Wife Of Ex-FOX 5 Reporter Accused Of Sexually Abusing Daughter Mounts Defense On Internet

Monica Leaf Says Her Husband, Charles, Is Innocent, Says Nanny Set Him Up

HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There are shocking allegations against a former news reporter, accused of sexually abusing his young daughter.

For the first time his wife is publicly defending him and is asking for donations to help his case, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

It was a stunning on-camera appearance – the wife of former FOX 5 reporter Charles Leaf defending him on her new website.

“Hello, my name is Monica Leaf and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the great injustice that has been done to my family,” she says on the site.

“One year ago my husband was falsely accused of sexually abusing our daughter, who was then 4 years old.”

Prosecutors allege the sexual molestation took place inside the leaf home in Wyckoff, N.J.

“Our family has been shattered and ruined,” Monica Leaf said.

But she said her husband passed a polygraph test and that their nanny at the time encouraged their daughter, now 5, to lie.

“She told me ‘mommy, daddy never hurt me. Daddy never touched me in a wrong way,’” Monica Leaf said. “She then proceeded to tell me that our nanny had told her to say these things. Why? To this day I don’t know.”

No one answered the door Wednesday at Mrs. Leaf’s home. Sources told Sloan it was the nanny who took the case to prosecutors.

“At first I didn’t know what to believe, clearly. Do you believe your daughter? Do you believe your husband? But within hours I knew that this was not true,” she said.

The Bergen County prosecutor has not commented, but a former prosecutor with the office told Sloan polygraphs are admissible and that investigators are thorough with cases like this.

“They have special investigators that have been trained to interview children. When they interviewed the child, that would be videotaped,” attorney Jay Fahey said.

The former reporter is also charged with having child pornography on his computer. There’s no mention of that on the website. Still, Monica Leaf is asking for help with legal fees.

“We need to bring this loving father and husband and innocent man home,” she said.

Charles Leaf will appear in the Bergen County courtroom on Dec. 9. Could the charges be dismissed? Legal analysts said it’s highly unlikely, but added what is possible is his wife taking the stand in his defense during the trial.

Charles Leaf has pleaded not guilty to all the charges, including possession of child pornography.

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  1. Trevolution says:

    Some mass media mudslinging. Way to go CBS. Slow news day, or just more Kardashian-esc useless drama-fodder for the sheeple?

  2. Dale says:

    This poor guy is being set-up by the nanny…Reason: Retaliation for his investigative reporting of the 9-11 mosque Developer a year ago…

  3. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  4. Joe Rigg says:

    Of course a man is presumed guilty and put in jail if someone even hints he did such a thing. No rights for men. Only accusers are to be believed in this sick society that only looks for more sickness.

  5. Da Troot says:

    I don’t get it. They say he was charged with having child pornography, but provide a link to a story that doesn’t mention any such charge. It does, however, quote an official as saying the victim was an acquaintance of the suspect. How can his daughter recant a molestation that happened to an acquaintance? Hideous reporting.

  6. Linda Elsey says:

    If this man is innocent this is truly a tragedy. Hopefully the nanny has or will be given a polygraph also.

  7. Linda says:

    If this man is innocent this is truly a tragedy. Hopefully the nanny has or will be given a polygraph also.

  8. Just curious says:

    Is it not possible that the nanny who coached the daughter to lie, also had unrestricted access to the computer, and downloaded pr0n to help in the setup?

    1. Debbie Paesano says:

      I had the same thought, however what is the motive for the nanny to even set up something like this. What does she gain from it. Was she trying to split up the family, b/c they were going to let her go, and it was revenge for losing her job. Pretty sick thing to do. The nanny she be brought up on charges of child endangerment, just for talking to the child about sexual things that adults do to children. That child had no idea that adults did those things until the nanny prompted her to say that it happened. Hopefully when they have the experts talk to her, she’ll tell them the same thing she told her mom, that her dad never touched her at all. The daughter was at a vulnerable age, & the nanny took advantage of that. In the meantime the child has not seen or been allowed to be with her dad for a whole yr, & this poor man is now labeled as a sex offender. I hope everything works out for the family when he goes to court on Dec. 9th. & the nanny will get the punishment from God one day, b/c only he knows why she did this. What goes around comes around. And as for the nanny PAY BACK IS A BI~CH!

  9. SELL YOUR HOME..... says:

    If the child porn stuff is true and I don’t see why not, then how did it get there? How in the world did it get put into his home computer? His wife, no his 4yo kid no let me guess his nanny?

    If he was into that then he should definitely go to jail for that…How can she be defending him knowing this stuff about child porn on his pc? How can she be asking for help for money to help him out? Why can’t she put the house up for sale if she loves him and believes him that much and use the sale money for his legal defense team?


    God forbid if this was a poor Hispanic or black with no house or any major property to sell the’d be f@#$d….

    1. Da Troot says:

      “God forbid if this was a poor Hispanic or black with no house or any major property to sell the’d be f@#$d….”
      Really? Because those are precisely the children that suffer hideous and repeated abuses with no intervention at all. This little girl says she was never harmed, yet her father is still in jail. Get some perspective.

  10. SickofOWS says:

    I almost cried when i read what a loving father he is, so inocent as she was saying until i got to where they mention possession of child pornography as one of the charges against him..Then i say..HANG THE SOB !!!!

  11. Alex Seredin says:

    Obviously that someone wanted the guy’s job, badly enough to create this fiasco!

  12. Vik says:

    What a stupid woman!!! YOUR HUSBAND IS A SICK, PERVERTED P.O.S. Hope he rots for what he did.

  13. Sal says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all ask for donations to pay our bills?

  14. cat on a hot tin roof says:

    Are they sure Mr. Leaf never coached football in Happy Valley?

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