Tempers Flare As Whitney Houston Fans Cry Foul Over Being Left Out Of Star’s Viewing

As Who's Who Of Hollywood Arrives, The Taxpayer Wonders Why Not Us, Too?

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Whitney Houston’s family held a private viewing Friday at the Whigham Funeral Home in advance of the pop icon’s funeral this weekend.

LIVE VIDEO: Click Here to watch live video of the funeral service Saturday at noon

Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, 18, appeared at the private viewing. It was the first time she saw her mother since she died.

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Security was very tight around the funeral home in order to give the family privacy. Police closed down Martin Luther King Boulevard. Near the funeral home fans were not allowed near the inner perimeter that had been been set up around the church, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

The service inside was said to be sad, but at the same time celebratory, with Houston dressed in all white, her slender body not in a coffin, but fully displayed for family and friends who were sworn to secrecy.

“We want to keep it more peaceful and keep it quiet, and keep love and understanding and let’s keep the ministry of the music and what she meant,” family friend Steven Kahn told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

As three limos pulled out of the funeral home with a police escort fans were pushed away and moved up the street behind barricades. According to CBS 2’s Christine Sloan, that’s when tempers started to flare.

“I’m a taxpayer in the city … born and raised in this city … They should stop treating us like animals. We’re taxpayers … We made this lady who she is today,” resident Floyd Bishop said.

“Cissy Houston should come out and wave to us and say thank you. She shouldn’t have them keep us away. We bought her music. We helped succeed in what she had done over the years,” added Charlene Williams.

“Taxpayers paying for all this, treating us like we’re from the street or something. Make no sense,” resident Shawn Holsted said.

Because of the Houston family’s request for privacy police have had no choice but to keep the crowds away. Many fans understood.

“She came back to her home and we love her for that,” Carol Ray said.

“We would like closer … We are here to honor her memory … She’s from Newark and East Orange so everybody knows and we want to give her that respect,” Estelle Buchanan said.

Later, the Houston family funeral director, Carolyn Whigham, hand-delivered a small, colorful brochure on the life of Houston to those that had gathered — a token of thanks for disappointed fans.

“C’mon fans, thank you, you’re more than welcome. This is what Whigham Funeral Home is doing on behalf, I believe, in giving,” she said.

Earlier Friday, fans were able to share their memories of Whitney Houston in a condolence book.

Following the private service on Saturday, Houston will be laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield next to her father, John Russell Houston Jr., who was buried there in 2003.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Fans At The Funeral Home

Fans and childhood friends who won’t be attending the funeral have been leaving heartfelt messages of sympathy outside the funeral home.

“It’s the least that I could do for her, just to say goodbye,” said fan Simone Mercury. “My last final goodbyes to her.”

The throngs of fans being kept out of the private funeral are people who traveled here from near and far, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“Greatest singer in the world as far as I’m concerned. The least I could do, really, is come here and pay my respects,” said Peter Chamberlain of England.

“She will always be present in our hearts and so special,” added Sarah Brinson of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Houston’s funeral will be a who’s who of Hollywood. Among the invited celebrities is Kevin Costner, who co-starred with the singer in “The Bodyguard,” her mentor Clive Davis, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, and Houston’s Ex Husband, Bobby Brown.

Houston’s godmother, Aretha Franklin, is expected to sing. On Friday night, while pleasing a packed crowd inside Radio City Music Hall, the “Queen of Soul” sat behind a piano and gave a touching and heartfelt tribute to her goddaughter with her rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Franklin will continue her emotional dedication at Houston’s funeral Saturday at the request Houston’s mother, Cissy.

Cece Winans, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson are also expected to perform. Houston’s mother may also speak.

whitney memorial Tempers Flare As Whitney Houston Fans Cry Foul Over Being Left Out Of Stars Viewing

A dress, shoes and picture of Whitney Houston on display outside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012 (credit: Kathryn Brown/CBS 2)

The pastor of New Hope Baptist Church said the service will be similar to what Houston experienced as a child singing in the choir.

