Sen Schumer Calls On Federal Government To Help Cops Curb Drugged Driving

NEW YORK (AP) —The federal government should help police departments nationwide obtain the tools and training needed to attack a rising scourge of driving under the influence, two U.S. senators said Sunday.

Sens. Charles Schumer of New York and Mark Pryor of Arkansas proposed that federal funding in a pending transportation funding bill be used for research and to train police. They said police have no equipment and few have training in identifying drugged drivers, who don’t show the same outward signs of intoxication as drunken drivers do, such as slurred speech.

“Cops need a Breathalyzer-like technology that works to identify drug-impaired drivers on-the-spot, before they cause irreparable harm,” Schumer said.

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“With the explosive growth of prescription drug abuse it’s vital that local law enforcement have the tools and training they need to identify those driving under the influence of narcotics to get them off the road.”

Schumer says drugged driving arrests rose 35 percent in New York since 2001, but he says that’s a fraction of the cases.

The Democrats cited a 2009 federal report in which 10.5 million Americans acknowledged that they had driven under the influence of drugs. Schumer said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in a 2007 roadside survey, more than 16 percent of weekend and night-time drivers tested positive for illegal prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs. Eleven percent of them were found to have taken illegal drugs.

The administration also found that a third of 12,055 drivers tested who died in car crashes in 2009 had used drugs.

Yet police have no approved equipment to help identify drugged drivers, though saliva tests are being researched.

Pryor wants to create federal grants so police can participate in programs that require up to 200 hours of instruction to detect drugged driving.

Schumer said the effort is prompted in part by two fatal December crashes in the New York City area in which two boys, one 5 years old and the other, 4 died. Prescription drug abuse is being investigated in both cases.

What do you think can be done to curb drunk and drugged driving in the New York area? You may comment below…

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  1. bigdog says:

    Why should this be a federal government responsibiluity, rather than a New York State or county expense?

  2. james j. ruchalski says:

    Drug and alcohol test politicians.

  3. Rodin says:

    If it’s Schuimer, it must be Sunday!

    Let’s see a show of hands, Who’s more annoying, Schumer or Palin?

  4. NY Fuzz says:

    Senator Schumer is a little mis-informed. The Police already recieve training to detect motorists who take drugs and drive. They are called DRE’s (Drug Recognition Experts). The program started in L.A. in the late 1980’s.and is used in all 50 states. The training is widely available in NYS and is now part of the standard Police Academy DWI training.. As far as detecting drugs in saliva on the side of the road, that technology doesn’t exist yet. Blood tests are currently used to confirm the presence of drugs after the officer developes probable cause based on roadside field sobriety tests.So where is the Senator really going with this? 200 hours of training? The Academy is 26 weeks now. 200 hours will increase it by 5 weeks on just one topic!

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    Let them start the public testing first in congress and the senates in washington and all 50 states, then if any of these idiots are on drugs let RJ O’Gullory and friends Pass judgement then Let the people carry out the sentence ( of course it will be a capitol offence) wouldnt have it any other way. Nothing would make an old man happier in his twilight years watching the midday executions on the telly. Bag of chips n six pack of budwiser, kick it back in my electric lazyboy of course after i dose myself on good drugs from my evil pharmacist.

  6. billy says:

    chuck why don’t you retire.people are sick of your suckhole like getting in the news everyday.get a job working for a newspaper.just go away,will ya please.

  7. NY IS A CESSPOOL says:


    1. xstar says:

      What is next no blow jobs while driving.Government is out of control

  8. Nick says:

    There’s no need for all this extra spending and extra work. Just make it a death penalty. Kill off the idiots who insists on driving while under the influence and donate their organs – benefiting society all around.

    For those who said that these organs are contaminated with drugs or alcohol, go ask the folks on the waiting list. They’ll tell you that any organs is better than none.

  9. mike says:

    All I know is a lawyer once told me “Little by little Americans are losing there rights!”

    1. safer city says:

      And the way most people act we should it might be safer.

      1. Jeff Sayin says:

        This mentality that we should give up our rights because it makes us “safer” (a) is a false choice (b) scarily shows the gullibility of some who would freely give up their rights and (c) so does a police state with no rights but is that what you really want?


