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Gay Marriage Bill Passes New Jersey Senate, Heads To The Assembly

TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork/AP) – New Jersey lawmakers gave their blessing to legalizing gay marriage for the first time Monday as the state Senate passed a bill that would allow nuptials for same-sex couples, despite Gov. Chris Christie‘s insistence that he will veto such legislation.

The Senate’s 24-16 vote sends the bill to the Assembly, which is expected to pass it on Thursday.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Vote In Trenton

Monday’s vote contrasts with the only other gay-marriage vote taken in the Legislature. In January 2010, gay marriage supporters thought they had built a narrow majority in the Senate, but senators began to defect, and the measure was defeated 20-14. Since then, Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from West Deptford, has changed his position. He says he regrets abstaining two years ago and has made gay marriage recognition a top priority.

Six states and Washington, D.C., allow gay marriage, and Washington state will be added to that list when Gov. Christine Gregoire signs legislation legalizing same-sex marriage Monday.

Christie, a Republican, announced his veto intentions last month. He has said he does not believe marriage laws should be changed but does support New Jersey’s civil union law, which grants gay couples the legal protections of marriage.

Christie said he wants to put a change in the definition of marriage to a public vote.

But gay rights groups oppose a referendum. They see gay marriage as a civil rights matter and argue that it should not be up to the masses to protect the rights of a minority group. They also believe that a nasty campaign from social conservatives could erode the narrow majority of support that public polls show gay marriage has in New Jersey.

Gay rights groups are looking at two other avenues to make gay marriage reality in New Jersey. If Christie vetoes the measure, the Legislature would have until January 2014 to override it by getting two-thirds of the votes in each chamber. Advocates hope that with nearly two years, they can change enough votes to get the legislation adopted.

The other route is through the courts. Five years ago, New Jersey’s state Supreme Court ruled that gay couples should have the same rights as married heterosexual couples. In response, the Legislature created civil unions.

Gay rights advocates say that because the designation is hard to understand and still treats committed gays differently from married couples, the courts should eliminate civil unions and recognize gay marriage. A lawsuit seeking to do that is in the state court system.

Do you think same-sex marriage in New Jersey should be decided by lawmakers or a public vote? Sound off below

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One Comment

  1. The Realist says:

    Hey, gay couples…

    Since New Jersey hates you so much, move to New York where we appreciate you AND your tax dollars!!

  2. tiya Migan says:

    What happen the world today?? its so ridiculous, legalizing same sex marriage? that’s not love its lust, and the official whom approved to legalize that law, they are greed of power and money in order to get the sympathy of there subordinates! –

    1. AuntTootzToldMe says:

      Clean up your damn English! You sound like a Southern Belle gone really bad! Don’t post until your thought are proper and succinct!!

  3. storm915 says:

    NJ…finally coming into the 21st Century!

  4. Joseph Costa says:

    Christie is just proving that he is not about protecting civil liberties of the people of the state.He is putting his parties line ahead of The constitutional rights that the NJ supreme Court has said was right. The politicians of NJ also approve the peoples will. But He is going to discriminate using his party and religious views as the reason. Both which have no part right to deprive NJ citizens basic rights.

  5. Warrior says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah is all I can think about. Our country is turning into a moraless pit for the sake of rights – well this right is a wrong. When you start messing with the natural order of things nature is going to start messing with you. Next it will be rights for pedophiles. The moral fabric of this country has gone to the GODLESS pigs that unfortunately run our country.

    1. Rodin says:

      Your thinking is wrong. Misinformed.

      Sodom is about inhospitality towards strangers, those who are foreign, different, gay (?), not “the natural order of things,” as you seem to believe. It’s what what happens when you parrot the babble in the Babble without thinking.

      “Warrior.” Unarmed. Pfft…..

      1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

        Thank you, Rodin! Your Biblical knowledge for a non’believer is right on the mark. Good to have you back. Where the heck have you been? We’ve needed you, lolol.

        1. Rodin says:

          Haven’t you heard? Atheists know more about religion than everyone else! We doubt, we question, we study, we learn and there’s never an end to the process. Believers are limited by their faith. They’re so ‘convinced’ they never wonder. Besides, they’re not allowed. BTW, I was old school educated by the good Jesuit fathers who taught me to question, for which I will always be grateful.

          Do you think our soon to be “elevated” to Cardinal Timmy Dolan knows more theology or religious history than Christopher Hitchens did?LL LoL is right!

          Check this out:
          Basic Religion Test Stumps Many Americans
          The New York Times: September 28, 2010

          Americans are by all measures a deeply religious people, but they are also deeply ignorant about religion.

          Researchers from the independent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life phoned more than 3,400 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, Christianity and other world religions, famous religious figures and the constitutional principles governing religion in public life.

