1 Person Killed In Fiery Crash On Routes 1 And 9 In Elizabeth

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Officials say Routes 1 and 9 in Elizabeth will remain closed for most of the night after a tanker truck burst into flames when it collided with a car early Tuesday morning, killing the driver.

Routes 1 and 9 are still closed in both directions between Bayway Circle and Greer Avenue as officials investigate the crash.

“I’ve never seen a truck make it all the way underneath a tractor trailer. I’ve seen them hit them. I’ve seen them halfway under, but never where the whole center of the car was under the truck,” said Randy Van Manen of Staten Island.

The accident happened at around 2 a.m. Witnesses claim the car was racing and ran right into the tanker, causing it to burst into flames just yards away from a gas station.

“I just heard this big explosion,” witness Brian Durango told CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider.

“It looked scary,” added witness Joy King. “Just like a movie.”

More than 1,000 gallons of fuel leaked onto the road. Fire companies in Elizabeth, Newark, Linden, Union, Springfield and Milburn responded to the blaze, utilizing their “Neptune System,” which employs foam to fight gasoline fires.

“These things carry over 8,000 gallons of gasoline, they burn extremely hot,” said Elizabeth Deputy Fire Chief Lathey Wirkus. “So we were able to cover the area with foam and suppress the vapors to keep the area safe.”

If that foam hadn’t been used, an official said, the fire could’ve spread easily and potentially destroyed several homes.

The driver of the car died, but the driver of the tanker was able to jump out in time.

“When the explosion occurred, he was able to exit the truck and escape the fire,” Wirkus said.

A preliminary investigation indicates the driver of the car may have run a red light. Authorities said there’s no indication so far of any drag racing activity.

As a precaution, firefighters went door to door and evacuated residents from their homes and checked the area and the surrounding water supply for any evidence of gas vapors. They said everything is safe and residents have been allowed to return.

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  1. aunty says:

    i Love my neice kenya, and want everybody to know she was a good driver , i rode with her many times she never ran red lights or drove to fast . i Love her very much and wish god could have made away for her to get out . but i know she is in abetter place sometime we dont know we dont know when or how we are going to die , but we know where all going to leave one day . all i can do is pray that through this god give me strengh to hold up in a horrible accident she had to go through , may god bless

  2. Lil cousin says:

    ` excuse me people with negativity towards my cousin , you dont know what happen she was a very respectful young lady 24 Years old ,know one has the right to sit here and write negative comments , but she is with god now . . . ❤ thanks to those who has shown their respect .

  3. Brenda says:

    U r absolutely right no one should be talkin this way because if it was 1 of their family members they wouldn’t talk this way

  4. Marlen Pardal says:

    I dont belive the fault was the car driver. I had drove that road late at night and 2weeks ago. I was driving and had 3 gas trucks driving north at the same time by 7/11 and close to each other 2 on the right side lane with feets apart and one like a car away on the middle lane and I tried to pass the truck next to me (the 3rd) and every time I tried to pass it he will get speed, so I was scared and let it pass and wait for the light and then moved all the way to the left lane and keep monitoring the trucks all the way until newark exit. they should regulated that a little more or something bigger can happen? and check all the security cameras .

    1. Truth says:

      You don’t believe it’s the fault of the car driver? Did you read the article? It states that the car was racing and they believe it ran a red light. This car was not behind it nor in front of it but ran into the side of it at an intersection. Read the facts and don’t base your opinions just because you can’t pass a gas truck,

  5. Marlen Pardal says:

    they should check all the security cameras around the area, 2 weeks ago I was driving late around 12:30am on 1/9 towards newark and have 3 gas truck in from of me and were driving very scary too close to each other two on the same lane to the right and one in the middle but a few feet away the others and I tried to pass the last truck next to me and the truck just speed away every time I tried,

    so I couldnt do it. so I stayed behind and changed all the way to the left lane and keep watching the trucks

  6. Jess! says:

    I hope someone does that for you when you are a skeleton, “DanTe”.

    Does that mean your name is Dante, or that your name is Dan Te–something, and you want to sound more interesting?

    You are not interesting, “DanTe”. Eat a bag of rats.

  7. Frank Rizzo says:

    At least the right person was killed. Probably some moron that thought his car could go faster than planes.

    1. Kwadwo says:

      There is no right person to be killed regardless of how callous and inhuman all of you seem to be you need to stop speaking and really think about this individuals last moments. You have NO RIGHT to celebrate or even make snide remarks about this individuals death. No body deserves to die like this. NOBODY. If you think that anyone deserves to die especially in this manner you are a MASSIVE ASSHOLE with no humanity left.

      1. Frank Rizzo says:

        If you were a passenger in that car or got struck by it, I’m sure you’d be singing a completely different tune. Just be glad you weren’t. And get a new name you left wing fruityass.

        1. Kwadwo says:

          You are just a trash individual. I was there saw it happen right before my very eyes. you are trash to speak so lowly of a fellow human being as if you are above reproach. What does my name have to do with that fact that you are self righteous and more importantly wrong. That fact that you cant see the value in a life is just sad. I no longer wish to continue this argument continue with your ignorance

    2. Jenny Mac says:

      You say that because it’s not your your Father or Mother, or any close relative. You need Jesus Frank!

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