N.Y. Lawmaker Wants Fines For Straphangers Who Eat On The Subway

State Sen. Bill Perkins Says Complaints About Rodents Led To $250 Fine Idea

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A local lawmaker want to clamp down on eating on the subway with fines.

In one viral video, a woman told another who was eating spaghetti on the subway, “animals eat on the train,” and got a face full of pasta in response. That encounter helped ignite a debate over food in the subway.

A ban was proposed but never passed, but where the MTA couldn’t get it done, State Sen. Bill Perkins plans to propose a $250 fine.

Perkins said riders are always complaining to him about rodents.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports 

“Those rats feed off of what we eat or discard in the system. You feed them, you breed them,” he told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano. “Not only are they on the tracks, they’re on the seats. Sometimes they even come off out of the subway.”

“If you look in the subway on track, you’ll see them eating pizza,” he told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

For busy subway riders, taking away their food on the subway is like taking away their MetroCards.

“I don’t think that would work,” said Kiley Olsen of the Lower East Side, munching on a bagel. “I would still eat on the train.”

One straphanger wouldn’t mind a ban, and said having a meal on your way to work is just plain rude.

“Definitely eating a meal on the subway, that’s a little obnoxious,” said Michael Friedman of the Upper East Side.

Riders aren’t so sure that such a proposal could be enforced.

“It’s like, some of people’s only free time is to like be on the train to eat,” said Olsen.

The MTA said it studying the new proposal.

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  • Daniel Morgan

    The government cannot even enforce the rules they have already and this idiot wants to add more. Sounds good politically, but not a valid function of government. How about stopping all those people from urinating in public, begging, jumping turnstiles or mugging you?

  • glenp

    tell that senator to stuff it up his arse

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I propose a fine on all politicians who eat, period, with a mandatory minimum equal to or greater than their net worth, to go along with establishing a minimum IQ of 25 to breed.

  • Ethan

    If the Rats do not have food in the subway lines they will come up to the streets for it. You can not legislate rodents away. The government is going to tell us where we can EAT? An essential human function?

    • Mr. Dude

      “Definitely eating a meal on the subway, that’s a little obnoxious,” said Michael Friedman of the Upper East Side.

      Why the crap is that obnoxious? Time can be tough to come by. If seeing someone eat offends you, then … stay home and draw the curtains. Good grief, people. This is proof that everything offends someone. Now, if they discard wrappers and containers on the seats or make a mess, that IS obnoxious. Why punish everyone because of the knuckleheads?

      • Jessica

        Apparently having any sort of opinion different from anyone else is a punishable offense.

        I see nothing wrong with eating on the subway – as long as people actually throw away their trash and don’t drop half their food on the floor.

        I agree that time can be tough to come by. Many people are working muliple jobs just to make ends meet and it’s tough times.

  • phillysmart

    Another example of having to legislate manners…it was common sense before

    • Steve Hollar

      You nailed it. Common sense is in short supply anymore. Sorry, but people stuffing their faces on a subway is simply obnoxious, and, some people are way more obnoxious how they eat than others.

      • guyaboveiswrong

        You breathing loudly might be considered obnoxious. Should you be fined for breathing? How about sneezing? coughing? If it offends you to see it, then poke out your eyes.

      • Lane

        People stuff their faces in restaurants too. Maybe you should tell them to stop eating there where other people might be offended. This is proof that some people have the need to control EVERYTHING that others do and are offended by everything. I am offended by your statement. Maybe you need to stop making statements. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

  • Tunacantj

    Another failing of our education system. Rats breed disease. Foods breed rats. A third of the population was killed from that plague that they spread. The Plague returned cyclically for hundreds of years afterwards because society did not control the rat population. Schools don’t teach that anymore. People would prefer “comfort” over controlling a dangerous health hazard. It is only a matter of time before another pandemic occurs from the rats.

    • sumday

      Just an FYI it was fleas on the rats that caused the plague not actually the rats themselves.

      • Tunacantj

        Yes it was the fleas at first – Bubonic Plague. It morhed into an airborne virus – Pneumonic Plague from that stage and became much more virulent and deadly. Like I said, no one teaches the history lessons anymore.

