Poll Finds 43 Percent Agree With Occupy Wall Street Movement

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The latest poll finds nearly half of Americans agree with the views of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The CBS News/New York Times Poll released Tuesday found 43 percent agreed with demonstration, 27 percent disagreed and 30 percent said they were unsure.

Surveys Director Sarah Dutton says the poll also asked how people feel about the distribution of wealth in America.

“Sixty-six percent Americans, two out of three, think that the distribution of money and wealth in America should be more evenly divided. Just 26 percent think that the money and wealth in this country is distributed fairly,” Dutton told WCBS 880. “So clearly Americans think there is an unequal distribution of wealth in this country and that it should be fairer.”

Whether you agree with the movement or not, many residents living near Zuccotti Park have had enough with the noise, trash and other issues in the neighborhood.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reports

That’s why Tuesday night, a lower Manhattan community board passed a resolution that would limit group chanting, drumming and other loud noises to two hours during the day.

Protestors have agreed to the new rules.

Many residents in the area have been trying to work with Occupy Wall Street representatives to come up with some sort of compromise in the neighborhood.

“There is drumming. There are trumpets. There are bugles. There are tambourines. There’s yelling and shouting and chanting late into the night,” resident Ro Sheffe said.

Another concern of those who live or work in the area is where protesters use the bathroom. John Tuttle works a few blocks away and said some of their behavior has become a health hazard.

“I saw a gentleman who was actually using Tupperware containers to urinate in. He actually was dumping it in the street,” Tuttle said.

The new resolution also calls for portable bathrooms to be set up off site.

Also of concern for those who live and work in the area is the number of police barricades that make it difficult to get around.

“We’re urging the NYPD to remove a lot of these barricades,” said Chair of Community Board 1 Julie Menin. “The NYPD has put barricades that are basically blocking access for residents and businesses and people just walking around the neighborhood and we don’t see the need to have this many barricades.”

Last week, demonstrators said they were planning on instituting a “good neighbor policy” as well.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday that the protest in Zuccotti Park has had an impact on the city.

“It is overtime for the police department, it is disruption to businesses in the area, it is good or bad for the city’s reputation,” he said.

Meanwhile, protesters will be on the move again Wednesday.

According to their website, a rally and march planned for Wednesday afternoon and evening will target the health insurance industry.

Organizers are also calling on the public to come and speak out about their “personal struggles with our healthcare system.”

It’s set to kick off at Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield across the street from Zuccotti Park.

The march will then head to WellCare on 5th Avenue before ending at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village.

St. Vincent’s filed for bankruptcy before closing in April of last year.

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  • The Realist

    The professional protesters are becoming just like politicians, in that COMPLAINING about problems is always preferable to actually SOLVING them. (After a problem is solved, you can no longer make money by complaining about it.)

  • Ethan F.

    The OWS crowd purport to represent the 99%. But I ask you, 99% of what? Read more at

    • The Realist

      The O.W.S. crowd represents 100% of the top executives of O.W.S.

  • http://thecryptojournalist.wordpress.com The Cryptojournalist

    The occupiers mean well, but don’t know any better


    If this can be parlayed into an audit of Fort Knox, that’s a huge win

  • Non Bussiness

    does anyone know what they are really protesting ? Did you know they are drug addicts and are backed by a radical democratic fund raising organazition. Does ayone smell a scam here. WHat about the 430 thousand dollars they have amassed.

    • The Realist

      Audit O.W.S. and its senior executives.

  • mj

    i wasn’t polled but i agree with them, NOT with everything they say but most of it

  • The Realist

    “Sixty-six percent Americans, two out of three, think that the distribution of money and wealth in America should be more evenly divided.”

    Okay, then. What is the supposedly “correct” distribution of wealth? What is the “correct” maximum amount of wealth that anybody should be allowed to have?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    What is the difference between a communist and a capitalist? The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: “No man should have so much.” The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: “All men should have as much.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    What is the difference between capitalism and communism? Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man, and communism is the reverse.

  • jme

    modern day Woodstock – run them out of the park – bunch of drug addicts

  • joe america

    Smash the repubs!!!!

    • jasperddbgghost

      Stick it, limp-wrister. Math on this says 57 percent will put the next president in the white house. That president won’t have a (D) by it’s name.

  • Edrews

    Okay, so how do you propose to fix the problem? If you were part of the 1%, would you still wholeheartedly support your solution?

    If, as a member of the 1%, you wouldn’t support your solution, it isn’t a good solution.

    Yes, OWS has the freedom to protest, but their freedom to protest doesn’t outweigh, or override, the freedoms that other entities have. It alos does NOT include the freedom the break the law, or ignore the riules regarding public behavior, or the rules of conduct for Zuccotti Park. Unfortunately, it seems that OWS feels their right to protest allow them to infringe on the riights of other entities and igonre the rules of behavior.

  • arnold

    43% of the 99% agree with their protest? Hmmm.

    • Dennie Ladd

      43% is nearly half must be democratic math

  • Michael H.

    Thank you CBS for protecting my identity from trolls like this person.

    To the troll: I hope your life takes a turn for the better and you find something to do that is far more fulfilling and productive than your sad attempts at pretending to be other people on the internet. It is my opinion that you need psychiatric help, and possibly a daily dose of medication.

  • SandyK

    43% DID NOT say they supported the Occupiers. Read the question again.

    Besides the poll is skewed – as per the usual bias, CBS/NYT has a 10 point gap between republicans and democrats AND over sampled the youth and under sampled 65+ in the poll.

    After all, they needed to get the answer they were looking for, right?

