YES Network Host Bob Lorenz Charged With DUI In Conn.

WESTPORT, Conn. (WFAN/AP) — YES Network television host Bob Lorenz has been charged with drunken driving in Connecticut where police say he was found passed out in his car in his hometown of Westport.

The 48-year-old Lorenz was arrested early Wednesday morning. Police say they found him slumped over the wheel of his car and when they woke him up he drove away slowly and nearly hit a utility pole.

Officers say his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol.

Lorenz hosts pregame and postgame shows for the Yankees and Nets. He was arraigned Wednesday at Norwalk Superior Court and his case was continued to Feb. 29.

According to The Westport Hour, Lorenz chose not to disclose his occupation to the court bail commissioner.

After his arraignment, Lorenz was reportedly asked if he was a host on YES.

“No. I get that all the time,” he replied, according to the Hour.

It’s not clear if he has a lawyer. A Yes Network spokesman declined to comment.

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  1. victor says:

    Problem here is that for the driver, there is no room for error. The community, for obvious reasons, don’t want us members of the community to drink and drive. If you go out and you intend to drink, make arrangements in advance to get home with out your car. Just look at the headache he has caused himself wheather he is Lorenz or Micky Mouse. Job, explaining to family, loss of position, money and on and on. OMG-Why do it?

  2. mj says:

    i’m not positive but i THINK if you are sitting behind the wheel AND the keys are in the ignition you can be charged with dui. yes will do the politically correct thing now and fire him . i like him hes good with the yanks

  3. Jack says:

    Police make up stories all on the time on the police report to help (and it works most of the time) secure a convivtion. Even a flat out lie by the police, which unelss they had no police training, appears to be the case here by allowing him to drive away (ever hear of step out of the car , sir?) is ignord by the courts and taken for truth by even your own defense attorney. DUI convictions violate many of our constititual rights. Even the right to a trial by our peers in many instances. So to the readers who read this story, I wouldn’t believe most of what was quated or what the police claim.

  4. Theguru says:

    I guess the beer and chicken has found it’s way from Boston to the Yes studios…

  5. Glenn DeMilt says:

    I wouldn’t admit I worked for YES either.

  6. John Q Public says:

    Article says Police woke him up and he started to drive away almost hitting pole. They then say he had slurred speech and smelled from alcohol, so why did they let hime drive first?

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      They let him drive because they can NOT charge with with DWI unless they seem him driving. That why. And they did. Click click go the cuffs.

      They basically set him up and screwed him.

      Not that he should have been that polluted and driving in the first place. I think YES pays enough to pay for a cba ride home.

      1. Frank says:

        good point, I like bob Lorenz but im sure he will now get axed

      2. DJB says:

        As long as you have physical control of a vehicle (keys in ignition, behind the wheel, asleep) you can be charged with DUI. Of course he has to have signs of impairment, slurred speech and odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, which he had. If his window was up ad he was asleep behind the wheel and the officer knocked on the window and Mr. Lorenz woke up, saw the officer, put the car in drive and attempted to drive away that’s DUI also. It’s not the officers fault if Mr. Lorenz decided to drive away. The officer cannot assume just because he finds a man passed out behind the wheel that he is drunk. Mr. Lorenz was clearly incapacitated, the officer did nothing wrong. If anything it helps the prosecutors case, I’m sure the incident was recorded.

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