchists who are using the current status of our economt to violently attack the Police. And when they are done attacking they turn on teir video cameras to video the Police response. They then play the “Look what the big, bad Police did to us for no reason. America is getting sick of it. Unfortunately for the Police in NYC Mayor Bllomberg and his Eunoch Police Commissioner Kelly are allowing more and more demonstrators to mass in and around Lower Manhattan. This will turn very bad very soon.

    1. calum says:

      Anarchists are peaceful. Our state is violent. Your understanding of this is incredibly minimal. This has been bad for a very long time. Maybe, if things go well, this will get better soon. Let’s hope things go well. The police are trained in violence and oppression. We are trained in peaceful and non-violent tactics.

      1. Diane says:

        Useful idiot.

  9. Protect and Serve whom exactly says:

    This story contains a lie:

    “Oakland, Calif., demonstrator Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran, says he was hit in the head by a tear gas canister thrown by police. Officers say they were trying to clear the plaza because of sanitary concerns when protesters assaulted responding officers.”


    Scott Olsen, an Iraq War veteran, is hospitalized in critical condition after his skull was fractured by a “less-lethal” projectile fired by law enforcement. When he was carried to safety (that is, away from the cops who attacked him) by others in the area, he was unable to give his own full name, much less the description offered in this propaganda piece.

    Further, as this clip demonstrates, the police attacked people who were doing nothing more sinister than coming to the aid of a person the police themselves injured.

    http://www.youtube DOT com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OZLyUK0t0vQ

    Stop the lies.

    1. Go HOME says:

      Stop the idiotic protest Go home. Stirring up trouble without a cause and goal is dumb.

      1. Rebecca says:

        I’d say 12-18% unemployment combined with the looting of the average american’s pensions by the already obscenely wealthy is cause enough

        1. Idratherbegolfing says:

          “looting of the average american’s pensions by the already obscenely wealthy is cause enough”

          Maybe you should read the article about the LIRR pension that was just looted by the union head, two doctors and a bunch of blue collar LIRR employees. I would say that had nothing to do with the obscenely wealthy. Go picket the LIRR union office. Nope you won’t do that. Your getting support from the union so you’re OK with them.

          1. calum says:

            That has nothing to do with this, except in that it involves corruption. We are fighting corruption in all forms and on all levels.

            1. Idratherbegolfing says:

              So if your fighting corruption go protest at the LIRR unions office. You’ve protested at police HQ, health insurance company’s and down in the finalcial district. Go march on this unions office. They are just as corrupt as the others. You have union support so you would not dare do it.

              1. calum says:

                I care little about unions and their support. They are just one more example of institutions of control. Unions used to be about the workers. Now they are hierarchical systems interested solely in acquiring wealth. This is about everyone. Most everyone is a “worker”. Unions are composed of workers. If the workers support us then the unions are irrelevant. We occupy the financial park because a) we ended up there somewhat arbitrarily, and b) it is a symbolic as well as fairly practical location to combat the corruption and oppression that affects all aspects of our society. We do dare so. We just have more central targets.

      2. Mrluckyman says:

        Its not an idiotic protest at all. Unless you are one of the 1%, I cant for the life of me understand why you would call this idiotic. In case you dont know all the reasons they are protesting i am sending you a link. Take the time to learn and understand why they are out there.

        1. Go HOME says:

          I am too stupid to grasp any of this.

          1. IBERTY IS IN THE mIND says:

            clearly. that goes without saying

  10. Richie says:

    Most of you writing comments are either stupid or on crack. These protesters are your friends and you should thank god that we still have a voice. You’ll all be paying the price if we don’t stand up in America. Most of our jobs have gone to China and you sit there in your comfort zone. Wake up. Don’t be an idiot.

    1. The Realist says:

      My “friends” wouldn’t blame me for their choice to borrow huge amounts of money to major in art history, only to find no jobs available. My “friends” wouldn’t make me subsidize every bad decision they’ve ever made in their lives. THEIR choices are not MY fault.

      1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

        With an attitude like yours, it’s obvious that you have very few, if any friends.

        1. The Realist says:

          If you feel that THEIR bad choices are 100% YOUR fault, then go ahead and give them a handout for doing nothing.

      2. Michael H. says:

        The “to big to fail” corporations in this country are not my “friends” yet we were all responsible for subsidizing the bad decisions they made. Privatize profits and socialize losses. THE AMERICAN WAY!

      3. Rebecca says:

        well that is exactly what wall street banks and huge corporations did, so thank you for making his point

    2. Kazoo says:

      Richie get real. None of these people are my friends. I worked my whole life and feel very good about what I have accomplished, and I’m not rich. As far as the jobs going to China you can thank the unions for that. Years ago they served a purpose now they are just out of hand. Products keep costing more because it cost more to pay the union worker along with their benefits. If they would just slow down their demands everybody(the worker, the consumer, and the company) would benefit. Companies are in business to make money plain and simple. It a vicious cycle that will never end because of GREED by ALL. The company who wants to make more, the worker who wants to make more and the idiots like yourself who want to get more without doing a damn thing to earn it.

      1. Danny says:

        You are wrong with one issue. Jobs went to China when president Nixon (R) went there to open new relations with them. This was his idea. Not the unions, not the dem’s and certainly not the so called lazy people that can’t find work.

      2. Protect and Serve whom exactly says:

        Funny that with union membership on the decline for years and years that you consider it the root cause of our lost jobs. When it gets down to 10% of the work force, will it still be to blame? How about if it drops to 5%?