“This is a church and we’re going to have some church in the celebration,” said Pastor Joe A. Carter.

It’s a celebration that will steer clear of the cloud that engulfed Houston in recent years.

There is new video of a disheveled looking Houston outside a Los Angeles nightclub last Thursday and reports of hard partying at the Beverly Hilton, with the star drinking heavily as early as 10 a.m. on the Saturday before she died.

Police are looking at surveillance tapes and have subpoenaed Houston’s doctors.

A cause of death is listed as “deferred” for now, pending toxicology reports.

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  • yarply

    I guess Houston’s death explains the Madonna spectacle during the Superbowl half time show.

    • Bugs Bunny

      That is a point worth thinking about, perhaps the drugs in Whittey’s mind, after watching that trash halftime show, caused her to commit suicide…

      I almost did myself, so that makes sense!

  • yarply

    Tempers flare. Wow… What a surprise. Not. Just surprised a riot didn’t break out.
    As happens always.

    • sitarro

      I want my 70″ flatscreen and a Blackberry!

    • Oberon123

      Who the hell are you to say that somebody else shouldn’t give her any attention? Who died and appointed you the values dictator? Nobody is telling you that you had to like her, but you’re nobody to be telling anybody else who to admire. What a piece of work you are!

    • Jack

      Houston and Jackson were appreciated around the world. They were performers on the global stage. You will have to condemn the entire Western world and throw Japan and India and parts of the Old Soviet Republics into the fray. Lots us not forget Elvis who also had a major problem with drug addiction. His death too caused nearly a billion mourners around the world.

    • Truth hurts

      Yeah a riot and then we Taxpayers have to pay for it, because they were oppressed people and living in bad communities they had no way out and tension and friction And you know Man, its the white mans fault “Again” Oh wait its the Republicans fault, No wait its the Rich fault damn I didnt have a daddy its his fault Opps i gotta pull up my pants while i talk its Your fault for reading this, No wait its your houses fault for you living in it, No wait again its your white neighborhoods fault for being located away from me so that I couldnt get a job, No wait is Damn i run out of faults for now ***********to be continued ************

      • Amo

        Nothing funnier than a retarded racist.

      • Me

        Its funny when people think they leave intelligent, and witty comments and actually they’re the ones who look ignorant.

  • Barry Obongo

    That’s not how blacks do it. They’ll go to the department store, buy an outfit and wear it, then return it to the store the next day.

    • Jim Morrison

      What are you doing with a name like that? You should be ashamed of your self.

      You must be a racist?

    • Me

      Actually I worked at a department store in college and trust me everybody does it so lets not be ignorant

  • MRaider

    Fans have no rights in such a personal, private matter. I applaud the family’s wishes to a private ceremony of their choice.

    • Oberon123

      I totally agree with you. Fans have no rights; are in no position to make demands.

    • Anonimous 99%

      We are teh 99% and we want to see her. we wont leave untill we due. we mite haff to brake down doors.

    • ditchdigger2

      A civil society would give the family privacy and respect, That speaks for it’s self.

      • lahewet


      • Dan

        Totally inappropriate comment for this space.

      • SheWillBeMissed

        Government posters didn’t waste a second on this one. If you actually read the story on Sarah Palin you would see how Whitney Houston relates to the last election. It’s deeper than you can imagine and big brother wants to cover it up.

        • Blonde Ambition

          Take your meds please.

      • Zorki


      • Reality Check

        Well society hasn’t been civil since, well I can’t even remember when.

      • Reality Check

        wow, not that’s a tangent. I’m guessing you have several tinfoil hats for all types of situations at your house. Wait, did you hear that? I think Bush is listening in on your internets.

      • dam

        Thankfully she died on Sarah Palin’s birthday. How else would you have been able to add this totally unrelated post.

        • SheWillBeMissed

          Great user name jerk. And I like the one that follows too.

