Gov. Malloy Pushes Repeal Of Connecticut Blue Laws

HARTFORD, CT (CBSNewYork) – Gov. Dan Malloy wants more green spent in Connecticut, and he’s pushing for repeal of the state’s blue laws.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story

Package store owners in Connecticut are not keen on repealing the blue laws. They see no benefit, but Malloy who is  fighting hard for repeal of the ban on Sunday liquor sales says Connecticut is losing a lot of money as shoppers there cross the borders on Sunday to buy wine, beer, and liquor.

“Let me assure you that the businesses in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island don’t want us to change our laws because they know they’re getting millions of dollars of sales from Connecticut that goes across the border to their states to access lower prices and more convenience,” Malloy told WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau on Tuesday.

Malloy estimates Connecticut is losing about $600 million just on Sunday sales as folks there travel across state lines to buy not only beer, but cheaper gas too.

Do you think Connecticut’s blue laws should be repealed? Sound off in the comments section below!


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  1. MAD says:

    Why doesn’t he just legalize marijuana….eirther way you look at it they both get you messed up.

    1. MAD says:

      Why doesn’t he just legalize marijuana….either way you look at it they both get you messed up.

  2. Dan Berry says:

    The real question is whether “blue laws” serve a legitimate GOVERNMENTAL purpose (i.e. do they decrease government’s costs, increase government’s revenues, or facilitate governmental administration?).

    If yes, keep them. If not, scrap them.

  3. Frank says:

    I dont know how much additional money this will bring to the state. I live in CT and buy my alcohol when the stores are open!!! I buy beer for sunday on saturday!!!!

    I do think the laws should be elimated and sales should be allowed past 9 and on sunday, why not??? Why should there be a law banning someone from buying/selling a certain product on a certain day of the week?? Its stupid and pointless to ban it. I still think its more of a nuisance than anything. If you’re 21 years old you should be smart enough to plan ahead.

  4. Ron Backer says:

    Yes I absolutely feel that this state should repeal the blue laws that have no practical place in our society. They were a Puritanical law that was created when there was no separation of church and state. Whatever happened to businesses trying to provide superior customer service and looking at things from how they can better serve the customer? I have never seen such selfish motives. In addition, the current laws encourage the potential for drinking and driving since people who want to consume alcoholic beverages need to drive to a bar or restaurant and then drive home instead of bringing a package home and consuming it there. All of the arguments that the liquor store owners have are pure speculation..losing money? what a joke..hire someone that is out of work for 10 dollars per hour and open for 5 can’t tell me you won’t earn at least 50 dollars on a Sunday..the day that football is played! Also, if they don’t want to open on Sunday, that is fine by me…but don’t lobby to ban grocery stores from carrying beer! End these ridiculous laws now please and make us competitive with other states.

  5. Stay as it is says:

    It is always about money never family values.Leave it to a politician to promote alcahol abuse.

    1. Ron Backer says:

      This is not about alcohol is about generating enough revenue to compete with other states. Family values? Last time I looked, priests drank wine at the alter on Sundays buddy! Leave it up to the stores to stay open or to close..just give the taxpayer who works all week the convenience and option to buy alcohol on Sundays. Just don’t lobby to stay closed and then force grocery stores to not sell alcohol either. 48 other states do this successfully and there are plenty of “mom and pop” stores. This is just an issue of entitlement, selfishness from an industry that has no competition! No other industry gets this protection..why should the selfish package store owners who don’t care about looking at things from the customer perspective ever!

      1. Rugbyball says:

        I line in NYC, I always buy my beer from a family run local beer distributor, he is open 7 days a week, he can be a touch more expensive than my Supper Market on some brands, but he carries far more brands than they do, so I don’t mind. Although I rarely buy on a Sunday, that is buy not consume! I enjoy the convenience of it.
        States like PA, and CT with there very restrictive Blue Laws “NYS has one but I can live with it, no alcohol from stores from 12am Sunday to 12pm Sunday excludes bars restaurants, It causes people to just go elsewhere for the stuff, You tell me an adult birthday party, Super Bowl or other large event on a Sunday will just make people say “It’s Sunday they don’t sell today, o well I will just abstain, ah nah they will jump in the car and drive to places that do sell and you lose out on taxes and while they are out of state may buy “other” taxable items like gas, chips, dip. If they go to an out of state Costco or BJ’s you’re looking at allot more potential tax revenue loss, this is stuff they are going to buy anyway. Why throw the money out of state.
        But I digress, as a NYS resident I welcome your thirsty, your tired, your yearning for a drink, more tax revenue to my state 😉

    2. earmarx says:

      I luv alcahol abuse!!!

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