        • Tunacantj

          BTW, if the rats were eliminated, the fleas wouldn’t have caused the problems

    • Cyn507

      hello? when did it become school’s responsability to teach basic hygeine and basic manners?? sorry, people acting like pigs on a farm is just bad upbringing. has nothing to do with schools.

      • Ratt

        When I was in School in the 50’s and 60’s they taught us manners and how to stay clean. We even had P.E. and took showers afterwards.

      • Tunacantj

        Uhh Some of the things a good High School education provides would be lessons in Health, Hygiene, History – what causes pandemics, etc. And spelling, it’s “responsibility” with an i.

  • Griff

    How about a fine for former senators who steal 1.2 billion dollars, or current Attorney Generals who give criminals guns that they then use to kill U.S. Border Patrol agents and then lie about it?

    • Trish

      I approve of this message.

  • brodave

    Having a Big, Expensive Central Government controlling all aspects of US Citizens’ lives is making Karl Marx smile.

  • mikesvoice

    Perkins (a DemocRAT) should have to ride the subway himself at all different hours so he would get serious….let him go without breakfast, lunch or dinner and not eat on the subway….he has to go along with the other Socialist/Progressive/Liberals!

    • badskippy

      hey mike – i am a liberal democrate, but i agree with you. don’t lump us all with the ivory tower crowd. this may be the only time someone has to eat, and what will be next? banning food on the street? no more picnics in the park? no eating on the park bench, or feeding the pidgeons, etc etc? it’s crazy! let the senators and representatives ditch their fancy cars and limos and ride the subway like EVERYONE ELSE – work a real job like the rest of us, and then tell me I can’t eat on the subway!

      • KimzThoughtz

        I completely agree with you skippy… have you ever been to Battery Park after the sun sets? its rat infested! So the logic is, if banning food in the subways helps to solve this rat issue then so is banning food in parks, streets, and other public areas. they should live the life of an average New Yorker before making these crazy rules…

      • MikeMets

        badskippy, your not a liberal democrat because you disagree with the senator. Liberal democrats don’t think logically. Congratulations for engaging your brain and thinking for yourself. Personal responsibility, common sense, and everyday manners is what should fix the problem.

        • guyaboveiswrong

          Rooting for a political party like it’s your favorite sports team is not thinking logically. Try being an independent until the candidates have actually earned your vote. Then you won’t care who is a liberal a-hole and who is a conservative a-hole. You’ll just realize they are all a-holes.

      • Tunacantj

        Liberalism with freedom from responsible citizenship = mental disorder. This is about the Public Health. If you allow people to eat in public places they throw away trash. Trash breeds vermin. Vermin breed disease. Disease poses a danger to the Public Good.



    • ZombieTwain

      caps lock is cruise control for “cool”

    • CW

      phkng liberals-we voted them in and like rats, they multiply….

  • JohnF

    Another example of bad laws. Instead of attacking the problem directly and impacting those creating a problem, i.e. those that are littering, they want to take something away from the 90% that are not causing a problem. Because politicians are lazy and not very creative, they prefer to ban something legal instead of working a bit harder and being a bit more creative and finding real solutions to problems. Maybe the subway needs to look at better waste management systems, maybe that’s the real problem. I saw overflowing waste cans dozens of times when I worked in Boston.

    To those upset about people eating on the subway .. tough noogies. What right do you have to interfere or pass judgement on someone else, There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating in public, people do it all the time in city squares. Having a plate of spaghetti may be a little extreme, but why can’t I USE the time sitting on a train to eat a bagel or sandwich instead of staring out the window. Why should I get up 20 minutes earlier when I can use the time on the train to eat my bagel, and go to bed 20 minutes later and enjoy time with my family?

    The real problem outlined here isn’t the rats on the subway, it’s the little people who think they are obligated to tell other people how to live.

  • Big Bear

    Once again, the progressive mantra of: “If one errs, all suffer” comes into play. Some rude schmuck starts a food fight, so the answer is no one can eat on the subway. Forget punishing the offender, the innocent must pay the price.