    • SueL


    • Kathleen Tandy

      I absolutely agree! These morons standing outside that church are owed nothing. I hear no sympathy for the Houston family, no sadness, just complaints and demands.

      These people are dirt.

  • Liz

    Last night, I saw her interview with Oprah Winfrey on OWN TV. Yes, I have heard her sing, but I have heard a lot of good singers. Her interview appeared to be from the heart. It included a lot about her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown. She said she valued her vows to her husband and to God, that in the beginning, divorce was no an option. She turned to drugs so she could deal with the pain of her abusive husband, both emotional and physical. Then, drugs and alcohol became the norm, a way to tolerate. It was her daughter who told her to divorce her husband, which she eventually did. She said that due to her enormous wealth, buying drugs was not an issue. She said she would smoke her crack rolled up in weed, not straight. I wish the public in Newark would abide by the wishes of her family,and not allow this to turn into a media circus, like MJ’s was. I guess the thugs of Newark want to be like the thugs of Chicago and take what they want, anyway. RIP beautiful nightingale. You are free of the pain, now.

    • David

      Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble but Whitney turned to drugs in her teens. She was using coke YEARS before she ever even met Bobby Brown. Why do you think she was drawn to him in the first place? THEY DID DRUGS TOGETHER! And before you continue to take everything she said as the gospel truth remember this, when the rumors first surfaced that she was using crack she totally denied it with that now infamous lie she told: ” crack is wack. “

    • Thought Recon

      JenC I have read more than a few of your comments so far and just had to make a quick point. In most of your comments there isn’t ANYTHING that indicates the people you are replying to or criticizing are Christian yet all of your comments are fixated on bashing Christians. Your bigotry is no different than the ignorant racist rants on this thread. Look in the mirror woman.

      • JenC

        I guess the comments that are very hateful must be coming from non Christians then? So just to clarify my position to you Though Recon..(not that I must but I am in a generous mood), let me rephrase and clarify my plea to the people that pose here on this board. This in only directed to those of Christian faith. If you ARE a CHRISTIAN, and only if your ARE a christian and you leave hateful disparaging comments maligning the character of a dead person, you are an abomination. It is not what Christ would do. He particularly loved the fallen, those in need and those in despair. If you call yourself Christian act like one. AGAIN this in only direct to those people are are Christians and leave hateful comments! All atheist, Agnostics or other your also should be ashamed of yourselves!

    • Dan

      Agreed, This is really a gross situation. Famous or Poor respect the family. The lady had problems the lady had talent, that being said she is a lady who died and she and her family have the right to a private funeral for GOD sake. Side note all you people doing the racist drug thing not cool, drugs killing people of all races, religion and political beliefs across this country. Hopefully none of you have ever have someone close to you get themselves addicted to a substance

    • Johnny56

      There’s always a reason. It’s always the fault of others. At what point does an individual become responsible for their own destiny ?

    • Blonde Ambition

      Liz, I don’t know where to start. Your sappy, cliche-ridden post makes me want to light myself on fire to distract from the pain you have inflicted.

    • ditchdigger2

      Living almost 7 decades, an old drunk Irishman told me in1965, go look in the mirror, if you don’t like what you see, have a talk with self, served me well.

    • jessica

      Whitney Houston was addicted to drugs wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before she married Bobby Brown. I’m sick and tired of everybody blaming him for her drug abuse. Plenty of her close friends have come out and said that Bobby didn’t get her addicted. She was a grown woman with her own mind. She should take responsibility for her own life. People should stop acting like she was some sort of angel. She was a human being with a great voice. The end.


    do these fans actually think because they bought her CD’s and paid to get into her concerts that anyone cares about them….????? duh, STUPID….

    • greytsufff

      WAKE UP CALL! You fans are……wait for it…………NOBODY!

