SoHo Residents Demand Solution To Gridlock Problem

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer called on the Department of Transportation and State Legislators on Monday to address traffic and congestion in SoHo, where residents say Broome Street is turning into a parking lot.

Residents are demanding more signage , traffic cameras, and enforcement to keep drivers out of the cross walk.

Bo Riccobono of Community Board 2 suggested a ticket blitz.

“You need to have the DOT come here every day for a week,” he said.

Residents blame westbound traffic going towards the Holland Tunnel for the epidemic of box blocking and horn honking and they fear that the combination of congestion and frustrated drivers could turn violent.

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  • Robert Moses

    SoHo residents have NO RIGHT to complain because….

    (1) The role of any city is to accommodate and subsidize the suburbs.

    (2) They knew the tunnel was there before they moved in.

  • Harrison IsthenameIwasgiven

    *Sorry, 20th century

  • Harrison IsthenameIwasgiven

    Create the elevated highway Robert Moses proposed in the 29th Century.


      29th century eh? That highway idea would have destroyed NYC. Moses was a total idiot.

      • Robert Moses

        Of course it would have destroyed New York – that’s why I proposed it. That’s also why I deliberately routed the Cross Bronx Expressway to maximize residential displacement.

        Remember that cities in general (and New York in particular) are NOT entitled to their own viability or “quality of life.” They exist ONLY as funding sources for suburbs and as conduits for suburban traffic.

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