New Jersey Native Creates New, ‘Colorful’ Map Of The Garden State

HOBOKEN, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Every state has its certain regions. In New Jersey, there’s the shore, the Pinelands, the New York and Philadelphia suburbs to name a few.

But a young man named Joe Steinfeld looked at the Garden State from a different point of view, one he hoped would be humorous but not everyone is laughing.

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Steinfeld created his own regions of New Jersey using some of the state’s stereotypes and posted it online.

The northwest part of the state he calls “The Vast Wilderness of Rednecks and Retired Hippies.”

The Atlantic City region he renamed the land of “Sad Black People and Misguided Tourists” while parts of  Salem and Cumberland counties are divided up as “Pretty Much Alabama” and “Swamps and Toxic Waste.”

EXTRA: View A Full Size Of The Map

He says once he put it online, the map went viral.

“I never expected it to get that big,” said Steinfeld “I only expected it to be seen by maybe a few friends who would laugh at it, say it was funny. It really blew up overnight.”

Steinfeld says most of the people who live in the areas he’s labeled have taken it as a joke.

“I think one of the great things about New Jersey is the ability to laugh at ourselves sometimes,” he said. “Almost all the feedback I’ve received has been positive.”

For those who don’t, Steinfeld says he never intended to offend anyone.

Also on the map — “Italian Guys In Wife Beaters” for the Jersey shore, “Pineys … Pineys Everywhere” for the Pinelands and “Christie County” for areas of Bergen County, among many others.

What do you think of the map? Do you find it funny or offensive? Sound off below in our comments section…


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  1. Beth McFadden says:

    I think this is a riot–but I live in the land of Happy White Families, so for me, life is always grand and joyous–so perhaps I don’t have the ingrained bitterness needed to be offended by this.

  2. Dave says:

    The only ethnic group which should rightly be offended are the Poles, as Steinfeld (who I presume is Jewish) uses the slanderous term “Polacks” instead of Poles. What would have happened if a Catholic had drawn up a similar map and used the term “Yids” for Jews? Surely, the ADL would have been on his case claiming anti-semitism.

    1. Phil says:

      He’s actually Catholic, believe it or not. Surprise! That’s what happens when you assume.

  3. Aaron B says:

    Well Hoboken is really drunk wish they were back in college lacking common courtesy and common sense wannabe hipsters.

  4. k w says:

    This is very funny and quite accurate in general. We actually live in the “Executives Living in Mansions Driving Mercedes” area and, while we have neither a mansion or mercedes, we frequently see them!

  5. Deb Ragosta says:

    I grew up in the land of friendly white families. I now live in MA, but one of my Jersey peeps posted the map on FB and I shared it with my friends here who are from NJ. Lighten up = life is too short not to be able to take a joke!

  6. Lisa says:

    Well, it’s very funny.. but i have to say, i’ve lived in Bergen County my entire life and i’m definitely not conservative and i can’t stand Chris Christie.

  7. MJ says:

    lol its great and RIGHT ON TARGET

  8. Cece says:

    I got this yesterday in three different emails. Hilarious and spot on!

  9. Felix Santana says:

    I Laughed!!! Notice from the string of comments ,the only county people mention being incorrect is Bergen. As a Bergen county resident ,I was offended being tied to Christie..LOL .

  10. I says:

    “White families” Racist, needs to be changed to ‘European Americans”

  11. MyNameisJEFF says:

    To the person who made this: THIS IS AWESOME. I find it hilarious myself, I’m African-American and I don’t find it the least bit offensive because some of the place mentioned is soo true!!
    I’m near the Linden area, and he is pretty much spot on…the fume’s part, eh maybe with the HESS oil tanks out there and the power-plant maybe. LOL…good stuff!

  12. Rich from Lake Como says:

    You have to have a sense of humor to live in New Jersey. The map is hilarious. But I agree with poster Angelica. Bergen County is hardly Christie Country. That would be Morris and Somerset. “Fat cat country club Republican millionaires” would be a great label for that.

  13. Ray Caldwell says:

    Well, I can’t get too mad because a lot of what this guy is describing is the sad truth about a lot of parts of New Jersey

  14. Donnatella Soleil says:

    Hello from NYC Jersey neighbors. I found it to be quite humorous. Can we get the entire state sort of as a poster? I would love to hang that in my hallway. ❤

    1. Angelica says:

      Now all we need is a NYC map…now that would be LMFAO moment!

    2. Gordo says:

      There’s a complete map at:

    3. MedfordJack says:

      You can’t deny he took a well-worn path to put down New Jersey with snide comments on its citizenry. Where’s the pioneering effort in his humor? Just another angry brat labeling traditional values with his sloppy use of syntax and bland phraseology. I hope the young man’s humor soon aquires discipline: especially when he risks hurting other peoples feelings. There are a lot of people who are proud to live in New Jersey.

  15. pugphan says:

    Being from Noo Yawk and having traveled through Joisey often, I’d have to say he’s
    got it on the money a ite…he hee heee smokersodysseycom

    1. Marty-o says:

      I’m waiting for his New York State map…

  16. Vyz says:

    Damn, wish I’d thought of that.

  17. Ian says:

    NJ native who now lives on the border between the Indians and Russians. This is very funny. People need to lighten up.

  18. Angelica says:

    LOL…I am a 35 year resident of NJ and found it funny.

    My only comment: Bergen County being Christie Country. I think not.

  19. The Good Samaritan says:

    Anyone that says they are offended need to get a sense of humor.

    This map that Mr. Steinfelld developed makes sense for Nj residents that dont always travel thru the entire state. At least they will now know where the seedy areas are.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

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