    • Renaldo

      Its weird because her fans look so smart, I can’t believe that these kind of people would behave in such a manner. Whatever, the world is over in 2012 anyway http://how-to-survive-the-apocalypse.blogspot.com

      • georgi

        Why not? they will never change because they live in a fantasy world of believing the rest of us owe them something. Therefore, they don’t want to work and they just keep on spawning more of the same. It’s in their genes.

  • bill baglivo

    i believe miss houston was saved.she would be the first satan would go after.the devil wins many battles but allways loses the war whitney is with the Lord Jesus.

    • John

      Jesus didn’t save her from dying in a bathtub

      • snikop

        He won’t save your ignorant ASS that’s for sure! Go crawl back under the rock you crawled from under! MORON!

      • patty

        She had Free Will as to the way she conducted her life. She paid the price.

      • bill baglivo

        Jesus saved her long ago

        • gandalf

          say what bilbo baggins

      • Nora


    • Angel

      If you’re a Christian,then you know that is not the truth.According to your bilble,she commited sucide and geta first class ticket to hell.

      • Ignorance is Bliss

        Yes it states that sort of, but you nor I know what his judgement will be. Who says she committed suicide? I could be wrong, but the cause of her death is listed as ” deferred”…oh and this is just a suggestion, maybe you should read “your bible” as you put it, because you sound a little hateful. God can help you with that;)

  • Bella

    Why do people want to turn something so personal for a grieving family into a circus?

    • Justin Case

      because she WAS a circus

  • New York Nick

    America creeped out again how people think because they buy a ticket they get the right to hassle and berate athletes and the likes and while I hate celebrity, I understand people wanting to meet someone they idolized but since American Idol this stuff has taken on a whole new creepy level.

    Stuffed animals for miles at Princess Diana’s wake and funeral time really set it all in motion and now everytime something bad happens there’s a memorial here and memorial there, and where I one of these people I could see where it goes a bit too far. We don’t know these people any more than Adam and because they’re so familiar to us from television and such it’s understandable when people act like ‘they know you’ everywhere you go but you don’t know them and really don’t want them impeding your family’s ability to carry out the funeral and stuff.

    They have no obligation to service their fans in death, they did that in life and most of them really end up ‘dying from excess fame’.

    • Lisa63

      “Let he with no sin cast the first stone..”

      So Elvis OD’s on Drugs.. and is a National Hero??… (FACT)
      We’ ve not yet determined what killed Whitney and yet we are passing judgement??

      I refuse to criticize the dead, because they are not around to defend them selves.

      RIP Whitney. Thanks for the Sweet Music.

      • So Disgusted*nothing nice to say?STFU

        Thank You for not adding to these hateful, ignorant (and I do mean IGNORANT and disrespectful comments. I still can’t believe how much racism and hate is overcoming any other emotion in this world. No matter what color a person is, they are still a person, a human being. I don’t hate anything or anyone, and when I do get that feeling (like now)I keep it to myself or find it in my heart to forgive and overcome that hate. I am so disgusted by what I am reading, I had to take time out of my day and speak on it (type). I like (simple) sometimes, hairstyle, meals, outfit etc…I don’t like(notice I didn’t say hate) simple a$$ people and most of the time I keep that to myself, but not today. This is why the world is going to hell in gasoline drawers. Far too many people are being selfish, hateful, disrespectful and inconsiderate to others. Granted some of the comments about the fans are accurate. Yes they should give the family privacy and shouldn’t center this sad situation around themselves. That doesn’t mean we have to add to that ignorance by making negative remarks.I was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. As for people making these horrible comments about Whitney, you don’t know that woman. No matter what the media says or what you think you know, you still don’t know her. Lastly, R.I.P Whitney and it doesn’t matter what people say about you, their glass houses will shattered in due time…(Nothing nice to say? Keep that to yourself)

      • Nora

        I agree with you even M.Jackson die of some drug but we all need to let the dead rest and let them be judge by God.

        and yes she had sweet music.

