Truck Driver Goes High-Tech, But Is Still Busted Trying To Cheat GWB Toll

Electronic Toggle Switch For License Plate No Match For Veteran PA Officer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You may recall an incident last month when a Virginia truck driver tried to evade a $65 toll on the George Washington Bridge by rigging up a mechanism reminiscent of James Bond.

Well, it appears he may have set a trend. In fact, that guy’s approach is now antiquated

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Hears From A Hawk-Eyed Port Authority Officer

Since the higher Port Authority tolls took effect on Sept. 18, there have been 35 toll cheats that have been caught manipulating their license plate trying to cross the GWB, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

The latest incident occurred on Tuesday when sharp-eyed, veteran Port Authority Officer Jason Malice caught driver Edgar Malin manipulating his license plate to dip down and then pop into place as he passed the toll.

The trucker installed a toggle switch on his dashboard which electronically made the license plate flip up, so the E-ZPass machine couldn’t read it. He avoided paying the $65 toll, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

License plate toggle switch

The Port Authority said an innovative truck driver installed this electronic toggle switch to flip up his license plate so it would not be read by E-ZPass scanner on the George Washington Bridge. (Photo: CBS 2)

Malice said he “reached down, got the plate back and I see there was a mechanical device connected to the plate.”

“When the toggle switch was pushed back down, it would bring the plate back into the normal position,” Malice said. “Pretty much takes the cake on it. He really put money into this.”

“I was actually shocked. This one was more of a higher-tech device,” Malice told Kramer.

Apparently, Malin bought the device on eBay for $40.

Another driver, Greg Aaron, said it is the Port Authority that is stealing.

“You know, nobody is mentioning about the toll, they keep talking about how somebody’s covering a plate, but they’re not talking about a $65 toll for a truck,” he said.

“Now you’re starting to see some tricks, you know, that you weren’t seeing before,” Malice said.

Malin, the busted truck driver, was apparently driving with a suspended license and was given a number of summonses and eventually released.

But not everyone was feeling sorry for the truck driver.

“I think they should be looking at how much the tolls cost, obviously. For trucks, it’s $65. They have some kind of motive to do that,” said Greg Ahrens of Edgewater, N.J., told CBS 2’s Kramer. “It’s becoming cost prohibitive.”

“The toll went up. People need to pay the toll and if they’re going to protest they have to protest in a different way,” added Joan Falchetti of North Bergen, N.J.

“If you’re going to take the bridge then you have to pay,” said Rita Cohen of Fort Lee, N.J.

The message from the Port Authority is simple: whether you drive a truck or a car there is no license to cheat the toll collector.

“We will prosecute you. We will catch you. It’s not worth it to save $65 to be locked uptown in jail and have to pay penalties and fines,” Port Authority Inspector Norma Hardy said.

Innovative or infuriating?  What do you think of the latest toll cheating incident? 


One Comment

  1. Frank says:

    do u blame the guy??? total highway robbery 65 dollars is a disgrace !!!!! they should organize a week of outrage EVERY driver blow past the toll plaza till they lower the tolls they cant catch everyone !!!!!

  2. Tired of paying someone else's tolls says:

    Let’s talk about the errant tolls charged to people because someone blows through the booth without an EZ pass tag. Why aren’t the police involved in that. Just beacuse someone blows past the tolls with a license plate with the same digits but in a different order as an old plate of mine, I get charged for that persons tolls. By the way that old plate of mine was surrrendered to DMV back at the bginning of the year. Why isn’t EZ pass checking with DMV for the owners of plates that don’t have tags, before they assess the tolls to the next closest plate……But we won’t hear about that, will we.

  3. Pete Gaughenba says:

    $65? This government is thievery. I would rather deal with the Mafia. The price of everything is going up, up, up while the value of our money is going down. I have not gotten a raise in 3 years. Where is all of this money supposed to come from?

  4. Richie says:

    I think the price of crossing the bridge is literally highway robbery. America we need to stop this corruption. One day we need to all get together by the thousands and go thru the toll booths, like in the song convoy back in the 70’s done by C.W. McCall. Crash the gates doing 98.
    Prices are out of control.

  5. Att. Hoar says:

    I want one…

  6. Vernon Hell says:

    A PA cop named Malice? That’s rich!

  7. jim says:

    talk about highway robbery 65.00 to cross a bridge …i would rather swim

    1. jim says:

      is it paved in gold might as well be at those prices

  8. Mr Helpful says:

    Working on it…. Have developed a fairly low-cost lcd that will have a picture of your plate over your real one. Then, when you want “privacy” you simply press a button and it will display one of three other images for 10 to 20 seconds. Great for speed cameras or toll “reduction”!

    Just need to work out a way to make it easier to remove (for theft prevention), and get the cost down a little more.

    Coming soon, to the internets near you!

  9. Bernard Rappoport says:

    This is solely to inflate the big egos of Port Authority. This is a quasi-governmental body with no clear control mechanism, no way for citizens to tell them how to act. The fact that they have “police”, basically goons and bullies, security guards run amok, thinking they are as good as the real NYPD and the State Troopers, but basically lifers who want a slack job and sit on their butts all day to collect a fat pension without being in any danger….collecting tolls and telling smokers at the bus terminal to snuff their cigarettes while REAL cops walk the beat in the Bronx and Harlem…boy, you PA Police would crap your pants and cry like babies if you ever ran into REAL crime. Nobody wanted WTC II…just overpaid political hacks abusing their authority and trying to ram the New World Order down our throats. It is time for us all to follow Alex Jones and ship these blowhards to a deserted island in the Pacific.

  10. DaEmph says:

    with these ridiculous high prices for tolls, I don’t blame the guy…just too bad he got caught.

  11. ace11 says:

    it’s definetly worth trying it

    just DONT get caught

    1. Bernard Bernake not caught says:

      That is why you cannot Aut the FED.

      Happy Hanacuha All you Goldman Sachs Million Dollar Bonus Boys

      on our taxed backs

  12. tommyguns says:

    everybody is ass=raping everybody these days especially the government and its bueracracies. the only way to win is not to cant justify the price or reasoning behind anything anymore and how bout the price of gas and smokes and God forbid if you gotta pay full boat on prescriptions and how bout everybody payn them school and property taxes and the beat goes on baby

  13. Jim says:

    It is a total shakedown. Givin up hope of the people in this town sacking every single elected official and runnning the state for the people who live there.

  14. p8nt says:

    The WTC didn’t need to be rebuilt, its all this propaganda largely in part by the Port Authority, that they are rebuilding it. Watch it suffer the same wrath as Xanadu.

  15. Barry Levine says:

    Felix Procacci
    Me and a few other guys are coming to work you over because you robbed me of the opportunituy to say the same exact words that you said….do nothing jobs with plenty overtime to increase the pension to the same amount or more than the salary, every “executive” has an assistant and a dozen secretaries, and the only guy who is really earning his pay is the guy who is cleaning the toilet rooms.

  16. Felix Procacci says:

    The Port Authority is legalized organized crime. There is no good reason why tolls should be so high. Most of the money doesn’t go toward the bridge, tunnel, or road being tolled. It goes towards worthless jobs that produce nothing and buildings like the World Trade Center that have no benefit to the typical motorist

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