Weather Continues To Hamper NJ Bear Hunters

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — New Jersey’s six-day black bear hunt has passed the halfway mark with 326 bruins bagged so far.

Officials believe rainy weather has kept the numbers down.

Hunters killed 17 bears on Wednesday and 52 on Tuesday. That compares to 257 during the first day of the hunt on Monday.

The state says hunters harvested 592 black bears in 2010.

Animal activists have asked the state Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that restricts the number of protesters allowed at the Franklin bear check station in Sussex County. The state says the limit is needed for the protesters’ safety.

Activists are being allowed to protest at certain bear check stations during the six-day hunt. A ruling in state superior court ruled Monday says up to 25 people can demonstrate at the Franklin bear check station in Sussex County between noon and 4 p.m. each day.

One protester crossed permit boundaries and was arrested at the weigh station in Franklin. Despite the protests, hunters dismissed the criticism.

“These people are out of touch, there’s too many bears in this area,” hunter Bruce Levendusky told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

A greater number were being allowed to demonstrate at two other weigh stations. Critics of the hunt had been pushing for the Franklin station permit as it is a high-visibility site.

Environmental Protection Department officials felt it was too a dangerous a spot for a large gathering.

A hunter brought the first bear into the Franklin Borough weigh station about 9:30 a.m., as well as a cub weighing 78 pounds on Monday, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

“The hunt is nothing but a trophy hunt for hunters to bring home rugs, mounts and wall trophies. That’s the only thing this hunt is,” said Angie Metler of the Animal Protection League of New Jersey.

“They’re in my backyard a lot, and I have a young daughter, always aware of her being out there with the bear,” said hunter Fred Hasert.

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  1. redrum_da_bears says:

    if a bear mauled your child who was playing in the yard, you would want the bear ( and all bears in your area) dead. even worse, what if the bear ate your precious little poodle named fluffy as she was dropping a deuce in your back yard. do you cry as you eat your steak. remember that was a cow who got hot prodded in the head as a means of death. go protest in front of a KFC. the white haired old southern gentleman is a bazillion chicken killer
    ready…aim…fire many times

    1. M says:

      If I moved into Bear country, or mountain lion country, I should be aware enough to not let my child or poodle outside alone. Preying on the poodle, well, a dog like that is an orderv for Coyote, Great Horned Owls, Other dogs, cars and then maybe a bear. I stopped eating veal about 40 years ago when I found out how they were raised and went with a rancher to take a truck load of calves to the slaughter house and saw how they were treated. I stopped eating red meat about 2 years ago. I have eaten Venison and Squirrel killed and cleaned by responsible hunters. I have fished killed and cleaned my own fish. And I would eat Bear and Elk if it was a good kill by a good Hunter. As I’ve stated before, other states do not allow the hunting of Sows with cubs or hunting of cubs. 88% of Preditary Bears that would kill livestock or attack a human are males. The hunt last year took 60% females and 138 cubs under one year old. They were still nursing. One was 30.5 lbs. That’s a shame. Only 20% of the bears killed were nuisance bear and we have no idea what they mean by nuisance. A bear in your yard? I’ve been to Arizona when people have had Mountain Lions on their back porch. They call up law Enforcement and are told, leave it alone it will go away eventully. So contrary to what you think, a lot of us are not against hunting. We are against the way it is being done in NJ>

  2. Holly Ashenfelter says:

    I think its crazy to say NJ is overpopulated with bears, when we just keep taking woods and turning it into residential areas, where the hell are the bears supposed to go? I have hear about nuisance bears, what is the defination of nuissance, just cause its in your yard doesnt make it a nuissance. I think its sick how a human being can shoot and kill such a beautiful animal, these humans have no respect for wildlife and it scares me to wonder what kind of people they really are, I would imagine evil the kind of evil that could even kill other humans. Its sick how they kill an animal and are happy about it, they think its fun, that’s just disturbing.

