Gov. Christie Calls For End To Unused Sick Time Payouts

TEANECK, NJ (WCBS 880) — With so many states and local communities struggling to survive, the paying out of unused sick time is really hurting budgets and New Jersey’s governor wants to do something about it.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

When Teaneck mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin was on the township council in 2008, he says five fire deputy chiefs retired and turned in papers for payouts for unused sick time.

That’s when he says others told him, “‘Now we have to do an emergency appropriation for a half a million dollars.’.”

But he says that’s not what got him upset.

“They were in charge of keeping track of their own sick time and there wasn’t any real system,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney.

Hameeduddin says they fixed that in Teaneck, but Gov. Chris Christie says unused sick time payouts have gone too far.

“The fact is it should stop today,” said Christie on Thursday.

He says in towns statewide, there are $825 million worth of payments owed.

That’s why he says over 230 mayors support his reform measures to end the payouts.

So, he’s calling on lawmakers to pass the measure before year’s end.

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  1. Nabledit Saybado says:

    Gov. Chris Christie says unused sick time payouts should be put into a special fund that will cover the cost of his personal fried dough and fried chicken fetish …

  2. Ted says:

    It’s about time. Sick pay should be limited to 5 days per year, use it or lose it with no carry over or payout at retirement. Vacation should be limited to 2 weeks, use it or lose it. Enough with these police, firefighters and politicians breaking our backs with taxes. And before I get the response from the overpaid individuals I am referring to – I honestly don’t give a crap how you feel or what you think of my position. I’m paying (actually overpaying) for all of you.

  3. NYer in NJ says:

    Getting paid for unused sick time: way to have your cake and eat it too!
    The concept behind paid sick days is to enable workers to stay home when they are too sick to work. When no sick time is paid, workers might come in no matter how sick they are because they cannot afford any unpaid days.
    Paying out unused sick days at retirement (at the last current pay, mind you!) is paying workers for not taking off. That simply does not make sense! If you are sick, take the day, you are covered. If you are not sick, great! But you should not get paid for coming in sick, just so you can then collect the day again!
    In essence, paying out unused sick days, is paying the worker twice!
    This practice needs to end, fast!!!

  4. Keith says:

    The workers bank the sick time in their first year at a measly salary, but it’s paid to them in retirement at their FINAL (read: much higher) salary. Do you object to changing the rule for EXISTING employees to get out exactly what they put in? Why should a worker making $30k a year, get paid at a rate of $60k a year simply because he banked a day way back when?

  5. Frank says:

    Take your sick time and let them pay time and a half to back fill your spot. The State wanted this in the contracts to save them Money. This Governor thinks people should work for free, I wonder how much he is paying for his health insurance ? Thats right he dosen’t funny how he’s not talking about his JOB Benefits.

  6. Angry Jay says:

    jaymat, I think you’re the one sleeping. What your little rant have to do anything with contractual obligations. Did you lose your job or describing yourself in anger?

  7. dave smith says:

    sick time is contractual and the state agreed to it by contract. workers went to work sometimes not feeling well just to save their sick days, others were hoping for a payout at retirement. change the contract for NEW HIREES but how in good faith can you take away something promised to your workers contractually? see how many people will apply for the job when the contract is changed to NO saving sick days.

    1. jaymat says:

      Time to wake up Dave! In case you haven’t noticed, the U.S. economy isn’t performing too well these days and probably will not for some time. Given this little fact, I’m pretty sure thousands of fat, lazy and otherwise useless people would love to work for the State regardless of whether or not payment for sick time was abolished. Idiot….complete and total idiot!

    2. p8nt says:

      I wonder what rock you crawled from. Sick time is there so when your sick you can use them, the fact that you have someone come to work sick, to “save” their sick day, is utterly stupid. If you have a sick person come in to work, chances are their co-workers might end up getting sick as well, therefore, you now have at least 2 more workers that’s out sick. What means less productivity to the company, but it also means more work for the person that is getting twice the workload from the people that are out.
      In all honesty, going to work sick or using sick days when you are not sick is an HR violation, and your basically stealing money from the company…

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