School Board To Let 9 Wayne Hills Students Accused Of Assault Play Football

WAYNE, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Nine New Jersey high school football players who were suspended after being arrested for assault will be allowed to play in Friday’s playoff game.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

Early Friday morning, the school board reportedly voted unanimously to allow the nine members of the Wayne Hills team to take the field in the playoff game against Paramus.

The decision came after hundreds of people, including dozens of Wayne Hills football players, packed a meeting Thursday night to voice their opinions to the school board.

On Wednesday, the acting superintendent suspended nine players of the team after they were arrested in connection with the assault of two students at a rival high school.

The players were allowed to participate in last weekend’s game despite their arrests, but Superintendent Michael Roth later decided they couldn’t participate in the playoff game.

It was an issue that divided the community.

“You’re not hurting nine young men here. You’re hurting a whole community,” resident Chris Connolly said.

Wayne Hills coach Chris Olsen said he and his family have received insults and threats over the arrested players playing last week.

“No one in this room condones fighting or any type of violence. I think that’s a given,” Olsen said. “This week is a nightmare. My wife and my family have been called everything in the book. ‘You’re a disgrace. You’re a pig.'”

The nine players were charged last month, including star wide receiver Andrew Monaghan. Police said Monaghan and the other eight, who are not being named because they are under the age 18, assaulted two teens after a party. One victim was knocked unconscious.

The school board reversed its decision to allow the students to play after a four hour closed door meeting.

Around 1 a.m., they announced the decision to a group of about 30 people.

“The evidence presented at the hearing which the board and the superintendent had not previously had access to, raised substantial concern regarding the nature and extent of the involvement of some of the students in the incident,” said board president Donald Pavlak Jr.

The playoff game between Wayne Hills and Paramus kicks off Friday at 7 p.m. in Wayne.

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One Comment

  1. glad I don't live in Wayne says:

    Just heard about this a few days ago and have done a lot of catching up. No one has proved anything yet the only facts are that two young boys were beaten silly and there is enough evidence to charge these nine. That their lawyers say they have proof, they did provide it only stated it, that three weren’t there is not proven either. How with on on going investigation into such a violent crime could the BOE allow them to play. It doesn’t surprise me, the coaches actions, from what I have read. He is the only coach to be brought before the NJSIAA controversies board twice. in 1992 he was fined $200 and put on 2 year probation for suggesting the refs should die in hell to the press. Guess they lost that game. In 1998 for various violations including hiring volunteer coaches, one had been convicted of drug charges, and they found he misrepresented and lied about the facts of these incidences. They also took action because they found the BOE actions to be woefully inadequate for the charges. Sound familiar, this man has no ethics and cares only about the win, should not be coaching youth.

  2. No Judge And Jury says:

    Has anyone ever heard of a victum telling a tale of lies? Has anyone ever heard of charges being dropped after the true story is known? Has anyone ever heard of police and prosecutors amd the media being sued for making mistakes in the arrests of people and the reporting? Remember Duke lacrosse? Fortunately you fine citizens don’t live in the old west you would just throw 9 ropes over a tree limb and hang the kids. Hell with a trial to hell with evidence. Does anyone get that at least 3 of the accused have proven beyond any doubt they were niot there? What does that tell you about the accuser? Has anyone ever heard of an instigator in a fair fight getting whooped?

  3. Bob says:

    I find it hard to believe that they are allowed to play. The students?/players putting themselves in a position where they could be charged for some a CRIME such as this should have been enough to suspend them. When I played high school, College, and Pro football the coaches preached for you to always be aware of where you were, who you were with and when you needed to leave to avoid potential problems. If the coach was teaching them to be Men and citizens of their community these boys would have walked away or not put themselves in the situation (two boys do not attack nine) to begin with. The coach should be Man enough to discipline the boys, remember coach perception IS REALITY in most cases. The board caved to the lawyers and the intimidation of the players at the meeting in uniforms?? The adults in this case need to be just that ADULTS!! The adults should be ashamed of themselves!!

    1. No Judge And Jury says:

      What would you say if you knew the so called victim was the instigator and got the worst of it in a fair fight and told a tall tale to authorities! Remember 3 of the players accused have already proven they weren’t there. Doesn’t that tell you something? Remember Duke lacrosse?