    1. M says:

      Holly, It is true that more and more developments have been built in the Western and North Western parts of NJ. Especially with Rt287, access to those areas have been improved drasticaly. As a result if you travel Rt 287 you will see deer carcus’s totally destroyed and bloody as they are run over by tractor trailers. Interesting besides hunters, and cars and trucks. Bear actually keep the deer population down as they will kill and eat a deer. I agree I would like to see the statistics. Is a nusance bear just one that you saw in the yard? I read a report in Science Daily that said 88% of Predatory Bears( bears that kill livestock or will break into a home or attack a human) are Males. Yet 60% of the bears killed last year were females and 138 bears were under 1 year old. A true honest hunter is not going to kill a cub just for the fun of it. Making tighter rules would weed out those people who have no heart or love for nature.

  3. Georgi says:

    Again, since the bruins are the danger to man, if this horrendous hunt must be allowed to take place, WHY CAN’T THERE BE COMPROMISE, and not allow the killing of sows and cubs. Even though it is now permitted, any hunter who kills a sow and/or cubs is truly a barbarian. I pity the poor spouses of these creatures!

    1. M says:

      I have to agree with you Georgi. Why can’t there be a Compromise. I wonder if they are afraid that the hunters in NJ wouldn’t be able to follow the rules. The rules being that many times cubs hang back and don’t show up to follow Mom for 100 yds. That would make the hunters have to sit and think about are they killing a sow with cubs. And they may be worried about the cost of policing and fining hunters for shooting a cub or a sow with cubs. Too difficult apparently for hunting in NJ even though they manage with those rules in other states. Are hunters smarter and more skilled in other states?

  4. X says:


  5. DanTe says:

    LOL! One idiot posting under different names in order to make it seem like a majority. Now that’s pathetic.

    FACT: Areas managed by hunters have a lot of healthy game and a balanced eco-system. Areas interfered with by “activists” who are “active” only a few days of the year have starving, dying animals and a decrepit eco-system. Just take a look at what happened to the deer population in Florida after the “activists” got their way for one year. Total slaughter.

    But FACTS are something these T A R D S will never understand.

    1. DanTe says:


      1. DanTe - The Real One says:

        Thanks for proving my point. Anyone that needs to Lie Lie Lie to prove theirs just proves that they have no point.

        But you do seem to love to impersonate me. Does it make you feel like a somebody for once? Sad really. Have you tried suicide? I hear it works for folks like you. Go ahead, try it. It doesn’t hurt if done right.

        1. DanTe - The Real One says:


          1. DanTe - The Real One says:

            AND SHE SWALLOWS TO COMPLETION……….OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. DanTe says:

            WOW! I have a following! Cool!

            Thanks for proving all my points, stupid 🙂

    2. Mama Bear says:

      I have to ask you to please explain some things to me. They have statistics that 88% of all preditary attacks are done by male bears. Last year in 2010 60% of the bears killed were female. 138 bears killed in 2010 were UNDER one year old. Black Bear cubs stay with the Mohther for 1 to 2 years. I know that NY state, Alaska and Colorado have Black Bear hunts and you cannot shoot a Sow with a cub or a cub or shoot at a group of bears, because a group is usually a Mother with two generations of cubs. So WHY in NJ do you think they allow shooting of Mothers and Cubs. I am for Hunting as I agree with you, Hunting, though some people don’t like it, helps the species and a lot of people do eat the meat. I have been the enjoyer of deer meat and squirrel. But why in other states do they make the distinction to not shoot Mothers and cubs? Doesn’t it make sense to investigate and maybe follow what other states use as rules? It’s not humane to kill a sow and leave the cubs or kill cubs in front of the Sow. Very not a humane hunt I feel.

  6. Bear licker says:

    I have no problem hunting blacks,but for god sake leave the bears alone

  7. Vernon Hell says:

    Save the bears — kill the hunters!



    1. Vernon Hell says:

      The only reason that fat pig is still alive is a shortage of elephant guns.

  9. Willie says:

    Why kill all the bears? I think it is barbarous to hunt. What will happen if there are no bears left? Where are all the buffalo’s in the USA? I hope that your Government will wake up!

  10. Frostie says:

    That is just murder.

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