By Chris Colton, Sports Producer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — What started as a joke among friends has taken on a life of its own for Brooklynite Adam Rosen.

After Rex Ryan made headlines last December for allegedly taking part in foot-fetish videos, Rosen and company got a kick out of the idea of brandishing a foam foot – instead of the customary foam finger — around at Jets games.

On it, a simple message: “Hey Rex, Victory Is Afoot.”

Eight months later, as Gang Green was getting ready to start their season against the Cowboys, they still found the idea amusing. So Rosen thought, why not go for it?

He did his research and found that foam feet molds were already being produced – mostly for podiatry conventions.

“I thought, ‘Wow that exists, and I can do it for a reasonable about of money,’” Rosen told “So I thought what the heck, why not?”

Rosen completed his creation prior to the Jets’ Week 4 loss at Baltimore. He took it on the road and sold a few units. The next week in New England, sales went through the roof – to the tune of about 80 foam feet.

But on a Monday night in October against the Dolphins, Rosen quickly learned the perils of selling on-site after security confiscated a full bag of merchandise outside MetLife Stadium.

It was clear he needed a better way to get his foam feet to Jets nation. Enter, where NFL buffs can buy the gag at $10 apiece.

Rosen says the reactions, even at East Rutherford, have been “almost unanimously positive.”

“In Baltimore, the few sales that I got were actually from Jets fans,” he said. “The Jets fans have actually really taken to it. I mean, some people think it’s completely stupid or … whatever, but most people tend to really like it.”

The 28-year-old entrepreneur has a message for those who might not find the humor in his product.

“This is the new wave in novelty amusements,” said Rosen. “I think you’ve got to open your mind a little.”

Rosen admits he isn’t a huge sports fan. If he pulls for anyone, it’s the Orioles. Maybe the Ravens.

But the Baltimore native says his foam feet aren’t meant to be malicious. He’s actually a huge backer of the Jets’ boisterous head coach.

“Honestly, I’m more of a Rex Ryan fan than anything else. I love Rex Ryan,” said Rosen. “He’s a real human being. He’s relatable and he’s funny.”

For now, Rosen doesn’t have any plans for a follow-up novelty. He’d just be pleased if breaking even was — ahem — afoot.

Or, as he says: “I’m taking it one foot at a time.”

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