Palladino: Giants Will Bring Different Team To Titletown

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By Ernie Palladino
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Ernie is the author of “Lombardi and Landry.” He’ll be covering football throughout the season.

Can you smell it, that 2007 aroma of ultimate success?

The olfactory sensation of burnt Dirty Bird that wafted around Giants Stadium (yeah, we know. It’s MetLife, but on Sunday it was solely and entirely true blue) after the Giants’ 24-2 win may not be just a temporary thing.

It’s beginning to feel an awful lot like that magical Super Bowl run of the 2007 postseason. They beat Green Bay that postseason in the NFC championship game, right after they got past top-seeded Dallas in a game at old Texas Stadium that nobody thought the Giants had a right to win.

That similar scenario could play itself out next week Titletown, USA, where the Giants will take a team that is far different from the one that gave the Packers a scare on Dec. 4 at Giants, er, uh, MetLife.

This team not only puts up points behind the golden arm of Eli Manning, but it stops people, too. And that — the defensive resurgence that began against the Jets, grew against Dallas, and emerged full-blown and scary dangerous against Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Michael Turner, and the rest of the Falcons — is why the Giants have given themselves more than a puncher’s chance against Aaron Rodgers’ slot-machine offense.

Even as Greg Jennings is expected back from a late-season knee injury, the Giants have positioned themselves to make much noise up there. Remember, they only lost by a field goal in their first go-around this year. And that was because the defense collapsed in the final minute.

On Sunday, that defense showed it’s a far different group. The former group would easily have given up a first down on fourth-and-inches. This one stopped two Ryan sneaks in that situation, thanks to DT Chris Canty’s inspired play in beating the center and coming in low on the quarterback.

The previous defense couldn’t stop key passes. This one kept White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez in check the whole game, with Corey Webster putting out an outstanding effort as the front line, now using Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul simultaneously, put much heat on Ryan.

The previous defense couldn’t stop the run. This one held Turner, the league’s third-best rusher with 1,300 yards, to a mere 41 yards, and the whole Falcons’ ground attack to 64. The Packers’ two leading rushers, James Starks (578) and Ryan Grant (559) didn’t come close to that, and now their ground game may be utterly suspect because of tackle Bryan Bulaga’s knee injury.

Look at the offense. The one that played Green Bay the first time around couldn’t run the ball. Twenty yards total. Sunday? 172.

Brandon Jacobs, with 92 yards Sunday and is running with as much authority as he ever has this year. Ahmad Bradshaw snapped off a 30-yard run.

And the offense put together a 17-point run in the second half to stretch a 7-2 lead to the final count.

One might say this team has undergone a spiritual makeover, a rebirth from the injury problems that beset the roster for most of the season. Even now, the Giants must worry about DJ Ware and Aaron Ross, both of whom left the Atlanta game with concussions.

But they have grown for the most part healthy and comfortable in their roles, and it showed Sunday.

It has come at just the right time.

Just in time to grab a whiff of that 2007 magic.

Upset Green Bay?

It could happen.

Will the Giants upset Rodgers & Co.? Make your prediction below…


One Comment

  1. J. Caballero says:

    Those were the words that were part of my comments last time I wrote on this page.
    We went to visit the Patriot and the rest is history………
    I took the 2007 team to wash the the bad laste of my mouth from the last Championship game at the Yankee Stadium with Grenn Bay Packers.
    History will reapeat again and the bad taste of my mouth for last year lost to GREEN BAY.will be wash away again.
    Well, the table is set, the Green Bay Packers are served and the BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW is finally togeheter healty and ready to have Mr. Rodgers seat out on the bench with his back side green with grass stain from our pass rush.
    Our secret weapons on offense wears No. 10 and I do bELIIeve in ELI
    Plus Cruzcontroll is set and ready to go.
    If you are Giants Fan you could not have written this story any better..
    What a season. Thank Coach Caulking for you services. You are the most and by the way those of all you idiots that question the way the Giants Managamnet handle the draft choices I got news for you….
    .Here are the result John Pierre Paul and Victor Cruz undrafted 2nd year ALL PRO and a Salsa Dancer to butt. and finally I have finally I have my dream come thru a Latino part of NY FOOTBALL GIANT TEAM.
    Then we have rest of the receiver unit and our running backs WHAT COMBO.
    Giant fan since 1959……..Talk is cheap lets play the game.
    Cordially, J.C.S.S, Miami Florida.
    Big Blue 31 to 21 on a runway.

  2. Tommy C says:

    GO BIG BLUE!!!! Now that our front line is back.Get a few good hits on Rodgers early and watch how human he becomes , ask Brady,Romo and Ryan.Gotta give Rodgers his props he’s been on a roll . But remember he’s sat for 3 weeks .I for 1 don’t think thats a good thing .Green Bays defense is so so and they can be HAD. I see Cruz dancin in the end zone a few times ….Final score Giants38-Pack 35, just the opposite of their last game , except we have the ball last this time.

  3. Dna says:

    Give me a break “Bring a New Team” that played us before. Yeah one that scores 0 points in the first half LOL can’t wait to see another big city pussified team humbled just like the Bears, Detroit, Philly etc Bring your best game cause your offense does not fear America’s Team! Go Pack Go!!!!

    Green Bay vs Denver Da Pack 53 to 10 in the biggest butt whipping in NFL History!

    1. GMEN says:

      Did you watch the first game? If the Giants defense played at 50% of what it played on Sunday, the GB game would have had a different outcome. I mean seriously GB lost to KC….. KANSAS CITY!!!! How? KC defense played their A$$ off. So you can sit there and be delusional like the Pack are bulletproof. They aren’t, and if the GIants D plays as weel as they did against ATL, you’ll be just another fan wondering how did the Giants beat my team. (ask Dallas & ATL fans)

    2. Tommy C says:

      The biggest butt whipping in NFLPlayoff history was 1940 Championship Game 73-0 Wash beat the Bears ,but a clown like you wouldn’t know it . Cause your too busy talkin sh_t……………………..LMAO

    3. GMEN says:

      How that Crow taste???? LMAO!!!! There’s always next year.

  4. Roger Conklin says:

    No matter who paid for the naming rights, it has been and always will be GIANTS STADIUM! Go Big Blue!

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