          Those who scored the highest were atheists and agnostics,

    2. Angelica says:

      LOL @ “The moral fabric of this country has gone to the GODLESS pigs that unfortunately run our country” reference…I wonder if all the god loving Priests, Pastors and Televangelists will be heading that parade.

  6. Gayle Stream says:

    You know I think Christie has no moral objections to gay marriage. He will veto it because he is running for Vice President. He is just another political snake that will further his career rather than his concience. TYPICAL! No PROFILE IN COURAGE for Christie.

  7. Rodin says:

    Kudos to the Jersey Senate! Right thing to do. Follow through, Assembly!!! Human rights are not a voting matter. It’s up to legislatures to accord, promote and defend.

  8. AuntTootzToldMe says:

    You NJ Reichwingers are on the losing end of this argument. Sooner, rather than later, NJ will have gay marriage. It is simply a matter of time.

  9. Governor Christie's Big Fat sloppy nasty butt FAT EAT says:


  10. Linda Elsey says:

    Should stick with civil unions. No man should go against the word of God. Marriage is between a man and a woman and nothing shall be added to or taken away from the word of God.

    1. KPMc says:

      When did God tell you this? Have you been hearing voices? Or are you going on the words written by men 3000 years ago?

      Can you entertain the possibility those fallible, sinning men were wrong and totally full of s4!t or is that completely out of the realm of possibility?

    2. Think about it says:

      The Equal Protection clauses in our Federal and State Constitutions declare that our State cannot treat one class of persons differently from all others. Thus, the NJ Supreme Court decided years ago that our State had to give homosexual couples the SAME rights as married heterosexual couples. The Legislature came up with a new and separate procedure and classification, namely Civil Unions, for homosexual couples. The plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit claim that persons in Civil Unions do NOT have the SAME rights as married heterosexual persons. Our society came to admit more than 50 years ago that “separate is inherently unequal,” and that it is morally wrong to try to excuse any discrimination on the basis of who a person is. However, so many are still in denial about that reality — when it comes to our continuing institutional discrimination against and separation from our fellow citizens, just because they happen to be homosexual. BTW — I am avowedly heterosexual. Wrong is wrong, and right is right.

    3. Rodin says:

      When was the last time you talked with your gØd, or did you get “the word” from the hallucinating, illiterate, backward, Middle-Eastern nomads who dreamed it up eons ago?

    4. Michael H. says:

      Why your god? Why not Shiva? Why not Zeus? Why not Freyr? Why not Ra? Why not Waheguru? Unkulunkulu? Viracocha? The list goes on and on…

      What makes your god more legitimate than every other god that came before it?

      1. Rodin says:

        To which I will only add:

        “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”
        ~ STEPHEN HENRY ROBERTS (1901 – 1971)
        Australian historian and vice-chancellor of the University of Sydney

        1. Michael H. says:

          *slow clap*

          1. Rodin says:

            Thanks for the ‘clap’, even if slow. There are times when a quote from someone better at expressing a mutual thought than I, is best applied. This was meant as an endorsement of your reply to Linda Elsey’s idiotic reference to “the word of gØd.”

            We are regularly on the same page.

            1. AuntTootzToldMe says:

              RODIN!!!! Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa, lolol. Where da heck have you been??? Bienvenidos!!!

              1. Rodin says:

                Gracias, Reverendo (Oops, am I giving anything away???).

                We got ourselves a house in Canada (my wife is Canadian, LoL) where we can escape to if the American Taliban take over AmeriKKKa and establish the Christian Sharia. Been up there since Halloween. Back in NY now until May. Then back up.

                But I haven’t been away from posting. We just haven’t coincided. And you keep all these names….. But, if you want to find me, code words gØd, Christian, orthodox, Jew, Muslim, church, Vatical, pope, archbishop, rabbi, religious right, social conservatives, Newt, Mitt, Santorum, faith, believer, gay marriage, abortion, first amendment, establishment clause, I could go on forever…. You get the drift. I’M THERE!

                And check THIS out.
                It’s my own. I’m behind these days. Can’t keep up with the pace.

                Good being on the page with you again.

                1. AuntTootzToldMe says:

                  Muchas gracias… same reason I moved to South America. The people actually love each other down here. I don’t think anyone’s blood pressure is above 120/70 down here. I’ve never met such tranquil people. Good to see you again also. Greeting frm Asuncion, then back to Brazil. On holiday right now.
                  The Rev!

  11. Christie Danielle Mallon says:

    It’s so great to see more states passing these bills. It’s been proven many times in other states, that it’s unconstitutional to not allow a certain group of people to marry. I hope the rest of the country jumps on board and give’s us back our rights.

    1. Joseph Costa says:

      Its time the Republican Party starts getting on the right side of the law and stop putting more laws of discrimination ahead of peoples rights. The Federal government needs to recognizing same sex rights to sponsor our partners for entry and residency when we are doing all legally and not illegally who are allowed to stay in this country when legally abiding citizens are being discriminated against.

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