Police: 2 Off-Duty NYPD Cops Arrested In Unrelated Incidents For DWI, Other Charges

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say an off-duty cop is facing drunk driving charges for a crash that left his partner in a coma.

It happened Friday on the Bronx River Parkway near the Cross Bronx.

Authorities say Officer Rafael Casiano, who works in the East Village as a housing cop, lost control of his personal vehicle, hit a divider and flipped over.

He suffered back injuries but his passenger, who happened to be his partner, suffered serious head injuries.

Casiano is also facing a vehicular assault charge.

In a separate incident, another off-duty cop was arrested for DWI Saturday morning in the Bronx.

Police say Kleaburgh Carvajal is also charged with leaving the scene of an accident and refusing to take a breath test.

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  • Jose Soltren

    I feel that any and all people who work 4 the city or gov should be held accountable 4 there actions and do the the same amount of time as any tax payer who breaks the law if anything they should do twice as much time . I can see it now one day a cop will go in to a public school an he will ask a ten old what would like 2 be when you grow up? and the kid answers a cop so i can drink and drive and maybe kill some one and not worry about it because i know that nothing will come of it nice picture isn’t

  • Joe Jackson

    The police officer who was injured will reciieve 50 million from the city and the two drunk drivers will get 6-7month paid vacations , and spend it visiting warmer places since nyc is so cold in the winter


      Sad but true. The corrupt animals will get drunk on our dime.

  • Anthony

    The two off-duty cops associated with the wrong people. It doesn’t pay to hang out with Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, and Jack Daniel’s.

  • cat

    Require residency? What are we serfs?

  • Joe palau

    Bloomberg will end up promoting them both…
    It really is time for the city resident requirement for the NYPD

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    See what happens when you hire non Irish cops they drink and crash

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