Battle Heats Up Between FDNY, Bronx Volunteer Unit

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A battle seems to be brewing between the city fire department and a local volunteer force in the Bronx.

The Aviation Volunteer Fire Department has been operating since the early 1920s in the Bronx but their qualifications were called into question last week when they responded to a car accident.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

Commissioner Romeo Toro and Deputy Chief James Pointer were the first to respond to the scene of the accident last Thursday around 1:30 p.m. on the Bruckner Expressway.

While providing medical care to seven mentally disabled victims, the two volunteer firefighters claim they were detained by police at the scene for 25 minutes while officials investigated the validity of their credentials.

The FDNY said the firefighters with the department are not properly certified or trained.

Toro insists the department is legitimate and have been approved by the State Office of Fire Prevention And Control.

He is demanding an apology from the FDNY.

“This sort of behavior toward our city’s volunteer personnel is not acceptable,” Aviation Volunteer Fire Department Chaplain, the Reverend Marcos A. Miranda, said.


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  1. sean s says:

    william rivera +, papaya stand, cell phone store , hot dog stand , aviation, night club now ,parkchester advocate . who write’s this stuff he should write the book how to fail for dummies

  2. ken c ff1 says:

    hey i have a real good one. first of all who did the audit on aviation volly’s show us paper work that they arent certified. second all the city volly’s you are all ass hole’s how in the hell aren’t yall going to stick by aviation . if yall idiots pay attention to cassanos letter he states all of the vollys in the city is illegal . he’s going after yall one by one. im on the job in the city and our boss ‘s told us dont work with any vollys. what a waste even though hes a idiot for taking a stand he has some pair to stand up to cassano alone.f i wasnt on the job i would back him.

    second to johnny aka cupcake. i was told from a very good source you take stuff for your volly house and ex memeber of aviation from the fdnys quartermaster all the time . how long do you think martin soto will take that for.

    and where is all the 911 money watch out your time is limited …

    and romeo i think you were wrong for defying fdny and you open a can of worms for yourself and the rest of the vollys but good luck i still dont like you even when you assisted us in katrina and the building .

    johnny you and will are all idiot saying that these werent members is a fact that can easily be proven wrong . dont you remember all the guys including torro was with us at fire school ..

    before you make a pulbic statement ask your buddys like gordon , jeff , big lu , steve,hector if he remembers hims.

    oh and lets not for get the meeting on castel hill in the basball coachs basement .

    and what about the tickets you fixed for him and inturn gave the 42 pct cupcakes .. maybe you need to look at your self before you make comments

  3. S. YU says:


  4. Bryan says:

    I remember them from the past, good guys. Volunteers are great!

  5. Foster says:

    Didn’t even know there are volunteer firehouses in the city.

  6. Terry says:

    I am sad to see that the old av3fd, who has done so much good ( September 11 th, kathrina, plain crash and everyday rescues and help) has gone to a wrongful investigation due to the daily news. Nevertheless, the department could proofe the paper wrong, but as usual, it won’t het mentioned as the headlines do. Whatever it might have be…and I know, that at that time the Daily News destroyed a good thing, the department was tainted.
    The chief of then old department was trying to rebuild and safe what was left at av3fd….that’s when Torro came into the picture….trying to apply for a firefighter spot. He has no credentials or knowledge (but he was trying to steel the plates from the department in the past…?)
    Who cares, there are always some nut cases around, aren’t there. The point is, that he stole the identity of av3fd, he was never a member in all there course. He did do NOTHING for the department! He is an imposter, doesn’t know anything about the fire department, nor the proper way of respecting the FDNY itself.He has bogus papers and is trying sooo hard to stay over water (with no training whatsoever – see Facebook photo wannabe). I am sure that there are some members involved in his firehouse, who simply do the right thing and are properly trained…..but the point is, that their so called commissioner is a fraud…he was locked up before for fraud, and he will be again!!!!

    TORRO, don’t talk about the past and when you where established!!! Because you were NEVER there, don’t know anything about the past of aviation, nor where there ( except when you tried to steal their license plates, right). same on all of you, who bring our citizens in danger, without proper training!!

    1. TBrown says:

      Hey Terry, I would recommend using spell-check next time.

      1. jeff jap says:

        hey terry you had to be a member because you cant spell for nothing if everyone read good none of the past members can spell

  7. says:

    Big govt union muscle backed by our one and only big govt president. Keep voting for men like this and we will lose our freedoms.

  8. Munannad says:

    fdny= jerks

  9. Pasr Member AVFD says:

    How times have changed! I was an EMT and Captain at Aviation in the late 1970’s. It was an organization that worked well and, in fact, had the respect of the guys in FDNY’s 20 Battalion. With the alelgations of malfeaseance and misfeasance over the past decade, the name of Aviation has been forever tarnished. Nonehteless, i do retain fond memories and respect for those members who served prior to and during my tenure. As an aside, Aviation genrally went no further than LaCoombe Avenue. What on earth was a crew doing on the Bruckner Expressway well out of Clason Point?

  10. Land Pirates says:

    Perhaps the city should make all of FDNY a volunteer force. It would save an unbelievable amount of money. Also, the members of FDNY would truly show how much they love their jobs. I think I could put up with the intersection delays where a fireman would hold out a collection boot. It would confirm my belief that the city’s firemen truly choose that field because they love it and not because of the frat-house living or 3/4 pension.