          Yeah you are right, it ia called driving while under the influence of being a greedy scheming jew or simply, driving while being jewish, there autta be a law

          1. ERIC CARTMAN IS RIGHT says:

            SHIFTY backstabbing……Fill in the blank _____

  10. RJ O'Guillory says:

    As an American who was employed by the Federal Government / Pentagon,
    …and was a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower” for over twenty plus years of employment, I am here to tell you that the entire United States Government, including it’s “leadership” are corrupt and rotten to it’s core.

    Though I’ve already been subjected to an “interview” with the FBI based upon some of my writings, and perhaps, publicly sharing my opinion at this point may not be prudent,(?)…I refuse to give up my rights as though mere toilet paper-on-a-role,…in which someone gets to pick and choose which rights I get to keep.

    We have been watching them dismantle our country and our freedom since the moment they arranged to have JFK’s head blown off.

    How much longer are we going to tolerate it,…?
    1-Senator Shumer needs to be arrested and tried by a LIBERTY Court,…made up of the United States People.

    2-Senator Shumer needs to be charged with treason (along with the rest of the Senate & House),…and after being legally tried and convicted,……we need to have public hangings on the Congressional Lawn.

    3- Prosecute and execute every government official who is currently, or has historically, (or indicates through their actions in the future) shown a disregard for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights …and their legal responsibility to “Protect & Defend” the Constitution

    4-When the complete economic collapse of this country comes about,… as you are now experiencing,… we will have riots in the streets,… and a wave of violence and death will be visited upon every fair-minded, reasonably educated American.

    5-These economic conditions,… which have been purposefully created over decades of lying, cheating and screwing the American Public,…are the by-product of a global-governance scheme that places your freedoms,…and your life in the hands of ruthless, dead-soul leaders,…and our time is running out…

    I am calling for the legal execution of any “Amerikan” member of the Congress (House or Senate) or the Presidency,…known to have been found guilty,.. either in a court of law, or through Congressional Action,… of the treasonous acts that are being perpetuated against the American People,…

    We need to stand up, right now,…and make it clear we will not tolerate FEMA Camps, Martial Law or the stripping of our human / constitutional rights from these animals.


    RJ O’Guillory / Author- /Webster Groves-The life of an Insane Family
    The U.S. of Hollow

    Junior demons litter the culture,
    sucking up all that’s left.
    The Elder knew how to pick em’
    The Boy claimed no such heft.
    Picked apart and long picked over,
    our bird of Giving Thanks.
    America, finally laid to rest,
    by her own traitorous Yanks.
    Liberty & Freedom,
    need no such plan to follow,
    bleeding slowly across our land,
    The United States of Hollow.

    RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. jerseyjoey says:

      You know it is always the case, Americans in general are good and trusting people by nature but wait to the last minute to wake up then wait another hour to act. This time around however the Gov is the problem , corrupted by Greed in washington to your local board members, I think its to late,the money grubbing self centered yuppie liberals and lazy self absorbed middle classes who where to busy to vote, years ago when this could have been nipped in the bud they sat idle at their desks more worried about that bonus check and how the new built in pool would impress thier friends. Well now we have what we have and dont you know these idiots are now starting to complian. Its over Bub, our gov of traitors sold us to china years ago and will continue till we grow slanted eyes or have a damn bloody revengefull revolution. Glad im old and will be gone , with the great Honnor of Being a Proud american in a great time in our history before the new world order ruined our freedoms and degraded our once wonderfull experiment called Freedom..

  11. Harry Anslinger says:

    The answer is simple, let the government invade your life even more with nazi-style police checkpoints everywhere. Check your papers and then your body to make sure you’re not on drugs. Drugs are bad mmmmmkay.

    1. RJ OGuillory says:

      …you are am idiot,..and you belong n a FEMA Camp…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    2. Maj Variola says:

      Automatic urinalysis in every public urinal.

      1. Bloomy$ plan$ says:

        How about a carbon 14 mass spectrometer element analyzer hooked up to each urinal coupled with an EEG mind reader device, all fed into a preferred contractor chosen by Bloomy and Schumer, in Tel Aviv, thence fed to law enforcement organizations ( of course you might wind up on that list by mistake, or you might be taken off that list in Tel Aviv.

    3. RJ OGuillory says:

      …unless that was sarcasm,….? It’s hard to tell sometimes,…so, if it was,..sorry,…now I get it,…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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