Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says He Supports Casino Gaming In New York City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’s open to putting a casino within the confines of New York City, but not in a densely populated area.

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Cuomo told the New York Daily News he’d support placing a casino in a place like Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, which already houses a virtual casino.

Cuomo told the news he will call on the state Legislature during his upcoming State of the State address to move forward with the necessary votes to legalize casino gambling in New York.

While Cuomo said he’d be open to seeing a casino in New York City, he hasn’t ruled out other spots as well.

“New York City is a real location. Albany is a real location. Buffalo is a real location,” Cuomo told the paper.

Cuomo said that if the Legislature took the necessary steps, he’d spend a year working out the details of a casino plan before attempting a voter referendum on it in 2013.

Cuomo told the Daily News the economic windfall that casino gambling would bring in is far more significant than a potential spike in crime or increase in gambling addiction critics say are attendant with gambling.

What do you think about putting a casino in New York City? Sound off in our comments section below.

  • The Realist

    Again, I must ask… If a full casino is allowed in NYC, will CITY residents be eligible for the associated jobs?

  • Myterms

    I love the idea. I live right over the GWB and it would be great to take the ferry right to it! People will always gamble. There are lotteries in every state, so what’s the difference

  • Bullett

    If and when this does happen, they cab put the lights out in Atlantic City, and the NJ gaming commission.

  • alex

    As if NYC didn’t have enough taxes, here’s another extra tax for the stupid. Why not go all the way and build it with state funds (taxpayer money) and have the state run the whole thing. That would make people feel a little better when losing.

    • Dale Auburn

      It’s really easy to avoid a “tax for the stupid” by simply not being stupid enough to gamble. The rest of us don’t mid the extra revenue that a casino brings in.

      • alex

        Very sound logic you have there, Mr. selfish ass.

        • Michael H.

          How, exactly, is Dale being selfish?

          • alex

            The same way you are being stupid would be my best guess.
            Look at me I am unintentionally trolling again!

  • Gerry R

    What took so long? New York City with its infrastructure,..The Great White Way-Times Square-Governor’s Island can handle it,as is.No need to go to Queens! What is it with Aquaduct ? Who did they Abramoff/payoff?

  • The Realist

    I like the idea, but ONLY if casino jobs are open to New York City residents. We don’t need another Atlantic City fiasco.

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