  • George

    This is embarassing to say the least. Dude, you could have had it sent to me to proof read it first. whatever happened to subject verb agreement? Skipping that english class have come home to roost.
    I used to tell my friends to learn how to speak two ways; speak ebonics with your friends in the hood so to make you sound hip, but speak the king’s english when you go for job interviews or when you’re at work. It has always worked for me.

    • A$$hole Kicker

      This is the internet A$$hole, not Eng101 or any other writing or typing class. This is not a job interview or application. If you want to proof read, apply or continue to be a professor of teacher in your area. Leave people alone.Good advice, but let it go

    • Me

      Actually you could use an english class yourself. You should’ve capitalized the W in whatever. Your 3rd sentence is incomplete, what does that even mean. Also your 5th sentence is a run-on sentence. Everyone makes mistakes, so get that stick up your ass.

  • seesay

    With our decades of misguided welfare, we’ve created quite an enduring unaccountability pathology, as so many comments here demonstrate. I appreciate Whitney Houston as much as any fan, but don’t find it necessary to find a scapegoat for the choices she made.

  • Stupid Monkeys Are Funny

    Buahahahahah….oh my GAWD your ignorance is funny. Crawl back under your porch.



    • Me

      Funny thing is I don’t think you see the irony! But you’re right ignorance is funny, and you’re the best example

  • Astra

    Comedy gold! You forgot to blame the white man for her lesbian affairs.

  • Sara Cofresi

    I love it that the fans think they are more important than family. Cissy made it perfectly clear in a very nice way that the fans had her for all those years and now it is family time. Why can’t the fans respect the family wishes…I don’t get the egocentricity of all her fans.

    • Unreality Bytes

      You don’t get egocentricity?

      Ever hear of Facebook and social networking?

    • Joe

      The only thing that had her all those years was alcohol and drugs, the fans just bought her music so she could support her habits.

  • Sara Cofresi

    Typical! How do you know she didn’t have a black contact for her drugs??? Really!!! I don’t know why I am wasting my time typing!

    • Kevin

      Really Sara? You don’t get sarcasm? Seriously?

  • tom

    don’t forget the bucket of chicken!

  • me2


    • Larry

      It’s Ebonics.

      • steve sharkman


  • Ed Garland

    Does anyone know whether Whitney was able to mail her absentee ballot for Ron Paul before she passed away?

  • Brent Lewis

    Isn’t that the ultimate in vulgarity, angry fans outraged that they can’t attend the funeral of a celebrity whom they adored? But it’s no use telling those people to get a life. They are too stupid and forever lost to have a life.

  • stacie in colorado

    good one!!!!! LoL!

  • stacie in colorado

    Fans: stupid people who live vicariously through others – get over yourselves and get a life of ur own.
    Just Say’n….

    • Reason8200

      I agree, get a life you pathetic losers.

      • stacie in colorado

        Ummm, I’m Not the Fan AzzHole – YOU Are!

        • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading

          He was agreeing with you dumb@$$

          • stacie in colorado

            Oooops – you are right….

            • Thought Recon

              Lol! That’s a funny thread right there. Way to own up though Stacie.

  • Jim

    Dam that Bush! Clearly he could have saved her.

    • Me

      There’s always that one person who likes to bring politics into everything. LOL

  • LLL

    Her family has every right to do Miss Houston’s funeral however way they want to. They don’t want this painful time in their lives to become a circus. Let them grieve their daughter, mother, and friend in peace. We will all have a chance to see the mass tomorrow and pray and mourn with her family and friends.

  • BBB

    No, it was actually the (BBB) Black Bobby Brown that killed her. She was a nice young lady til he got a hold of her…

    • KELLY


      • Angel

        Because he’s Black,… DUHHHH

        • Duhh That;)

          Which means you didn’t have to put BLACK in front of his name…duhh that Devil…I mean Angel!!! I swear ignorance is a disease that will never be cured.

