Italian Greyhound ‘Tali’ Attacked By Pit Bull Mix In Prospect Park; Owner Needs Help

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Brooklyn woman is hoping the owners of the dog that attacked hers will come forward and do the right thing.

His breed is built for speed, but Tali the Italian Greyhound won’t be moving fast anytime soon, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported.

Tali and his owner Kasia Bednarska were at Prospect Park on Monday when Bednarska said a much larger Pit Bull mix ran up and- barreled into Tali — sending him flying. The dog suffered a broken leg in the attack.

Bednarska says she cried for help as she cradled her wounded dog, but the man and woman with the Pit Bull mix ignored her. “They walked away, they walked off … they walked right away,” Bednarska said.

“Whenever he moves, he’s crying and whining, sometimes I don’t sleep at night because he’s crying all night,” Bednarska said.

Bednarska used her rent money to pay for the dog’s visit to the animal ER Monday and the veterinarian says Tali needs surgery that could cost $3,000.

Bednarska is playing “doggy detective” trying to find the owners of the Pit Bull mix. She is putting up fliers, and has also turned to the Internet posting an ad on Craigslist.

Bednarska is hoping the owners of the dog named “Nola” or “Noah” will do the right thing and help pay for treatment of Tali’s broken leg. “I think ethically, they should reach out to me. Maybe they don’t have money, I don’t know what’s in their head.”

Other dog owners told Aiello it’s a shame the couple with the Pit Bull walked away. Veterinarians say you naturally focus on your dog when it is injured, but it’s vital to get contact information from the owner of the other dog, as well as names and addresses of any witnesses.

Bednarska’s dog needs help, and she needs help paying for it.

The vet treating Tali has agreed to accept donations for the upcoming surgery, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital at 365 7th Ave in Brooklyn. Phone number is 718-832-3899. They will accept credit card donations over the phone for Tali.

Bednarska is going this route because she is not comfortable accepting cash donations, Aiello reported. If more money is donated than is required, the Vet Hospital said it will donate the excess to an animal care organization.

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  1. Joan says:

    I was at a beach in Suffolk this weekend with my Great Dane puppy who is as sweet as can be. I pulled up and my car was surrounded by two Shepard mixes off leash. No one in sight. When the owner arrived, i asked if i could let my pup out. She said the male was O.K and would put the female on the leash. I said mine was very friendly and would still go up to the female. She said no problem- Shame on me! My poor puppy was attacked by her bog while it was on a leash, she did nothing to hold it back and was bit in the back thigh. She just walked off into the woods. This dog should never be off the leash or around other dogs in public!!! People are just not reponsible.

  2. Kat says:


    II disagree that “when you bring your dog to the park to play off-leash, you accept that accidents can and will happen”. By law, pets are property, and like cars, they are subject to the control and liability of their owners. It does not make a difference wheather it was off leash or not, attack or play. If someone’s dog gets injured, shouldn’t the owners of that dog come forward and offer help, even if it’s non-monetary..for example take the dog to the vet and ask how is the dog doing? In the end it’s really about ethics, but apparently sometimes they vanish when possible monetary loses appear on the horizon. I feel that every dog owner should take responsibility for the dog’s actions. Maybe then the story like this would not make it to the news.

  3. William says:

    @Kat – yet the owners original Craigslist posting made no mention whatsoever of an ‘attack’ and, if I remember correctly, her dog was off-leash, as well. Sorry – when you bring your dog to the park to play off-leash, you accept that accidents can and will happen; an attack is another story, but that’s neither here nor there as the ‘attack’ seems to be part of a revisionist history.

  4. kennelltech says:

    Kill the owners and train the dog.

  5. Kat says:


    I witnessed the situation and the other dog was not playing. He run from far away at the little dog and collide into him. The Greyhound was standing still. And whether it was play or not, responsibility falls on the one person whose dog did the damage. Look up the civil law. Also, the greyhound was far away from the off leash area where all other dogs were.

