Plaxico Burress Done With Jets? Giants’ Jacobs Thinks So

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Plaxico Burress back with the Giants?

There was a chance last offseason when the wide receiver was released from jail after 20 months on a gun charge. According to Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, don’t count out a reunion this offseason, either.

“I know he wanted to come to the Giants,” Jacobs said Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News. “We just didn’t think it was going to be able to be done financially. But he may be (back) next year, who knows?”

In late July, Burress turned down a deal from the Giants — good for one-year, $1 million plus incentives — for the Jets’ one-year, $3 million offer.

Jacobs doesn’t think his good friend will re-sign with Rex Ryan’s bunch, especially with all the drama in Florham Park.

“I don’t see him back with the Jets next year at all,” he said. “I don’t know what he’s thinking but I don’t see that. They’ve got a lot of things going on over there, and I don’t know if he wants to be part of that.”

The 34-year-old had 45 receptions for 612 yards and eight touchdowns for the Jets in 2011.

Considering three of those touchdowns came in Week 7 against the San Diego Chargers, the big red-zone target only managed to haul in five scores from quarterback Mark Sanchez over the other 15 games.

“How many receiving yards did he have last year?” Jacobs asked. “How many catches did he have? He’s a starting wide receiver. … He’s a much better wide receiver than (45) catches, I tell you that.”

Burress, who hasn’t always seen eye to eye with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, will be in attendance to root on the Giants Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI, Jacobs said. Burress caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Eli Manning to beat the New England Patriots four years ago in Super Bowl XLII.

But what about Jacobs’ future with his team?

“It definitely motivates me to go out with a bang,” Jacobs said of his last game under contract with Big Blue. “If it is, I’ll leave with a Super Bowl ring.”

He added: “I’m sure something is going to get worked out and things will be fine. You just have to let it take care of itself. I am playing in the Super Bowl for the New York Giants, and if that is the way it is, there is nothing I can do. I am trying to do as best I can to help this team win.”

Giants fans, do you want Plaxico back? How do you feel about Jacobs’ comments, Jets fans? Sound off below…


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  1. woodylove says:

    Naw. We good. With the receivers we have now, he’d get less work. Stick with the Jets, dude.

  2. Dr Roy says:

    Brandon Jacobs blows hot and coldas a player and his mouth. I think the Giants will draft a running back early if there is one there to their liking. Happy Trails to Brandon also. He can hang with his buddy Plax.

  3. Dr Roy says:

    Maybe Plaxico was whispering into Santonio Holme’s ear and part of the disruptive force on the Jets. That idea is not too farfetched. Secondly, Plaxicos legs are shot for big plays he is either a short pass receiver of a tall end zone threar. The Giants have Cruz and Nicks who can handke those jobs. Thirdly, Plaxico already destroyed one Giant superbowl run by shooting himself. Plaxico mentally just doesn,t get it.Thusly I say “Happy Trails to You May we never meet again”

    Dr. Roy
    Longterm Giant fan in Miami

  4. jjc says:

    I sometimes don’t like Jacobs mouth but I think it actualy helps the team. It doesn’t fire up anyone on the other team because it’s Jacobs and it takes attention away from guys that don’t want it. Also there have not been any hugh holes for running in and he picks up the blitz pretty well. He looks like he a pretty good team meat if you watch the side lines he interacts with the O and the D. Just saying bringing in a new RB does not solve all problems. I could not think of 1 good reason to even think about Plax coming back.

  5. richard says:

    Plaxico missed many meetings while he was with the Giants. I don’t like his gangster attitude and he is a negative factor for young people. I am so happy he is not with the Giants and I don’t want him back or anybody like him even if it means we lose a few more games.

  6. Dennis Zanone says:

    Plax could cause trouble for the Giants just being in Indy. He’s there to party and I hope he doesn’t take any of our players with him

    1. CARMINE says:

      Don’t hope pray. It’s worked for me. Keep thinking about winninig, winning, winning, success, success, success, receptions, receptions, receptions. If everybody’s thinking that way at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday like a group healing, like the Pope’s Sunday mass before thousands of believers the g-men beat the P-men. Again.Believe and it will happen.

  7. steve says:


  8. Hank says:

    3 million for 45 catches adds up to 66,666/catch. The usual Jets business under Woody Johnson/Tannebaum. Look for the Jets to make more exciting signings just like that in the off-season. Can’t wait until the Dolphins sign Peyton Manning and send the Jets over the cliff.

  9. Henry Fiscella says:

    No way Plaxico should return. He hurt the Giants, burned bridges, is old and is not needed by the Giants. Regarding Jacobs, he should be replaced by a draft choice or free agent. He is not a very productive back and will not be missed.

  10. Brooklyndave says:

    Where in the Super Bowl without him. We don’t need him at 35 for at least 3 million

    that’s what happens when you get greedy. I am not saying he’s not good, he’s better than good but we have great receivers. Use your money wisely and go for someone we need.

  11. Ahltarocka says:

    Burress is still a viable WR. Giants don’t need him as they have 3 really good Wide Receivers. I think the Jets should resign Braylon Edwards as he played very well when he was here and it was a mistake to let him go. He bonds well with Sanchez. As for Jacobs, the Giants need to either draft a RB or get an expeience RB in Free Agence to compliment Bradshaw.

  12. Nick G says:

    Jacobs is probably the most overrated RB in the NFL. He constantly has to run his mouth about everything. If the Giants fans think Rex is bad they need to take a close look at Jacobs who usually has even more to say. Who’d think a guy with that much size would play so sub-par? Plax is a grown man and can answer questions on his own. I’m sure if the Giants don’t resign Jacobs he’ll have some negative things to say about them next season also.

    1. KPMc says:

      Your green is showing

  13. Robert Middlebrook says:

    No, why bother we have Cruz. Don’t really need him and a big contract that will have to come out of the team somewhere else. Again, we have Cruz. Better to spend three million on some offensive linemen to shore up the future of blocking our quarterback and giving that extra split second to work with the excellent receiver core he has. Or spend millions getting a Willfork type lineman. With our LB’s and a Willfork they will personalize an ambulance for every opposing QB.

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