    I would say: ignore their fines. If they persist, if they make your life miserable, pay them back in kind. This Nanny State control will, sadly, lead to violence against a code enforcer, fee collector, or even a collection agency.

    I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Grammy Nominee

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

    ——– http://911essentials.com

  • RRBV09

    I think the human vermin is worse. Do these lawmakers have too much time on their hands or what!

  • Mike Jones

    Tax State Senator Bill Perkins if proposes more idiocy. Tax to be one testicle.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Problem is, where will he borrow it from?

  • Vicky

    While not an viable excuse for everyone riding public transportation, you people might want to consider that some people sitting next to you are DIABETIC OR HYPOGLYCEMIC and MUST EAST at precise intervals not convenient for your sensabilities. Do you want them to carry special cards so they can get out a fine? REALLY???

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Agreed. Maybe the overlords of Bloombergrad will have them wear a gold sugar bowl on their lapel.

    • KimzThoughtz

      Just another reason for the City to get money from everyone… might as well charge a $50 fee for holding one of those cards valid for 1 year… smh

  • Illegalmama

    LOL…so…in our tolerant land of the free we want to commence with laws telling people where and where not they can eat. Now, if the person eating refuses to pay a fine, then what? Will we create additional prison space for people who refuse to pay fnes or those penalties that arsie out of paying a fine for …eating. I do not eat on subways and would prefer others did not as well, but what do I know about their lives and what they are trying to juggle. If we were going to go after anyone, I would prefer goimg after those who fart on the seubway- how foul is. Perhaps, to take care of both problems we have special cars where only farters and eaters must travel together?

    • heatherfeather

      If they start imprisoning people for not paying their silly fines, there WILL be violence directed at the fine enforcers, or the collection agencies.

      I don’t care if this happens, either. The Tree of Liberty is very, very parched right now.

  • whiteeagle

    Let’s be honest, folks. Subways are foul environments, and food is only a small part of what makes them that way.

    I’m not sure how or why someone would want to eat on a subway, given the appetizing stench of urine on steamy summer mornings or the ripe wino sleeping on the seat in the corner, but assuming that they have a really good stomach, the diners only add to the urban ambiance. And their egg sandwich or their carton of dim sum will serve to mask the aroma of the ambulatory louse habitat standing far too close to me, who believes that water is far to precious a resource to use for laving one’s body (and anyway, it might get his live-in menagerie uipset…)

    As folks have pointed out, rats don’t require diners on the trains to survive. The pigs on the platform who toss all of their garbage onto the tracks do a fine job of keeping the rodents sleek and healthy. Rats are merely public servants who remove the trash so it doesn’t build up too much–and they’re happy to do their job for far less than union scale.

    Subways are mass transit, and they just reflect the manners and mores of the masses who live in and pass through NYC. I haven’t taken the downtown 2 train for a few years, but I have to wonder whether there’s still a guy who regularly moves his bowels on the platform at the north/west/uptown end of the station. Although I never tried, you could probably figure out how tall he was by measuring the brown streak running down the tiles of the column that holds up the tunnel, then use average sub-human proportions to measuire the likely distance between his sphincter and his head and heels. Compared to what that guy left behind, a hot dog really isn’t worth worrying about.

    So my reaction is, if you’ve got to eat on the subway, have a ball. You’re tougher than I am. If I tried it, I’d likely be leaving my own little souvenier that would be hard to distinguish from the usual weekend-morning vomit.

    So pass the bagels and cream cheese, but please don’t get upset if I pass.

    • John Gault

      Very well written sir

  • cptsoap

    I say get rid of the Subway !

  • Erica

    There should be a ban/policy – NO EATING ON SUBWAY. It is for our comfort, health and cleanliness And no littering. It is about time we took pride in our subway system.

    • Andrew P.

      I agree. But I propose one step further: If you absolutely MUST breathe on the subway, you may only do so quietly. If another passenger so much as infers that you are breathing loudly – DEATH! Why should my daily commute be bothered by trivial mannerisms such as breathing and eating (some would call this “living”)?