  • Uncle

    Deduct those on welfare, and the illegals, and the poll numbers would change…

  • Maria P

    Sure nearly half of the population agrees with the OWS! Half of the population of the US is on welfare! More that half of this country pay NOTHING in taxes every year, while the other half of us work our BUTTS OFF!!!!! Give me a break.
    Get a job you lazy jerks!

    • mj

      i have a good job and make good money … i’m single , the govt takes about 38% of my pay and i’m not a milionaire . how is that fair ?

    • Dan

      How are you going to call someone lazy that works 40 hours a week or more, and still doesn’t have enough to live on? That is why some people don’t have to pay certain taxes. They still pay some taxes. How about when they shop for groceries, pay their electric bill, or pay for gas they can barely afford to get to work. What about daycare for kids of parents that have to work? I think these people are paying taxes, regardless of what you think.

      • Michael H.

        Exactly. Federal Income Taxes are not the only taxes out there. Gas tax, phone tax, sales tax, state and local taxes, etc. etc. etc. EVERYBODY in this country pays taxes, including illegal immigrants. Maria needs to get off her high horse.

    • Michael H.

      Many people have jobs, work their butts off week after week, yet still fall short of having to pay income tax, and you have the NERVE to call them lazy?

  • Janet

    Sounds to me as if the supporters of OWS want to change our system from Capitalism to Socialism or even Communism.

    • Dan

      Going back to a Capitalist system would be better than the Plutocracy we are in now.

    • The Realist

      Not “as if” but DEFINITELY.

  • monitoringov

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  • steve

    that means 57% don’t agree with OWS. If my math is correct.

  • Todd

    I HAVE AN IDEA ….Why don’t the 43% get off the behinds and make the money and they can “distribute the wealth” any darn way they see fit!

  • sammy

    Are they paying for the pota a potty with their OVER 500K fund that has been collected…btw who is paying the taxes on that fund…after all they claim EVERYONE SHOULD PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE..or am I the taxpaper dropping my shorts for this one too

    • Michael H.

      The city will not issue permits for them to have portable facilities or dumpsters for trash collection. When taxes are concerned you have to take into account the size of each individual donation. I believe if a donation is less than $5000 it is not taxed. I’m sure a CPA can confirm this, if there are any surfing these comments.

  • The Realist

    “The latest poll finds nearly half of Americans agree with the views of the Occupy Wall Street movemen”

    How can anybody agree with a group that isn’t willing to disclose its Official Opinions? First tell me what your demands are, and then I’ll decide whether to agree or not.

    • Tappan ZZ Top

      Or better said, 50% of all Americans [this entire group would comprise the middle class or lower] HATE the idea that the rich, or members of the upperclass, are not helping them, but only profitting off them. And they hate the idea that they have little to no control over the situation. That’s what they HATE. They get an education, work hard, and have little to nothing to show for it.

    • Michael H.

      They have published their grievances multiple times. Just because you’re too lazy to find them doesn’t mean they haven’t put them out there.

  • michaelfury


    • John Moody

      Inciting riot is a felony. I will be sure to forward a link to the proper authorities.

    • Michael H.

      Advocating arson on a public forum. Stay classy, Mike!

  • michaelfury
  • Dan

    I hope the protesters keep this up, even though the police state is trying to stop them. Our country will be in a worse state if the corporations continue to rule over our politicians that we elect to work on behalf of us. I hope the Occupy K Street movement grows as well.

    • michaelfury
    • sammy

      right..instead of corporations buying government let’s let the UNIONS do it

      • Michael H.

        This is a movement started by the people, not the unions. The unions can latch on all they want, but the fact is that this movement was started by the people and will continue to grow as more citizens realize that their voices are being silenced by corporate $$$

        • LiberalsRDopes

          When you say movement. Do you mean the bowl movements these ,wastes of dna, are leaving on doorsteps and cars, etc?

          • Dan

            How long did it take you to come up with that?

          • Michael H.

            Bowel…not bowl.

  • Good Vibes in the back of the park!

    Mushrooms and sex are Zucotti Park routines. Go down and get some. The gay tent has the best Mushrooms, a Hookah and Codoms if you feel you want one, most of the guys are not using them.

    • Kate

      Time for a shower yet? Brush your teeth? Wash your hair or hands?
      Bloomberg should be enforcing the rules, instead he is useless, Entirely responsible for this disease pit. Does the park close at night Bloomberg? Is it open for camping? Get real! Quick or they’ll be much too regret!

      • Nice and slow like


        Why don’t you head on down, babe, I’ll let you sponge-bathe me.

  • Richie

    Hey what’s up in Atlanta, and Oakland .They were going to let the protesters stay in the park in Atlanta until the 7th of November. They cleared the park forcing the protesters out and arresting some. I say please be peaceful but once force is introduced the rules change..It’s the communists that are doing this. They want to stay in their upper one percent class. Meanwhile they say the protesters are communists. What gives. Stand up America, fight back for your rights. Keep up the good work. OWS. you are the true Americans this country was founded upon.

    • peter

      Apparently you have no concept of what communism is.

  • Bongos

    OOPS! I thought this was a free country

    • DanTe

      It doesn’t mean you’re free to infringe on other people’s freedoms. D/ckwad.

      • Richie

        You can leave a comment but refrain from using those ghetto words DanTe.

        • T DESMOND


      • Michael H.

        What freedoms are being infringed?

    • Sick of RE T AR DS

      Doesn’t mean you’re free to infringe on other people’s freedom to enjoy their private property. RE T AR D

      • Michael H.

        This is private property that is required to be open to the public 24/7/365. The public is the one using the property.

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