    • Rob

      I met Bobby and his wife, Alicia in Nov ’09 in Tokyo – regardless of what you think of him, he has turned his life around – Whitney could have done the same. Please allow the family the right and courtesy to grieve – including Bobby. RIP, Whitney – my deepest condolences to the family.

  • Mary

    These people complaining they didn’t get in, understand they didn’t REALLY know her, don’t they?

  • prmpft

    …and that is a surprise to…who?

    • S Miles, Va

      As I read this quote from the Pastor as a chrisitan woman I pray that someone anyone in her family or that is a famous star get saved. Then and only then can you say you had church at Whitneys home going. Some of the people coming that are rich and famous may never get to hear the msg of salvation. So there for Pastor Carter you better preach the word of God for the souls that will be there. Because it does not matter what man see us do but we will all see our maker. (Preach Pastor) I pray for a mighty move like that on Asuzu street that the Holy Spirit of the living God will slay all that enter into that place that there live will never be the same in Jesus The Christ Name. Quote from Pastor Carter my response above: “This is a church and we’re going to have some church in the celebration,” said Pastor Joe A. Carter. Sis. S. Miles Va,

  • Chukkalady

    Hollywood will be red carpeting again! SICKENING! It’s so sad to think the stars are using this tragedy to promote their egos!

  • MrLogical

    Meanwhile, real New Jersey heroes have died for their country and what did they get? A flag lowered? No.

    • bullrider

      For once I disagree with Christie. Whitney Houston got her fame and recognition and big time pay while she was alive. A cop or firefighter or service person who gets killed gets a tiny payoff and a little funeral; a lowered flag is all else we can do to show our appreciation.

      Houston got her appreciation and her payoff while she was alive to enjoy it. It’s her own fault, sad to say, that she is dead now. She doesn’t deserve half masted flags.

      • Dill

        I checked out American flag protocol and here’s just a little of what it said.

        The flag is only displayed at half-staff by presidential decree or act of Congress.

        Was there a presidential decree or an act of Congress? If there wasn’t someone should be brought to task. Our military hero’s can’t even get a ticker tape parade to welcome them home, but a football team can???? And now a flag at Half-staff for Miss Houston…Give me a break already.

    • JJS

      Read the facts, every fallen soldier in NJ was remembered with a flag lowered. Disagree with doing this for her, but know the facts.

  • Smarg

    Damn you, Bobby Brown.

    • Lazlo

      Whitney had all of the opportunity to say, “No!” and she had all of the opportunity to the best rehab money can buy.

      She chose to do drugs and smoke crack and take the risks involved in her lifestyle.

      She chose wrong and we shouldn’t make heroes and excuses for wasted talented druggies.

      • Angel


      • mmercier

        The most talented individuals exhibit addictive personality trait. The best are dead via self chosen direction…

        the creative center linked with expressive ability usually ends up in an… unpleasant manner.

        some make it through… most do not.

        it is a human thing.

    • CSP

      A friend of hers said this week on CNN Whitney was doing drugs before she met Bobby Brown.

  • GrimReaper

    It’s a shame that no one was there for her. Her husband (I think he’s a bum) and her family should have had someone with her 24/7 – not just a body guard. This woman was sick and was crying out for help. I’m sure if it was a money issue they’d all be surrounding her like a pack of wolves. It’s too bad they didn’t show as much interest in her addiction problem when she was alive as they are now that she’s dead.

    • Willie

      Well said GrimReaper. And now they blaming white people too.

  • creoleguy32

    Of course her family would be blocking fans because her family is out for themselves. HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom (who really killed Whitney Houston)

  • Bea

    Most of these druggies and drunks LOVE the effects of their indulgences. They are not suffering from demons or abuse by relatives, friends, or the world. They just LIKE feeling high. Ask them. It’s sheer self-indulgence. No, most of us don’t make stupid decisions like these people. Our bad decisions don’t usually cost us our lives or jobs. Most of us live within the parameters of the LAW, and act so that we can take care of our families and our responsibilities. She was broke, meaning she was depriving her own daughter of financial support. She was living on borrowed money. Our first goal was always to be able to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate our children. Her first goal seemed to be how often she could just enjoy “feeling good.”