    • Tim Benner

      Yeh, and how is that ‘No Littering’ law working out?

  • Mrs. Beasley

    Why not enforce the law for littering? This is the REAL problem. People who are slobs and just leave their unfinshed food or drink on the seats/ platforms or throw onto the tracks…..how disgusting is that?

    It’s a wonder the rats are as small as they are with the feasts that are left for them 24/7.

    People need to have respect for their surroundings and for eachother.
    Consideration, a lost art, would go a long way here.

  • Ziggy

    This is another case of over-government trying to micro-manage our lives!

  • UUUnicorn

    I do feel that it depends on a number of factors.

    This will REALLY hurt people (especially those prone to hypoglycemia), who financially cannot afford to live either in Manhattan or close to Manhattan, and may be stuck in jobs that are having them work such LONG hours, ON TOP OF their LONG commutes to and from home (it would be GREAT if employers could be a LITTLE more understanding, but it’s VERY unlikely in this country in this economy).

    This goes without mentioning of problems (weather- or otherwise-related) happening on the subway to cause delays and/or complete stoppages/breakdowns.

    The food should be SENSIBLY PORTABLE and eaten DIRECTLY over a bag to catch crumbs, such as a small sandwich or snack bar–something like this. A plate or bowl of spaghetti or Chinese food is VERY impractical.

    • Andrew P.

      Hahahaha.. I’ll eat whatever I want. Impractical? Maybe for your dainty hands. If I want to eat a plate of spaghetti, what do you care? Close your eyes and picture this: a gentleman, middle-aged, wearing suit and tie, on his way home from work. He kissed his kids goodbye 12 hours before, while they slept, and crept out to put food on their table. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to eat breakfast, his lunch was 30minutes (gives him time to get down the elevator, step outside, and head back up), so he’s eating a plate of spaghetti on his way home. He’s not talking to or harassing anyone. He’s just listening to his headphones and eating.

      Well, I don’t know about you, but I’M FURIOUS!!!! HOW DARE HE? What gives him the right to eat IN MY PRESENCE? Doesn’t he know I am Andrew, king of the…. subway. Well he should know that. He must think he is HUMAN or something, with an innate desire to live, and thus a dependence on sustenance. The NERVE of that man.

      For all of you who agree with that law, this is how you sound. Why a person eating spaghetti bothers you, the rest of society will never know. I wouldn’t care if he dropped his garlic bread, picked it up off the floor, asked a homeless man to spit on it, and then ate it. Gross? Maybe. My business? Definitely not. Let’s put it this way, do you like being bothered when you’re eating? No. Well, that’s odd, because apparently you like to bother people while they’re eating.

      Ohhhhh, the rats! Oh heavens, the rats! The rats have been around for YEARS. They will not leave simply because a law was implemented. “But eww, I don’t like their presence”. Wahhhhhhhh.. If you don’t like rats, and rats are in subway, drive a car. If you can’t afford a car, take the subway AND GET OVER YOURSELF.

    • ...brunch anyone?

      personally, i like to have a full sunday brunch on the L train on sunday morning. me and some friends bring all the fixin’s and we have tupperware filled with eggs and french toast and thermos bottles with mimosas and silverware and the whole thing. we even have folding tables and electronic candles. join us, seriously, it’s not impractical at all. in fact, it’s just like when i was back in college. yeah, that’s it. it’s all just like i was back in college. get it? we never have to grow up. it’s the best thing ever.

      • guyaboveiswrong

        Get serious, you don’t ride the subways. We can tell by your sentences there would be too many minorities for to ever be comfortable.

