Homeless Beating Victim Speaks Out As NJ Residents Offer Helping Hand

BELMAR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There has been an outpouring of support for a New Jersey homeless man allegedly beaten by two young men, who posted the video on YouTube.

David Ivins, homeless and a drinker, said he remembers the beating that took place more than a weeks ago. It allegedly happened at the hands of two young people — a 17-year-old being charged a juvenile and 20-year-old Taylor Giresi.

“No good people, man. No good kids or youngsters,” Ivins told CBS 2’s John Slattery on Wednesday. “I think they should go away man.”

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Video of the beating became an Internet sensation. The two accused allegedly stole the 50-year-old’s bicycle and face charges that include aggravated assault.

“Scared me man — kicking me in the face and kicking me in the chest,” Ivins said.

The extensive publicity resulted in a motel offering Ivins a room for two weeks. Donation jars have also sprung up around the area. The Borough of Belmar is coordinating donations so that funds can be spent on shelter, clothing and food for Ivins without him handling the money.

“The outpouring has been amazing, both inside of Belmar and outside of Belmar,” Mayor Matthew Doherty said.

Strangers stopped by to invite Ivins to their home for Christmas, but he has other plans. His sister will be taking him in for the holidays.

“I’m going to my mom’s, people that support me. I’m going get into a program, met a friend today who’s gonna find me work when I get back,” he said.

The juvenile was released to the custody of his parents. The 20-year-old is still in jail because his family is unable to come up with the bail that’s more than $100,000.

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One Comment

  1. Norman says:

    I just wish that the legal system here in the UK was the same as USA, put all the bullys away where they belong, they are not men, they are cowards, May David have a Merry Christmas and a happier ~New Year

    1. Glenn says:

      Norman, they now have a rap sheet that will follow them forever, their poor decision just limited their futures. Thank God they will never have the opportunity to ever work in Law Enforcement or Healthcare. Their mom might think this twice about calling the attack a “simple bloody nose”, now the thugs have their own bloody nose following them everytime a criminal background check is run on them.

  2. StrawberryCraze says:

    Throw the “mom” in jail, she’s probably on welfare already anyways.. at least in jail she won’t be messing up her children.

    The boys should do time and community service (not that they’d show up).. and garnish future wages to pay for a year’s housing for the man they abused.

    Blessings for David!

  3. diana smith says:

    those white kids obviously are influenced by the black community.

    out white children just do not do things like this.

    1. bill says:

      this has got to be the dumbest $%^ i ever heard how can you sit there and say our white children do not do this.

  4. Glenn says:

    Cannot believe the thugs mother is enabling her sons behavior by justifying it. I can only see a future in crime for these young people. Hope the poor victim finds the treatment he needs.

  5. Dee Smith says:

    Please visit http://www.davidivins.org and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-for-David-Ivins-of-Belmar-NJ/248717178529532

    This site has been set up for not only addressing David’s immediate needs, but to also address his ongoing journey. There is a link to the facebook page on davidivins.org

  6. spatoola says:

    new jersey… almost as bad as pennsylvania.

  7. Bo says:

    Let’s all pray for David that he succeeds in staying sober,and gets the strength from mankind, and God.

    1. cop kid says:

      yes, Bo. YES!


    I’m glad the 20 year old is still in jail. I hope his parents never come up with the bail.

    1. cop kid says:


      1. cop kid says:

        (adding to add to that) this may be the last chance for that 17 y.o. laughing camerman. it’d be interesting to see what he learns from this, if anything.

        1. bill says:

          i bet he is saying whaaaaaa into the pillow right now

  9. Debra says:

    These evil kids need to be put away for a while, also made to pay some kind of restitution to this poor man to help as he gets back on his feet…maybe these kids will end up homeless some day…then we’ll see if they think it’s funny as someone tortures them.

  10. Linda Elsey says:

    The seventeen year old should also be tried as an adult, he is old enough to know better, they are both punks and need some hard time.

    1. cop kid says:

      i concur. we’ll see where both these fools end up. & he may not be ‘tried” in the courts or even thru his parents or anyone human, but he will be “tried”. it may not be now, tomorrow, next month or even next year. & sometimes that kind of “trial” doesn’t even come directly, but instead at those u cherish – where it hits u hardest & ur hands r tied to do anything about it. Oh, his “trial” AND “hard time” is inevitable, TRUST me. I hope he hasn’t fooled himself into thinking that not getting jail time means he’s getting off scot-free.

  11. LU says:

    Release my butt. These juveniles understood exactly what they were doing. Not one, but both of them should spend time in LOCK DOWN for min (1) year which would set the perfect example.

    Don’t do to others that you don’t want done to you without severe consequences!!!!!

  12. betty says:

    It’s not alway the parents ,u have some bad ” A ” kids out there that just looks for trouble ,they should get in more troble then they are giving them
    specially one that did the kicking .put they “A ” in jail for a year or two ,17 not
    charge seriously ,hey in NEWYORK at 16 u are charge as a man.they really
    need to be taught a good lesson.

  13. Bullett says:

    Nice to see that Mr. Ivins has a warm bed & a roof over his head. Hopefully he will heed his words, dry out, and get his life back together.

    1. cop kid says:

      yes, Bullett. and thank u for reminding us that Ivins’ well-being SHOULD be the primary focus, not those other 2.

  14. lorene says:

    What kind of parents do they have? The kind who are not home, work two jobs and don’t have the resources to bail a 20 year old out of jail, an all too familiar scenario. Thank God they got caught before they killed someone.

  15. Chris says:

    I concur Debbie! The kids are just plain evil to prey on such a vulnerable victim. What’s next? Beat up someones grandma for her purse? Pathetic! Nearly as so as his mother that defends him!

  16. vexation says:

    This just reminds me of how thankful I should be for raising two amazing daughters who always fight for the underdog. You can bet your life that, had they been there, they would have helped this poor man. I hope these THUGS get what they deserve!

  17. Guest says:

    Dude should spend CHRISTMAS locked up!

  18. Debbie says:

    This is so sad. How cruel can people be? A 20 year old and a 17 year old. They should know better. What kind of parents do they have?

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