  6. Brandy says:

    I am an owner of an Italian Grey and this is why i do not take my dog to the dog run. A big dog playing around could really hurt an IG without meaning too. . But , are we sure it was a “PIT BULL MIX”. Could it have been a rottwieler mix? Or some other mix? If the owners didnt stop how do we really know the bread? I hope the owners read this post and are ashamed for walking away when any size dog was injured with a panicked owner. not nice!

  7. William says:

    What a bunch of irresponsible reporting on behalf of CBS. When dogs play, they run in to each other. This was not attack and characterizing it as such is a) a ploy to garner more sympathy and donations b) a ploy to garner more attention and reader/viewership.

  8. Kasia says:

    Hello Angels!

    After CBS news covered the story I have been contacted by many Angels who offered help with the surgery. I wanted to say Thank You to all those who reached out to me. I have never been showered with so much kindness. Most importantly, my dog is going to see one of the best Orthopedic Vet this Tuesday. This would’ve not be possible if it wasn’t for CBS news and all the Angels who helped Tali get his treatment. 11-11-11 to me was a very special day that thought me something…that people are indeed good and caring! I will keep everyone posted on his progress of his treatment and make some videos of him on You Tube. Again..Million Thanks to everyone! I truly appreciate your kindness and God Bless You all…

  9. tipllub says:

    Another important information:

    United Animal Nations has compiled a directory with over 100 programs that provide financial assistance with veterinary care. The directory is updated monthly. For more information, visit:

  10. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  11. Sandra says:

    Being body slammed by another dog is a form of attack. Why wasn’t that dog on a leash? It’s pretty clear from their actions that the Pit Mix owners are not responsible dog owners. No one (dog or human) appreciates being barreled over by a dog – playful or not. I have been through a broken leg surgery and recovery with my dog. It’s expensive and very time-consuming. I hope the Italian Greyhound owner gets financial help and that someone will help her with the recovery. I plan to send her vet a check.

  12. really32 says:

    As an Italian Greyhound owner, I would like to agree with djwt. While it is truly horrible that the IG broke his leg and inexcusable that the pit bull owners walked away, characterizing it as a PITBULL ATTACK!! is also irresponsible. Pit Bulls are big strong dogs and that’s how many of them play. They play a little rough. That doesn’t make them mean. People with smaller less muscle-y dogs need to use a heavy dose of caution when allowing their dogs around bigger dogs no matter what the breed. Sounds like the PB owners were in the wrong by not controlling their dog not the dog for just being a dog. They should come forward and do the right thing.

  13. elizabeth says:

    I witnessed a little 2 lb yorkie mix get viciously attacked and instantly killed just this past Tuesday, The dog responsbile was a pittie, tied up and left unattend/unspervised outside a grocery store in a heavily trafficked area, in the same neighborhood as this attack. I am proposing legislation to the NYC council and NYS legislation that will outlaw the tethering of dogs outside of public establishments, and also calling for dogs known for dog on dog agression be muzzled in public. Neither of these incidences should have occured. And it’s the owner’s fault, not the dog.You do not set up for failure an already horribly maligned breed.

  14. djwt says:

    Terrible what happened to the greyhound and I hope that she finds the owners and they do the right thing and help her with the vet bills, but this doesn’t sound like a “PITBULL ATTACK!” like your headline and sensational graphic suggests. Sounds like an unfortunate case of a bigger dog running into and knocking over a smaller dog, which is an hourly occurrence at any dog run. Shame on you CBS. Pitbulls in New York are vilified enough without your help.

  15. dubv says:

    If you care about your dog, find out what dogs from fighting breeds look like and do not allow your dog near them. Fighting breeds are much more likely to have dog-directed aggression.

  16. Fran says:

    There is a thing called Chipin where people could help and contribute to help the doc get tit surgery. I would also hope some compassionate vet would see the story and volunteer surgery. Any way to reach owner to help ?

  17. Matthew Behrman says:

    I hope they find the owners of the Pit Bull and they should pay for the surgery also they should apolgized to the owner as well for ingoring her

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