  • VY

    Eating from and open food container may be something that could be banned.
    In the summer when it’s 90 degrees outside and 120o on the subway platforms and you want to ban drinking?
    A lot of the busier stations have concession stands that sell all types of snack foods and drinks.
    You can buy a bottle of water or other soft drink inside the subway, right on the platform, but you can not drink it.
    Even when it’s over 100o down there?
    Why does the MTA try to impose on subway riders restrictions that they would NEVER even think about for commuter train riders (LIRR & Metro North).
    I DARE any member of the MTA to ride a Friday afternoon express train back to NY from Stamford, CT, and tell me whether they see anyone bringing 6 packs of beer onto the trains for the ride back to NY.
    That ride takes less than 1 hour.
    About the same time it takes a subway commuter to go from midtown Manhattan to southern Brooklyn, northern Bronx, or eastern Queens.
    And Metro North and the LIRR try to get every rider a seat.
    How much higher will passenger health problem service disruptions go up in the warmer weather because over heated NYer’s can’t take a drink of water into the subways?
    No one thinks of the side effects of their proposed rules.
    I think after a while summer drinking of non-alcoholic beverages in the subway will become so wide spread as to appear to be organized civil disobedience.
    Over 5 million NY’ers ride the subway every work day.
    NY’ers will not abide by these silly, and medically dangerous rules.

    • UUUnicorn

      @ VY–You made VERY good points regarding what I call the “concentration camp steam ovens” into which the subway system transforms in the summer. As it is, I’m certain that, even though it isn’t reported in the media, people commonly pass out while waiting on the platforms.

      • USArmyCombatMedic

        People also commonly lock their knees while standing for long periods, usually because it’s most comfortable. This leads to a restriction of blood flow, and fainting often occurs. You’ll notice when they hit the floor, they tend to wake up, because the flow of blood has been restored. If this were heat related, they would not regain consciousness immediately.

  • Aud

    Food used to be banned by the MTA. I have no desire to be smelling food on the train, stepping in someone’s spilled liquids.This has nothing to do with rights. It’s a courtesy thing. I had a woman chomping on Doritos a few weeks ago and the smell practically killed me. Maybe the people clipping their nails or putting on make up should be sitting next to the eaters.

    • guyaboveiswrong

      Stuff cotton in your nose. People don’t want to smell your cologne or perfume either . Where does it end because you don’t like smells. Try cutting your nose off, you would never have to worry about it again.

  • here's how to get this done

    1. Get on the train
    2. Take out your food. Preferably something hot and watery like Chinese food or a big slice of pizza. You get the idea.
    3. Sit next to a Hipster or Yuppie with a kid in a stroller. The kid in the stroller thing is key here.
    4. “Accidentally” spill some of your food on the floor or on yourself on near the Hipster or Yuppie.
    5. Pretend that you didn’t even notice that you spilled any food and continue to eat.
    6. That’s it. Done.
    7. Now wait to hear from your local Politician that no one can ever eat food on the subway again. Why? Because that Politician received about 100 emails and tweets and facebook posts about the disgusting slobs that eat on the subway and what is he gonna do about it now or he’s not gonna get voted for the next time around.
    8. Pat yourself on the back for finding a solution to the problem without doing too much yourself.
    9. Trust me, it works.

  • Karl

    Isn’t Bill Perkins a friend of Carl Kruger’s?

    Maybe he should fess up about this….


  • i knew this was gonna happen...

    …as soon as nancy “mrs. paul mccartney” shevell resigned her position on the board of the mta, stuff is starting to get crazy. i told you all before that woman was keepin’ it all together. you watch what happens. you’ll see. they’ll be trying to get people to stop peeing on the platforms then what are we gonna do? this city is going to hell. what a shame.

  • N.

    Many years ago, I worked in a legal word processing department. Staff got to have the leftovers from the partners’ meals, and I happily walked down the hall with a plate. The cleaning lady walked past me and I smiled in greeting.

    “Hair floats,” she said, gravely.

    It’s the last time I’ve eaten in a public space that is not a restaurant nor park.

    That’s the thing that creeps me out about people eating on the subway. You have no idea what sort of human detritus is floating around in those cars. Blech.

  • Terry T

    Obviously this Senator has a lot free times on his hands. There’s no reason to fine somebody for eating on the train. Maybe this is the one time they got a chance to eat, who knows! I don’t eat on the train, but I don’t see why if I don’t do something that makes somebody else doing it wrong. As for those who are “grossed out” by this, you really do need to get out more and interact with more people.

  • CSI

    Not going to happen.



