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Brooklyn Parking Scheme Echoes ‘Seinfeld’ Episode

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A parking scheme has allegedly been in effect in Park Slope, Brooklyn for over a year, and frustration is building.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Story

“When you come home, and see all these big, one car in two spaces, spots, and it’s hard to park,” said one man.

People point the finger at the doorman at a condo building at the end of the block, saying they’re running a side business hoarding spaces for neighbors who pay up.

“Week after week after week, and when you go and speak to them, they would laugh at you, and they were intimidating, and many of our neighbors were afraid,” said David Collins.

Collins says he knows the police are powerless and that there’s nothing illegal about this.

“I guess being selfish is completely within the law, and being a bad neighbor is well within the law,” Collins told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman.

The doorman on duty this morning at 27 Prospect Park West told Silverman he knew nothing about it.

In the “Seinfeld” episode “The Alternate Side,” George takes a job moving cars from one side of the street to the other to comply with alternate side parking regulations.

Do you have a parking horror story? Please do share it in the comments section below!


One Comment

  1. No More Political Correctness says:

    Has it ever occured to you not to have a car in NYC?

    Or stop paying so goddd damn much rent for a high rise and then have no money left over to pay for a monthly space…?????

    Cars are luxuries….you dont need them……

    1. hil400 says:

      It’s good to know there’s someone out there who is the arbiter of my needs.. I had no idea what was necessary in my life. Thanks for picking up the slack

  2. hil400 says:

    I had an incident two winter’s ago. One midnight, I drove around for nearly an hour looking for a parking spot. A spot opened up but a woman was standing in the space holding it. I pointed out that it’s public parking and her response……. “you can always run me over!” As attractive as that option was to me I replied saying it would be attactive to take her up on her offer but I needn’t bother. I can just double park in front of the spot and explained I had a heater and a radio and can wait her out. I told her if she mentioned she was holding the spot for a sick relative or an elderly relative etc I’d have accommodated her. However, since the pig ‘flipped me the bird’ I decided to flip back and wait. Here’s the part I still can’t forgive myself for doing…….. I figured they may key my car and thought it wasn’t worth it after a few minutes. I moved on begrudgingly and found a spot 5 minutes later. Btw,,,,, I wrote to the ethicist in the Times. asking if it would have been within my rights to run her over as she suggested. …… and Randy sent me back an email (not published in the Times) saying as attractive as that option would be he didn’t recommend it. She was dead wrong writing I was well within my rights to wait her out but understood my concern in having my car keyed. Adding anyone capable of what she did was capable of anything!

    1. Big James says:

      I had the same thing happen to me in Boro Park…I came home after work and found a spot only to have a guy step in the way and say he was holding it for someone…I rolled down the window and told him no problem as I pulled forward then put it in reverse to park…I heard him yell,are you going to run me over…I yelled back of course I am..He stepped out of the way when my bumper got close…He had a few choice words as I got out of my car..I didnt respond,I only took his picture and told him to have a good night………Lmaoooo.

      1. hil400 says:

        Brilliant! My new motto…….. ‘Don’t leave home without a camera!’

  3. badman says:

    seriously! what’s the big deal? key the cars and slash the tires.

  4. John G Head says:

    This has been going on for as long as there have been parking spaces. I lived in Sunset park for 10 years, and this one large family kept having their retired dad move cars during the day, taking up two spots on purpose for the family members who would come home that evening from work. (Spaces were at a premium around 6pm or so). Then he’d come out, inch up a car for them to park.
    Even when approached about it they (sadly) stated the simple fact that there are no laws against this.
    So maybe it’s high time for the city to make some $$ by first painting parking lines, THEN start ticketing anyone not capable of parking their autos “between the lines”.

  5. jp says:

    Find a few people (like me) with Smart cars. We can usually squeeze in the spaces left between the other cars. I did that on Wed night on Prospect Park West. Or park motorcycles in between so the big cars can’t be moved up or back.

  6. ThomS says:

    Set up a nanny cam and find out who’s doing it.

    Some apartment complexes I know of, cars taking up two spaces would be down on their rims or have nasty words keyed in the doors.

  7. pete says:

    To the people who are checking on my comments. You write that I am too fast with my comment! And you do not bring it. What is the matter with you, do you have problems reading? I give you a hint: The black print are mostly the letters!! What you are doing is CENSORSHIP and you are violating my CIVIL RIGHTS to express my opinion on a public platform. Or you should go back to Second Grade to learn how to read.I will inform my congressman!!

    1. Genius says:

      Its not a public platform genius. You are welcome to start your own word press blog. Likely it will be much prettier this crap here.

  8. Josh says:

    Revenge is fun too, especially if you don’t get caught. That usually teaches people a lesson.

  9. Marc says:

    All spots around the city, especially crowded neighborhoods, should have painted white lines showing where the parking spot is. Anyone not parking within the lines gets a ticket. That will help end the problem.

  10. teetotaler says:

    Back in the old days you could have someone reserve a parking space by having them tell everyone that there is an ambulance coming. Today they place red cones.

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