  • Ann

    Public people still belong to their families. You might enjoy their work, but you are strangers to her. It’s her family who is really suffering. The public is suffering some fan delusion bereavement for someone they don’t even know, maybe wouldn’t even like her if they did know her, who knows. You should show more respect for her life and her family. She is DEAD. The public has no rights to this individual, either to view or get close to or be waved at by relatives. Maybe they don’t feel like it. Stop with this fan worship and get on with your own lives.

    • Thought Recon

      Bingo. But now I am an ANN Fan.

    • John

      Great point!

  • ace11

    still not sure why all this fuss about some drugged up whacky singer killing herself

  • Snuggle Pugs

    One last hit for the road…. DRUGS KILL SILLY PEOPLE

  • Jozetta


  • Jozetta


    • George Johnson


      Put the crack pipe down, and back away,….. slowly….

    • Jess

      1. I DO HAVE A BRAIN, SHE O.D.’d
      2. I DON’T DO DRUGS
      3. AMEN
      4. SEE #2 AND I NEVER WILL!

    • Angel

      How can you be perfect,but,create an imperfect world??

      • iGNORANCE iS bLISS

        READ THE BIBLE AND CHANGE YOUR SCREEN NAME!! You have some of the most ignorant comments I’ve seen. You really need to look in the mirror and think before you speak. GOD BLESS YOUR MISGUIDED SOUL

      • amos

        Angel, God created a perfect world. It stayed perfect until sin entered in through free will. Tod created man with a free will and nan CHOSE to sin. . .Just like Whitney chose to live her live unto her own destruction.

      • Sunny703

        God made the world,but gave people free will ! AND…judge not,lest ye shall be judged ! Gotta batten down the hatches, big storm coming in Va. Be blessed,all !

  • Jozetta

    Whitney you brought so much joy to the lives of the American people. I grew up listening to you like you were the queen. Rest In Peace and love in the arms of the Lord. To Bobbi Kristina, and mother Cissy Houston you will be in my prayers for strength during your time of grieving.

  • Blenda Johnson

    I most definitely agree with your comment! “Get off of the computer and go to church and pray for yourself”. “Whitney” you will always be loved and remembered. I know that you are an angel singing all up in heaven!!! YES.
    Whitney’s family, friends and loved ones you’re all in my prayers. God bless all of you.

  • Girly, Girl

    All you negative people posting negative comments about Withney you should all be ashamed of yourselves. No one is perfect in life and we all make mistakes that is how we learn, unfortunately some of us are not overcomers, so I would say keep your comments to yourself and pray for her family in this time.
    of sorrow. RIP Withney

    • Bill Me

      Boo Hoo Girly Girl, good bad or ugly people will talk, your sins find you out like mine found me out. Its people like you that enable people like her to do what she did, your the type if you were around her you would tell her Go Ahead Girl, so all that pretentious, santimonious BS keep it I HATE PHONY. SHE DONE DOPE SHE LIED, SHE DIED. I done things in my past one day i wont be here, BUT DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WONT BE ONE OF THEM. GROW UP YOUR LIBERAL LIFE IS YOUR LYING DOWNFALL WHO IS NEXT?

  • Very conservative

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

    • Rodin

      Liberals at least have a mind.

      • Thought Recon

        No…you don’t.

      • SamIAm

        You need to get a second opinion on that. Look what you elected and how it has impacted our country.

      • Mike

        Can you point to anything which supports this claim?

        • steve sharkman


      • Kevin Stowell

        May we see proof of that soon?

      • Bea

        A mind suffused with liberalism is a terrible thing to waste. Yes, science has proved that liberalism is a brain disorder. They think thoughts that are not normal and will not aid the survival of the species.

      • Paul

        No, liberals are mindless statists. The zombies who walk among us.

