NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -Violet, a red-tailed hawk who nests near Washington Square Park and is the star of the New York Times’ “Hawk Cam,” has been captured.

Violet had been seen hobbling on one of her legs since back in May, after her hatchling Pip arrived. Video of Violet shot in November showed the limb dangling uselessly, her foot gray and scaly from lack of blood. The injury seemed to be centered around a metal band that had been attached to her leg months ago.

According to Blogger RogerPaw, Violet was captured Saturday by Bobby and Cathy Horvath. According to the report, Violet’s is also suffering from a condition called “bumblefoot” – a bacterial infection – in her good foot.

It’s not clear yet if Violet will return to the area after being treated. If it is determined she can’t make it back in the park, or elsewhere, Violet will be kept in a large outdoor enclosure, according to the report.

Video of Violet being fed antibiotics via a mouse was posted to the Facebook page of Wildlife In Need Of Rescue and Rehabilitation. The group is based out of North Massapequa.

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