    1. Gerry Attrick says:

      Hey ‘Land Pirates’, here’s the history of these ‘volunteers’ who you want to have providing emergency services to yourself and your family:

      Most folks are grateful that we have dedicated, heroic Firefighters who respond immediately to every request for service … be it a heart attack, car accident, water leaking through the ceiling from the apartment above, digging ambulances out of snowbanks so they can get their patients to the hospital or a roaring fire in a dwelling with people trapped, unconscious and in danger of dying. Always remember, NYC’s Firefighters are willing to risk their lives for strangers from every walk of life … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Job related injuries and deaths are all too common an occurrence for NY’s Bravest … It’s sad to see that there are always a few demented folks who feel the need to bash these amazing public servants. God Bless our F.D.N.Y. Firefighters …

  11. Cupcake Dude says:

    I am one of the members of the original av3fd . For all that know me its the cupcake guy. First and formost this so called new leader of speacial opps that has the nerve to call himself commissioner has never served one day of service in classon Point for the 16 plus years that I served . I am feeling sorry for the people that believe him in any way, shape or form and the fact, that he tries to disrespect the city fire department should show the kind of person this is to all the real former members of AVIATION VOL. FIRE DEPT. ENG. CO. #3 thank you and be proud and to all my brothers and sisters in the 9 real NYC VOL FDs God Bless you and thank you ! P.S. Not sure If Rikers Island correctional facility has a Fire Dept maybe he can start one there.

    1. j rock former member says:

      hey cupcake dude ( aka johnny ) the real question is were’s the money that you and past chief william rivera stole may be thers a spot on rikers island fou you and will and lets see who”s cupcake taste better.

  12. FDNYbuff says:

    Thank you volunteers you move our city aviation VFD Is here to stay

    1. EMTPointer6234 says:

      Thanks So Much For Your Support.

    2. NYC Vollie FF says:

      Lets put all this to rest right now. The Real Aviation, official name Aviation Vol. Hose Co #3, started in 1928, was unfortunately disbanded shortly after being evicted from their firehouse just a few short years ago. There is no Aviation Vol. Fire Dept by title and there never was. The orginal dept was officially closed, its assets liquidated or donated to other vollies, their NYS FDID# rescinded and their 501(c)3 not-for-profit authorization terminated. Their workmans comp insurance under the Volunteer Firemens Benefit Law was also cancelled upon their closing. These guys in the news are not the original Aviation nor are they recognized as such by the FDNY or the other 9 NYC Vol FD’s or by the Volunteer Firemans Association of the City of New York, the agency that represents the REAL NYC Vollies. No one knows who these guys are, where they came from, how they accomplished what they already have, how they got equipment and vehicles donated when they arent a not-for-profit organization, what qualifications or training or experience they have, should I go on? They are shining a negative light on the other Vol FD’s in NYC who go through 100’s of hours of training a year and are officially certified by NYS to be firefighters. Once a VFD is dissolved, it cant simply re-open its doors under a new name and chief or “commissioner” and pretend like they never closed. None of these guys are the original members or Chiefs. I know the last Chiefs the dept had. The FDNY, by law, is the governing authority in the NYC municipality on all firefighting agencies and they would require their approval to operate, which they dont have. They would also have to re-apply for a not-for-profit license through the IRS and must have, by law, a corporation made up of officers who meet monthly and accurate minutes kept and all finances recorded down to the penny. These guys are completely bogus. Do not associate or advocate for them until such time as they have LEGALLY accomplished all these things and can prove it, which they cant. The FDNY is not going to authorize a new FD to start within NYC when the mayor is closing FDNY houses. They could easily become a Vol Amb Corp if they do it legally, but Volunteer FD they will never be. The original Aviation Vol Hose Co #3 is gone, and can never come back. And the reality is that their neighborhood grew up drastically around them and they simply could not provide the services that would be required to stay in operation with only a handful of members and one single engine company, which is what they were. They had a very good legacy up until the last few years of their existence, so lets not tarnish that same group of imposters running around with a similar name.

      1. NYC Vollie FF says:

        correction*….They had a very good legacy up until the last few years of their existence, so lets not tarnish that by some group of imposters running around with a similar name.

      2. Close them down!! says:

        Wow, Finally some valid info about this group. Thanks.

  13. Lilly White FDNY!! says:

    The FDNY does not like Minorities, That is what is behind this incident. Out of curiosity, how did a volunteer unit bet out the FDNY to a call when the FDNY is supposedly manned and ready to rspond at all times. Were they out shopping again for their meals or maybe going on a chinese food run? We all know what happens on thos chinese food runs.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      Wow, you are quite the racist………

      1. daniel lee says:

        yes because u have no clue just close your little page down

  14. Fire Marshall Bill says:

    I take it you heard wrong then.Go back to your sources and name the liar.The ones at the scene were not qualified to put band-aids on anyone.It is good people volunteer but dont put people at risk with what you think you can do leave it to the trained pros.

    1. EMTPointer6234 says:

      First off Fire Marshall Bill I was one of the gentlemen who was detained on the scene of that call and for you to say that we aren’t qualified is false! I have been a EMT Supervisor for the last 2 years and a EMT for 5 years. I have worked for one of the best hospitals in the City. I’m also a CERT trainer, New York State Homeland Security Instructor and a CPR instructor so before you comment on something please have your facts correct.

  15. G. Scott says:

    From what I’ve heard the Members who responded are Emergency Medical Technician’s(EMT) & as such are a higher Medical Authority than the FDNY’s Certified First Responders(CFR).

    1. EMTPointer6234 says:

      thank you soo much for your support because we are certified EMT’s who are looking to help out in our community

      1. Dan Rossell says:

        Then you can have a VAC like Throgs Neck

        1. EMTPointer6234 says:

          And the thing is we are not that far from Throgs Neck Vollies. The city doesn’t want vollies from both EMS and Fire because they want control of everything but they don’t have the resources to handle everything especially when they are cutting back on Fire Houses and EMT’s and Medics. This is a bunch of political non-sense. Basically what it is is that if I want to volunteer I have to go to Westchester or Long Island to do so and I live in the City.

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