Judge Grants Lenny Dykstra’s Request To Attend Gary Carter Memorial

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Lenny Dykstra “desperately” wanted to be present at Friday night’s memorial for former Mets teammate Gary Carter.

The problem was he was under house arrest in California.

After asking a judge to let him attend, Dykstra was granted permission to cross state lines for the service at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Carter, a key member of the Mets’ 1986 championship team alongside Dykstra, died last Thursday following a battle with brain cancer. He was 57.

Dykstra is on bail for charges that he sold or destroyed items under the jurisdiction of a bankruptcy court. He has pleaded not guilty.

Dykstra “wants to stay until Sunday,” TMZ reported, to attend a get-together Saturday with Carter’s friends and family.

Former Mets Wally Backman, Sid Fernandez, Keith Hernandez, Howard Johnson, Roger McDowell, Rusty Staub, Darryl Strawberry, Tim Teufel and Mookie Wilson were in attendance Friday.

Did the judge make the right call? Sound off below…


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  1. peter says:

    Well murderers either get off scot free, or get a couple of years. Yes Leonard lied trying to hide his bankruptcy, WOW! shoot him. Meanwhile, back in reality, the GOP stole 2 Presidential elections in a row with help from buddies at Diebold, but has anyone gone to jail for it? No. House arrest? No. Probation? No. Glass house residents, put down the stones before you accidentally break one of your windows.

  2. Carlo says:

    Brian is correct. It’s within the confines of the law and the judge decides if he will be a flight risk or not. Let’s be reasonable here, people.

  3. Mary Dunne- Cernera says:

    great catcher of all times memories of chamonship game We all love you A true hall of famer forever

  4. rich says:

    So its about $$ The judge did the right thing.

    Sorry about the rest of you PATTY PERFECT people. You’re the ones that never took a chance…you have no clue

  5. val says:

    Wonder if he’s on a plane already and if he’s bankrupt where he got the money for a last minute plane ticket! LOL! I think the judge did the right thing, though. I was a huge Mets fan back when they were great and remember those guys well. I think all who loved Gary Carter should be present to honor him, regardless of their personal “issues”.

  6. thor's hammer says:

    the judge was wrong. dykstra is under house arrest, and the exceptions to that confinement were probably limited to meeting with his attorney, medical appointment. he should not have been given a weekend hall pass. he can mourn his friend from a distance. justice should be justice for all, and not exceptions for celebrities.

    1. peter says:

      You are wrong, people on house arrest and probation are allowed temporary visits out of the jurisdiction, I should know, I’m on probation and can’t leave the county without permission. My Dad was visiting my sister from SC, I live in NY, she lives in another county in Ny, I asked for and recieved permission to see my Dad. I didn’t commit a violent crime and neither did Dykstra. Carter was like a mentor to all of those young Mets. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to see the family, and say goodbye. Also, where the heck is Dykstra gonna flee to?

  7. Bobby says:

    I wouldn’t let Dyktra go, if I was the judge. The actions of this judge in favor of Dykstra just prove that only the wealthy or famous get justice.

    1. peter says:

      Bobby I am far from rich. (see above reply)

  8. Eileen says:

    they free criminals who have committed horrific crimes and he’s on house arrest for some stupid crap. . .really? Let him attend, he was part of their greatness!!!

  9. max says:

    OMG If you are a criminal and in jail there should be no exceptions for you to get out
    Do you think a victim has a time out from the horrific crime bestowed upon them
    Mind you this isnt a horrific crime but a crime is a crime

    1. KPMc says:

      To both max and Amused.

      Dykstra is on bail. He was not convicted. The intention of bail is to ensure against flight risk,… not punishment. If the judge feels he is not a risk to disappear than I don’t think attending a loved ones funeral is an extraordinary request.

      You two either need to learn some reading comprehension or refrain from commenting on things you have little grasp of.

      1. Amused but not misled says:

        WInd bag KPM. House arrest is for those with money to avoid going to jail for where Bail is imposed. Usually some creep with money. Poor people go to jails like Riker’s and await trial or POST BAIL. Dystra neither posted bail or is chillin in jail..

        Yes you need a few more episodes Law & Orders to get your TV Law degree. And ONLY NY uses flight risk exclusively as a bail consideration. He’s not in NY if you haven’t noticed.

        Or did he post bail oh preachy wise one? lol

  10. Amused but not misled says:

    God forbid criminal punishments interfere with personal activities! House arrest yet! How cruel!

    Bankruptcy fraud is stealing from people you owe money by saying you can’t pay them. Also when you declare bankruptcy every person he paid for the 90 days prior to filing has to his payment to them back- aka knowingly screwed by nails.

    It’s not victimless.

  11. Lily says:

    Yes. It’s the funeral of a friend.

  12. brian says:

    YES – let’s get serious; and i’m not even a Mets fan. The charges against Dykstra, although arising of alleged criminal fraud, merely pertain to his Bankruptcy. He didn’t kill or rape anyone. He’s not a flight risk. It was definately appropriate for the Judge to permit the variance; even if he has a few drinks mingling at Sunday’s get together. It’s in honor of a loved one (Carter). I’m glad.

    1. Eileen says:

      i totally agree and i’m not a mets fan either. . .

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