  4. gotacomment says:

    Wayne Hills = PSU/OSU East. It doesn’t matter what these spoiled brats/animals with cleats and helmets do as long as they win games. The coach is obviously an ego-maniacal idiot, but the parents who whelped these cretinous louts–and who foolishly raise the money to keep this nonsense going– should be spayed and neutered and thir oafish offspring whipped through the streets. This incident is one more excellent argument for keeping sports at all levels intramural, if these programs have to exist at all.

  5. Not A Judge and Jury says:

    How many of you wonderful people are going to publish appologies when the charges are dropped and the police admit there was a rush to judgement?

    1. Don Gorton says:

      Sounds like you’ve rushed to judgment and acquitted the defendants of serious charges before the trial. Our society is taking bullying more seriously because it causes suicides and homicides. It’s difficult to see any social good that comes out of minimizing the suffering of the victims and vindicating the accused before the evidence is in. It’s painfully obvious that building character is a secondary consideration for many fans of high school football. Football teams should get off the public dole and carry their own weightl.

  6. Elmwood Park Resident says:

    In all the venom being spewed by lthe news accounts and law abiding citizens all I read is sentences containing alledged and arrests can someone tell me what these kids were convicted of? And how many of you venom spewing citizens were there to know what happened please fill me in on the facts.

    1. Wayne Resident says:

      WOW.!..”CHARGED WITH ASSAULT”…do you have any idea how the law works? Do you know the difference between being charged and convicted? ….just because the entire town was not there, don’t you think that is what a local law enforcement agency is here for? gathering data in an ingoing investigation to support the charges.

      1. Elmwood Park Resident says:

        Please reread what I wrote I’m on the kids side. I was being sarcastic thinking maybe that would get through to the thunderheads.

      2. Elmwood Park Resident says:

        Shouldn’t the police have the facts before making arrests?

  7. Wayne Resident says:

    This could have all been avoided if calmer heads could have prevailed. The facts: 9 Wayne Hills Football players charged with assault on 2 Wayne Valley students….Those are the FACTS!! like it for not. Why didn’t AD/Coach Olsen just sit them down, and get them to understand the life lesson here. Olsen would have been praised for his actions and viewed as a leader in this community. Instead he comes across like a fool and a man that must control everything.

    1. Non Wayne Resident says:

      The definition of “charged” has been changed to mean convicted? It has been a few years siince I graduated from college so I guess I missed that change. The media said the Duke lacrosse players were guilty as sin but yet after going through HELL it was proven they did nothing wrong. The police aren’t even sure who was there. As far as a fool look in the mirror because someone that spouts facts that in fact aren’t is the fool.

  8. Non Wayne Resident says:

    Read the Record editorial today where the editor condemns these young men even though it has been proven at least three were not there and in the article quotes the chief of police as saying stop making statements based on conjecture and innuendo because they are not even surre of the facts. I will never buy the Record again it is a RAG! Don’t assume because someone gets the worst of it in a fight that they are victims.

  9. LED Lampen says:

    This surely makes great sense to me!!!

  10. UPSET says:

    Excuse me Crusader- you must be an animal and a pig! How dear you make the statements you are making . Calling all of Hills thugs, punks, animals and pigs. You should be ashamed of yourself. I have children, family and friends in Hills who are none of what you’re saying. 9 kids dont make up the enire school! Are you kidding!!! I Dont agree with what was done, but there are always too sides. Also, if these 9 kids were not involved in sports, with this even make the news? Would they be suspended from school activity, most likely not. You wouldn’t even hear about it. It would be handled by the courts as this should be. You, me, the school borad, parent, coaches, etc do not have the right to decide what should happen with this situation, the courts do. Isn’t this the USA, innocent until proven guilty. I dont agreed at all of what was done, but to make the statement yoiu are making it a sin!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. eric says:

    The team should do the right thing and for fit the game. At the end of a game you shake the hands of your fellow players as a team. Send home the message that u need to be nice as a team to everyone or there will be consiquences

    1. Non Wayne Resident says:

      Eric you are obviously illiterate so I guess you can’t read the news accounts so how did you hear about this?

  12. Mark Salviano says:

    Coach Olsen should fired. The nine students should of course NOT be allowed to play. The school board should not give in to pressure. I spoke at the board meeting last night. No one listened.

