NEW YORK  (1010 WINS) A phallic fatwa is making the rounds on the internet. The religious decree bans Muslim women from handling bananas or cucumbers because their phallic shape may lead to thoughts of sex. The directive first appeared in the Muslim publication el-Senousa, according to FOX News.

1010WINS reporter Glenn Schuck explains the controversial ruling

The Daily News reported that 19,000 people had shared the article via Facebook.

A cleric supposedly dictated that, “if women wish to eat these food items, a third-party, preferably male, related to them such as their father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.”

The decree also cites carrots and zucchini as potential sources of amorous thoughts.

The directive, which supposedly came from an unnamed European cleric, has drawn sharp criticism from liberal Muslims.

The legitimacy of the edict has yet to be determined by Muslim scholars. But one scholar told the Daily Beast that this wouldn’t be the first “oddball” ruling that she had seen.

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