With 9 Players Sidelined, Wayne Hills Wins Championship Game Saturday

WAYNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Despite being down nine players, Wayne Hills High School wins a state championship football game against Old Tappan Saturday.

Their sidelined players were were banned from tonight’s game after being charged with assaulting two students from wayne valley high school in october.

The school won at the Meadowlands, 15-12.

The teens had filed a lawsuit to be allowed to play, but their efforts were shot down by a judge and the State Department of Education.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

On Friday, New Jersey’s acting education commissioner upheld the suspensions of the nine high school football players who are accused of beating up two students of a rival school at a party in Oct.

The players, eight juveniles and one adult, face assault charges stemming from the fight.

Speaking exclusively Saturday to 1010 WINS, the mother of one of the accused insists her son did nothing wrong. The teen’s mother says he should’ve been allowed to play.

“His and everybody else’s names are going to out there tonight. They’re juveniles, you’re supposed to protect that,” she said. “That’s the one thing we were trying to argue with the Board. Until you have the facts of this case, which you don’t, how can you punish these children? Ours in particular because we’ve already proved to you that he was not there.”

Attorneys for the players had argued they were punished without due process and that at least two of the players weren’t even involved in the alleged attack.

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One Comment

  1. AURYN says:

    Wow. What a win. Are you all kidding? The star players of the “winning” team should have been benched also. Then we can talk about a fair game…..

    1. Huh says:

      What are yopu talking about Auryn your a little confused

  2. mistyeyed61 says:

    Great game guys!! Way to go!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Willie says:

    Listen to the interview–It’s all about the scholarships—look what my baby is going to miss. Not one word about how sorry there were about those who were injuried just–O, there goes the money.–This happened back in October and the innocent should have turned in the bad ones—So it is fourth down and Charles Brown just got crusched. Wayne Rich Parents–Sh-t Happens. Startn saving your money. No scholarships.

  4. charlie says:

    Should have throught about the D1 schools and the Scholarship before getting into trouble. Now mommy and daddy will have to pay.

  5. Traci says:

    Ah yes, it’s so easy to dish out the negative comments….until it’s your child that is falsely accused. Get all the facts before making judgement. The truth must be told, and I support the parents for speaking out!

    1. falsely accused or just caught in the act says:

      Falsely accused what about the real victims here the ones who were hit and kicked by these upstanding football players.

  6. karen says:

    let’s be general and call the incident conduct detrimental to the team, violation of team rules. participation in extracurricular is a privilege, NOT a right. curfew/rules/DISCIPLINE. time to get real and go back to the good old days. guilt by association is tough to overcome. in the criminal world it would be joint venture for some offenses. the content of character is determined by much more than playing a sport.

  7. Anonymous says:

    his teammates that WERE there should vouch for him. look, at least some of those kids were there and unless the ones responsible fess up, everyone goes down. kinda like a team.

  8. Barbara Johnson says:

    Guess what Mom your son’s names are all over the internet now. An e-mail has been going around since yesterday afternoon. Once the show cause order was addressed by the OAL judge it was public record and posted on the internet. Kids went online and matched up the initials with the names on the Wayne Hills roster along with the kids jersey numbers. I saw the list of names and jersey numbers this am. Should have thought of this before going to court.

  9. gotacomment says:

    Until the whole story comes out about this thing, those players should be benched. Momma, cry me a river. If your son was even at that party he’s involved. Touch pitch and be defiled.

  10. bernie says:

    sometimes we must believe in our children i am sure the mom knows her son and can tell if he is telling the truth .. You go mom stand by your son !

  11. Joe Schmo says:

    Parents defending their “angels” who can “do absolutely no wrong”?

    Gee, never heard that one before.

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