  • call me old fashion

    I do not agree with legislating behavior like eating however, what takes place on the subway demonstrates the lack of respect people have for themselves and society. Etiquette is something that should be taught in the home. Unfortunately, the breakdown of the traditional household with family values, self-respect and consideration for your neighbors has led to the issues raised in this article.

  • Richard

    Apart from whether it’s rude to eat on the subway or not, it’s wrong, period. What kind of humans have we become if we don’t eat where we’re supposed to eat, crap where we’re supposed to crap, and talk loud where we’re supposed to talk loud, etc. Are you telling me people don’t have time to eat at home or in a restaurant? Then they’re living wrong lives in the first place. As for fines, I think 250 is not high enough; more like 2000 is high enough. How long does it take to eat food on the subway? It can take just as long at home or in the place where the food was purchased.

    • jiminsc

      this is America and so far there isn’t a law against being rude. if there were, most of New Yorkers would be in jail. besides that, it is not the governments job to decide such things. this is just another freedom the government will take from us if we let them. even if you dont like people eating on the train you should stand for their right to do it because the next time it may be you who is told “no”.

    • TroyG

      Oh great, you are a semi-literate hall monitor. Please go back to your safety patrol and hall monitor days and leave the adults alone.

    • RJ O'Guillory

      …what fascinating pathology,…why would anyone even care about where someone was grabbing a bite,…or felt the need to pre-suppose and judge where “someone should eat”,….(the rat thing is BS, stop littering=no rats)….but to feel as though people who are simply grabbing a bite,…to paint those folks as ” living wrong lives in the first place.”,….. ? ….where does that judgmental crap come from?….amazing…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    • landon

      sadly, some people have to work two, or even three jobs, to make ends meet, and in doing so, the only place or time they have to eat, is while traveling between jobs. get over your self.

    • gjk

      Dear Richard,

      Mom here. How many times have i had to tell you that the whole world is not as anal-retentive as you grew up to be. People have eaten food on the subway since it’s inception and there’s no reason to stop now.

      Now, passing a law that keeps people from calling each other animals, that might have some value.

  • Lamar Miller

    I was interviewed this morning by CBS and quite a few others in the car said they didn’t mind and neither do I; funny, our comments weren’t included. If feeding rodents is the main issue then the MTA should be addressing littering–not eating. I don’t regularly eat on the subway, but I have like other normal people. Only the “stush” (aka pompous) have a problem with it…its a reason for them to look down there noses at people who don’t have the time to sit at a table.



    • gjk

      i’ve lived in NY 59 years and don’t remember such ‘signs.’

      On the other hand, typing in caps only . . .

  • David

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This is another case of the government getting too big and trampling on our rights as citizens. If I want to eat my breakfast on the subway, nobody should be able to tell me not to.

  • milan

    Well another smart ass from the government
    the PROBLEM IS NOT EATING in subway or anywhere else
    the PROBLEM IS LITTERING that people do NOT keep their surrounding clean after them self
    it should be fined for littering not for eating
    Please address the right issue here and not something else Mr Perkins

  • Z

    Can we get a ban on sick people on the train first?

    • Lou

      YES! I much rather have a law against being coughed or sneezed on…that will be next, coming to a town near us!

  • Yay more laws :\

    Sigh guess I’ll have to get used to one meal a day…dinner

  • USA

    People should Wait until they exist the system, but that’s not going to happen. The coffee drinkers really get on my last nerve in the A.M.

    In Las Vegas, you’re not allowed to bring any beverage or food containers on their buses.

    • guyaboveiswrong

      Kill yourself. You won’t be offended by anything you see if you do.

    • gjk

      What happens in Las Vegas should stay in Las Vegas.

  • lummmpy

    this idea is about the stupidest one yet.
    i know the MTA is trying to run a business and make more money off their riders.
    but with all the service cuts and everything i think they should just shut down the entire subway, pave the tracks and let pedestrians and cyclists use the tunnels instead. it would be faster anyway half the time.

  • Gail

    What a great idea! Americans should try a little self-discipline and self-restraint and perhaps a little individual responsibility.