        Once the unions have been silenced, the 1% and their apologists will have to come up with a new boogeyman.

    3. OWS are dirty smelly Trust Fund Kids! says:

      Do you really belive that? My friends respect the police and would not look to hurt them like your friend. My Friends don’t engage in sex acts while massing in a park. My friends don’t use drugs. My friends work for a living and are not trust fund kids. Talk to your man Obama about our current financial situation. He is giving the house away with no money to do it with. Thats why we owe China so much money and they now have our jobs. BTW, my friends bathe daily and don’t smell like the average OWS Demonstrator.

      1. calum says:

        Your friends fear police and see no reason to oppose them. Your friends don’t sleep in a park. Your friends do use drugs. Your friends are privileged. Your friends have showers and are required by their jobs and by societal standards to shower daily. Your friends are deeply sick. My friends smell like sweat. You should reconsider your priorities, but it seems clear that you will not. I am sorry for you.

    4. Vik says:

      Tell your filthy, stinking, drugged out, feces covered fleabagging friends to go the fick home. I’m the 99% and they don’t represent me, you IDIOT!!!! They represent a bunch of punks – themselves. Oh and by the way, they owe me and my fellow NYC citizens $5 million+ to cover babysitting and diaper duty on their A$$e$!!!!!!

      1. calum says:

        actually chase already covered 4.6 million of that 5, and i would say it is a good thing that the hard working police officers are being payed overtime to stand around monitoring a peaceful demonstration. are you saying you don’t like paying the police who are supposedly here to protect you? and did we ask the police to watch us? and do they actually do anything for us other than arrest us and beat us with batons and spray us with poison?

    5. Rebecca says:

      thank you – they are sacrificing their time and comfort to fight for the welfare of so many of us who can’t afford tp pay lobbyists to change tax law to be in our favor

    6. Idratherbegolfing says:

      Talk to Obama about that. His Jobs czar just closed the GE imaging factory in WI and sent thos jobs to China.

  11. The Realist says:

    I’m still waiting for an AUDIT of O.W.S.’s books.

    1. Marco A says:

      Because as we all know, the protesters are the ones that got the bail out.

      1. The Realist says:

        O.W.S. and its top executives are getting all kinds of donations with ZERO accountability. At the very least, they should publicize their I.R.S. 501(c)(3) filing.

        1. Marco A says:

          The banks didn’t open theirs. Let’s start there, first.

          1. The Realist says:

            The banks have never claimed to be 501(c)(3) charities.

        2. Protect and Serve whom exactly says:

          Sort of like unlimited corporate campaign cash in a post-Citizen’s Untied world?

          Uh huh.

        3. Phyllis says:

          Excellent point and I’m glad you made it. Where do the OWS (Only Wasting Space) crowd think their donations are coming from? Last I read, $500,000 is in their pockets with no accountability. They are happy to take the cash – maybe they should just divvy it up equally and mail a check out to all their supporters – model a true redistribution of wealth.

  12. CAL says:

    Please, don’t comment if you are not familiar with the situation first hand.
    You can’t trust everything the conservative-run/owned media reports. The OWS protesters are suprisingly well-organized and have remained peaceful this entire time – the only violence has been inflicted by the police. Sadly, it occurred again in Oakland. I have witnessed the aggressive & disorganized NYPD response to the non-violent gatherings in public spaces, and it has only made me more of a Occupy Wall Street supporter.

    1. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      I am only sorry that I cannot be there. The law enforcement people need to be reeled in and told to cool their emotions. These are American citizens!!!

      1. Bloomberg enough already says:

        Only a matter of time before a New York driver plows into the crowd.Stay on the sidewalk and stop disturbing all of our lives.

        1. Rebecca says:

          Wall street’s shenanigans have unfortunately disturbed MY life, so I am not worried about a protest making things little more difficult around there. And in fact the purpose of peaceful protest to to be noticed – to give voice to those who who have none as individuals. The Boston Tea Party involved breaking into private property and destroying it, and I don’t hear any one these days disputing THAT protest’s legitimacy. And this is a non-partisan issue – this is about retirement funds being pillaged by the already wealthy, jobs being shipped overseas to make business more profitable for the few, businesses being cannibalized to increase profits while putting many more workers out of work – again for the benefit of the few – and then being bailed out – all on the taxpayer dime.

    2. VIK says:

      GOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!! From somebody who’s witnessed it , is sick of it and has to get a 99% butt to work through this b.s. every day. Clean up after your dogs!!!!

      1. calum says:

        sorry. guess you’re a civilian casualty. luckily, the price you pay is a slightly less enjoyable walk (and that’s subjective). in most countries, civilian casualties lose limbs and loved ones. check yourself. think about someone other than yourself. it feels good, try it.

  13. michaelfury says:

    “Word of the violence reverberated in lower Manhattan.”


  14. Ethan F. says:

    Although I am part of the 99% of Americans whose salary does not place them among the 1% of earners, OWS does not speak for me.


  15. Kazoo says:

    ENOUGH already with these people! Please start beating them like baby seals. If you want to march with the oakland protesters then GO there!

    1. Att. Hoar says:

      Hey Capt. Kazoo….we should set up a protest about the people protesting

      1. Kazoo says:

        I think we should.

        1. calum says:

          hey psychopaths, maybe you should head up north and lie about wearing seal cub coats. i hear that can be more fun than having to endure some very light protesting.

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