  • Mrs. I. Understand

    I’m hurting, my thoughts have been consumed about Whitney. I haven”t been able to shake the thought of Bobbi Kristina, how in the God”s name is she going to deal with seeing her Mom laid out in the casket with life no longer in her..I know the pain she will endure..it”s indescribable. I lost my Mom at 16..I’m now 43..I’ve suffered from depression for many yrs..I’ve spent some time in a mental instituition after the funeral for my Mom. All kinds of thoughts will enter this babys’ mind when she sees her..I pray and I know that she will the emotional support that she is most definitely going to need to get through this evening and the years of counseling and mental/emotionally support to get her through and to possibly not fall into the same behavior. I was fortunate enough to have supportive foster parents that were excellent disciplinarians and did not allow me to entertain negative company. I am mother of 4 children and have literally suffered from depression, when you lose a parent it gives you the affect that you are now alone and can’t go on. You have to…she wouldn’t want to see it any other way.
    Bobbi kristina, I wish you all the best through this unknown journey in life. Be Well !

    • bullrider

      Nothing hits you in the face with cold hard reality like seeing one of your beloved parents lying in a casket. Whoever you are, whoever they were, however they died… seeing them there is one of the hardest things imaginable.

    • Rhadagastt

      Mrs. I: I believe, with all of my heart, that you have spent time in a mental institution.

    • biff

      consumed by whitney…get a fking life.

    • cecil

      Give us a break and get a life

    • stopthecyclenow

      Unfortunately she was raised by a couple of alcoholic, crazy, crack heads so she has had to deal with too much already. It won’t be any credit to her parents if she overcomes this moment to have a happy, healthy and long life of her own.

      You should try to do the same. It is wrong to let a moment define your life, your kids deserve more from you.

  • CJZ

    Just glad they cancelled the service at Prudential Center. Wouldn’t want basketball fans (and of course hockey haters) crashing and possiblysquatting at the scheduled hockey game later on.

    And would like to add that flags in NY should be flown at half staff for Gary Carter for a day. If a drug addict (who pretty much died by choice) deserves such,. then so does a baseball player (who DIDN’T choose brain cancer) that lit up this area for a few years in the 1980’s.

    • SamIAm

      Clapping. We celebrate dead drug addicts in this country. Get with the program!

      • mjazz

        In the west bank they name streets after people who blow themselves to bits with other people nearby.

    • BrickCityCares

      Why oh why can’t we separate the imperfect human from the artist? The flag is at half mast out of respect for the loss of a native New Jerseyan who left a legacy to the world with her God given talent. The drug addict is not being honored … the artist is. RIP Whitney. Your voice will ive on.

  • Barbara

    Unless you are perfect in every way and beyond reproach, leave the lady alone and let her rest in peace. We all have Demons!!!!!!

  • Pam Williams

    The only crap that is ridiculous is your comment !

  • Lou

    Then can we stop talking about this?

  • midi-man

    RIP Whitney.
    It’s really a shame what you did you yourself.

    • midi-man

      It’s really a shame what you did to your yourself
      Sorry for the typo.
      I little depressed she killer herself with stupidity

      • CWS442

        You also don’t know how to write a complete sentence you idiot. Turn off the computer and go do your homework.

  • the clarkster

    Hey Chee, can you sing like her??????????? If not, shut up!

    • bullrider

      All of us who haven’t OD’d can sing better than her.
      Sorry to say that, but what is there about having lots of money that makes people lose their judgment and ruin their lives, when they have everything on Earth to live for?


  • pharper00

    Not a time for you to bitter, wait till after the burial. This is Whitney’s and her family time, her last chance to be with her family and friends.

  • Rodin

    “… a Los Angeles nightclub last Thursday and reports of partying hard at the Beverly Hilton….

    Sad. This wasn’t ‘partying’, it was denial and a cry for help, a smokescreen for pain.

    LiLo and company, take heed.

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