  • RJ OGuillory

    ….goodbye America,…welcome to the third world,….. :(

    The U.S. of Hollow

    Junior demons litter the culture,
    sucking up all that’s left.
    The Elder knew how to pick em’
    The Boy claimed no such heft.
    Picked apart and long picked over,
    our bird of Giving Thanks.
    America, finally laid to rest,
    by her own traitorous Yanks.
    Liberty & Freedom,
    need no such plan to follow,
    bleeding slowly across our land,
    The United States of Hollow.

    RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  • liz

    I agree! It is disgusting to watch someone chow down a sloppy smelly sandwich or a plate of spaghetti riding on the subway. There are no boundaries anymore. People do whatever they want wherever they want with absolutely no regard for the other people aound them.

    • Michelle

      You must work regular hours at a regular job that allows you to eat lunch at your desk or break room. Because I don’t, I work you jobs back to back and my only time to eat sometimes is riding on the train.

      • BF

        I’ve had to do the same, Michelle. I hear you.

    • Robert Moses

      Then let’s get rid of the problem by getting rid of the subway system.

  • john

    if you stop the riders from eating bagels, they will surely eat oneanother

  • John Smith

    To be honest this is America and if people can eat in their cars, they can eat on the subways. Yes rodents are a problem but some people need to eat and should have the freedom to do so. We are already gouged enough for everything in the city as it is. Be reasonable. This is not a communist country. Lets not act like it.

  • Agon

    Criminalizing normal, otherwise legal behavior is NOT the civilized way.
    They tried to ban eating (and drinking) before, but there was too much protest. How does having a politician propose this ban make it more acceptable? Or is this (as I suspect) just another publicity stunt on a slow Sunday?

  • Robert Moses

    The easiest and most obvious solution is to SHUT DOWN all public transportation. It’s also the most patriotic solution because REAL Americans drive everywhere.

    • :)

      <3 you. Seriously.

    • s.f. peaches

      I hope you’re joking about that. The traffic in NYC is already a nightmare.

      • Robert Moses

        Yes, traffic IS a nightmare, which is why we need to tear down the entire city to make room for new highways.

        Remember that cities in general, and New York City in particular, are NOT entitled to their own viability. The only legitimate purpose of a city is to serve as a conduit for suburban traffic. That’s why I tried to destroy the Bronx back in the 1950’s and 1960’s by deliberately routing the Cross Bronx Expressway through as many people’s homes as possible.

        • SerfCityHereWeCome

          Hmmm…being dead for 30 years seems to have made you cranky. Ok, I’ll play…thanks also for keeping bike lanes off the Throgs Neck Bridge.

  • Larry Schwarz

    OK Maybe having a meal on The Train is a bit ridiculous.I rather eart in more pleasant sarroundings.But what about snacks.There are concessions in Subway stations that sell candy,peanuts,drinks,some sell hot coffee.Does’nt The Rockefeller Centre Subway station have a Dunkin donuts.A full meal,no.But you can not ban all types of food especially those sold by vendors in The Subway.I see no problem with a commuter running late taking a Dunkin Donuts Breakfast sandwich into the Subway,as long as they clean upafter themselves.If not they should be cited for littering.There is a line that has to be drawn here.Banning all food would put these vendors out of business.

    • Jean

      If this goes through (which I doubt) they would have to draw the line somewhere. Are yoiu really going to fine someone $250 for drinking a coffee or a soda? I don’t have meals on the subway because it’s so filthy but what if I want to eat a snall bag of chips or a bottle of water — like I do from time to time? I take my garbage with me and dispose of it properly. But rats will eat anything. Anything. It need not be food. And people who litter are the real problem. Finally, I’d like to know how they expect to enforce this. It will get a big push for the first few months, then will go the way of jaywalking. When was the last time anyone got ticketed for jaywalking in New York City?

    • F the MTA

      i have a feeling there would be “selective enforcement” if you know what I mean.

      i would probably get fined for eating a cough drop.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Therefore, I have a feeling this law would be strongly backed by Dunkin’ Donuts…again, if you know what I mean…

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