    If the nine student are found guilty they should be expelled from school.

    I paid taxes to Wayne, thus I’m paying for those thugs to play football! is this some kind of joke? I want my money back!

    1. Gul says:

      I agree, . Are other parents goingi to pile in and complain about the thugs? I wlill go too.

    2. Wayne Mom says:

      I watched the board meeting last night. I did see you speak. You said nothing close to this in your speech. You talked about remorse. You never said you the boys shouldnt play, you just said you wanted to hear an apology. Well I dont think you deserve an apology, your a coward. You get on your computer after the fact and now you lash out? You had the perfect opportunity last night and you chose to talk about apologies.

      1. troooooth says:

        wayne mom, YOU need to go back to school, learn the difference-your and you’re

  13. Non Wyane resident says:

    The truth is not necessarily the first story printed! Remember Duke lacrosse? Two of the accused were not even there!!

  14. Mr. Morality says:

    This is totally ridiculous. Paramus should appeal this ruling immediately and sue.

  15. Nancy says:

    Can’t believe these football players are aloud to play in tonites game after almost killing these kids. how F**ked up I so embrassed to say I went to Wayne Hills.. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Coach Olsen, you should teach these boys a lesson instead of worring about winning a game..

    1. Elmwood Park Resident says:

      Your credibility goes out the window with your choice of language but where did you hear that they were almost killed? You must be psychic and know more than the police go fill them in.

  16. Wayne Resident says:

    State play-offs, they should have to forfeit the game if they can’t play without these thugs. From what I hear, Olsen promotes this type of behavior. There is no sportsmanship being taught in our schools! I am so glad my tax dollars go to such a worthy cause. Lets just give all of them more money in their contracts! Chris Connolly, “Hurting a whole community”???? You have got to be kidding! They have parents, don’t they? If my son beat someone half to death he wouldn’t see the light of day, never-mind play sports.

  17. Beth G says:

    Someone was either coerced or paid off. I see no difference in the boards ability to turn a blind eye to this as the administration did at Penn State.

  18. Yay Team! says:

    That’ll show those teens who’s boss! They are! Now they’ll be better prepared for further molly-coddling in college & pro football.

  19. Mari says:

    Being a parent of a HS football player I am not at all surprised they decided to let them play…afterall, it’s ALL about winning isn’t it? Who cares about the message they’re sending to these atheletes, who cares about consequences, lets just win some football! What an absolute disgrace & of course the Bd. Members caved to these parents who are themselves bullies! THANK GOODNESS MY SONS SCHOOL WHIPPED WAYNES BUTT THIS SEASON!

    1. Non Wayne Resident says:

      Talk about all about winning St Joes’ turns away qualified appicants to stay group 3 so they can win championships and not face Don Bosco and Bergen Catholic in games that matter. You’re so smart what were these kids convicted of? The kids that have proven they weren’t there what were they convicted of?
      I mean they weren’t there that’s no excuse they should still be punished. By the way are you hosting one of the out of state players?

  20. Love NYC says:

    Generation after generation this goes on. A whole community hurt? Really want to watch a great game? Send them to Rikers Island for a nice game of football against the inmates. They want violence? That ought to give them more than enough fight time.

  21. Srhandres says:

    Shame on the board and these parents for allowing this. What a disgrace.

  22. Craig says:

    Awesome. Football rules and these athletes should be above the law. I loved the parent who said that the community was being hurt. What a great lesson for these poor misunderstood athletes.

  23. Joan C says:

    Oh great. Nice lesson to teach the kids. “Sure, go ahead and commit crimes, you can still play football” This community needs a wakeup call. Since when is a game more important than teaching a life lesson?

    1. SHAME ON THEM ALL.... says:

      Joan, you are 100 percent correct!!! This community is sick and perverted by allowing these kids to have their wish to play football after what they did….

      1. Crusader says:

        Wayne Hills are a bunch of thugs and punks. Therir parents are sadists.The leasgue should not let these 9 thiugs play. Don’t we have a new bullying law on the books? They stole the championship from OT last year with rigged refs
        Pascack Valley will kick their butts. Everyone associated with Wayne Hills are animals and pigs. I am sure the civil suits will come fast and furious.

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